XWA-CAB 6: Combined Arms

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing Alliance
Missions: 6
Release date: 2003-10-09
Last updated: 2012-11-02

AD Gidda

Average rating 3.0
Reviews: 3
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 69
Patches used

TIE Praetor


Co-created with Darksaber

Battle Reviews

I enjoyed the story and the missions were ok. The inspection mission (5) was a bit long in just how many craft you had to inspect and I had trouble with the goals of mission 2 or 3 not recording correctly and therefore having to run it multiple times but that isn't the designer's fault.

One star for creative use of craft. It is nice to have different missions with varying craft, like the Lambda shuttle. But the missions are no fun.

This battle is well planned, has a nice story and lets the player fly a variety of fighters, especially the best of the best, the TIE Praetor. However, some missions, like the 4th, I think, are so long that really are detrimental towards the battle's high standards. However, it has almost everything you need, it's immersive, fun to fly and challenging. And gives you the keys for the space killer of all times, the T/Pr. What's not to like about it?

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Battle Total: 58,379 COL Deimos
Mission 1: 12,326 COL Deimos
Mission 2: 4,118 COL Deimos
Mission 3: 7,410 COL Deimos
Mission 4: 3,475 COL Deimos
Mission 5: 9,087 MAJ Frankie
Mission 6: 24,061 COL Deimos

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 58,379 COL Deimos 2004-07-05
2 25,275 MAJ Zhaim Jifarr 2004-06-16
3 19,434 MAJ Frankie 2005-01-27
4 17,680 CM Dukimar 2003-11-09
5 16,977 LCM Josef Hassan 2004-12-05
6 16,568 LC Azazel 2004-05-30
7 16,476 CPT Von Predator 2005-03-21
8 15,473 MAJ Tuba 2011-04-02
9 15,025 COL CrimsonFury 2003-11-01
10 14,859 SL Ketan-Shej 2004-09-11

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 66 pilots a total of 66 times.

GN Abel Malik

LC Ace Hobbes

CPT Alexander Shrike - 2003-12-14

CPT Alsdyr - 2003-11-01

HA Anahorn Dempsey

LC andr3 - 2023-03-20

COL Archangel - 2003-10-18

LC Azazel - 2004-05-30

LC Big Poppa K

LT Cauldron Hawke - 2004-06-09

RA Colo Delste - 2021-05-28

COL CrimsonFury - 2003-11-01


AD Darksaber - 2003-11-08

GN Dax Corrin - 2003-11-04

COL Deimos - 2004-07-05

COL Drak - 2004-08-05

LCM Drax Remlinger

CM Dukimar - 2003-11-09

GN Dunta Polo - 2009-03-20

CM El Guapo - 2005-02-07

GN Elwood the Brave

GN Exar Kit

CM Fahrer - 2005-04-03

MAJ Frankie - 2005-01-27

FA Gelton Torr

CM Ghorg - 2005-01-27

AD Gidda

FA Giovanni Palermo

COL Gyssler - 2003-11-18

LCM Halk Knight - 2009-11-22

MAJ Hermann - 2005-05-22

			 ------- Combined Arms Battle -------
Missions: 6
Game Platform: X-Wing Alliance
Authors: LC Gidda - Mission design
	 AD Darksaber - Plotline

This battle is based on a plotline written by AD Darksaber several months ago so no wonder 
that rank and position of people appearing in this battle may differ from current ones.

The plotline is attached to this battle in the file Darkstar.doc

I didn't test this battle with XWA Upgrade patches. If you use XWAU patches and any 
crashes occur, uninstall the patches before to play the missions again.

In Mission #5 there are many ships and platforms displayed at the same time, lower gfx 
details if framerate is too low.

**Installation Instructions**

1) Install the TIE Praetor patch available at sco.minos.net

2) Create a backup copy of the following files

4] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle.
5] Check the Misc folder in your BoP one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
6] Press the Balance of Power button to start BoP and fly the battle.


CMDR-TCT-TCS/LC Gidda/Diamondback/Wing XIV/ISD Intrepid (#3978)
CON/SBL Gidda/Scholae Palatinae (#7)