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  Rho Squadron Commander report #67 (09/29/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT fr0Zen/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Captain Adom "fr0Zen" Wietu, Squadron Commander
DATE SUBMITTED: 09.28.2021


(The Pantoran Captain and Rho Commander approaches his official issue Interceptor cautiously, preventing his boots from sounding his steps across the hangar floor.  When at last he reaches the side of the ship he speaks in the direction of the maintenance figure's lower half that protrudes from the engine compartment. 

"That better be Mix," he barks.

A muffled rumble returns as response.

"I see you and Nix.. the R2d7 unit..  have made... acquaintance," the Captain then replies.

Mix slides back out, marked prodigiously with engine grease, and retorts, "You could call it that.  I know Raise the Flag is coming up so you better be spending more time coordinating your unit than hiding here in the hangar going through the ship inspection list and hiding from your responsibilities."

For a rare moment, the Captain is silent. 

"My thanks, Mix," he adds at last, turning and stepping listlessly towards the Rho office door.

The R2D7 unit whistles low and slow, tilting its body towards the floor, and Captain Wietu enters the isolated space.)

He begins composing this week's message on the terminal.

Greetings, as per ever, my Comrades in Black.

The time is now, and the urgency is high.  Raise the Flag commences this upcoming Friday, appropriately enough on the first day of the Emperor's 10th month of the Calendar year.  Per usual, we would expect the official start time to be at 00:00 Universal Empire Time for the start of that day. 

I have seen a change log type report indicating scoring adjustments from this year's event versus last, and am looking forward to a simplified direct report more digestible for our Flight Members.  Should such a format not be shared, I will aim to provide a direct briefing based on certainty of the final data as the end of the week draws closer. 

Regardless of the broader details, LCM Davalorn and I have analyzed our roster's strengths, duties, and schedules, and see our opportunities for contribution best directed at these three priorities in order from high to low:

  • Star Wars Squadrons Simulator - We will mix PvP operations in Dog Fights with PvE operations for Fleet Battles
  • Culture of the Fleet "Fiction" - We are looking to set up interactive exchanges to report out on our pilots and activities for posterity of the Imperial Records
  • Star Conflict Simulator - We will have additional contributions from some pilots who prefer the shorter battle simulations of PvE in an alternate universe construct

I have particularly enjoyed the opportunity over the last ten days to introduce our new pilots to the historical perspective and current status of Rho squadron.  They are: 

  • LT vapinvanman, a mysterious figure from a planet with unusual smoking customs
  • LT Fern Domgra, a person of direct speech and a particularly aggressive combat style

For their benefit and the knowledge of the rest of Rho Squadron, as mentioned in my last report, Rho is indeed in a rebuilding phase and I have no presumption that we will repeat as the TCCOM's Escort Squadron.  That title is awarded to the top performing Squadron in the fleet during Raise the Flag.  Our performance will no doubt be exemplary, but it would be absolutely unreasonable of me or our Commodore to expect an outcome to match what was done by Rho in last year's event.  In the end, I am not your leader - I am here to facilitate your success at contributing your best efforts at times and in ways that match to your current skills.

I sincerely look forward to celebrating our growth together - with and for each other.

Until a new Emperor is seated and the Rebellion is forever crushed!

  • LT vapinvanman and LT Fern Domgra have been immediate assets as additions to Rho.  Both immediately jumped into group combat in SWS and were immediately rewarded with prompt promotions to LT
  • LCM Davalorn is due massive applause for his ongoing dedication to direct recruitment as a tactic to fill in the gaps in Rho's roster and accelerate the rebuilding phase for our journey as a group
  • To emphasize just how much Davalorn has accomplished with his recruiting focus, we suddenly find ourselves with ONLY ONE OPEN SLOT in RHO SQUADRON! HOO RAH!
  • I have quite a number of questions regarding how fiction entries will be judged and rewarded so that's my second highest administrative priority for the week ahead
  • My fist administrative priority will be providing or deriving a straight forward list of points and scoring, as well as some sense of what were Squadron scores last year to give us a fair goal to achieve
  • The Squadron Activity Report below includes all activity since my last report on 9/15, so the data is from 9/16 - 9/28 as of most recent submissions.

The full list of current competitions can be found here in the Competitions Center.

Rho Squadron - Strike
Skid Rho - "Shields won't save you."
Wing II - ISDII Warrior

Flight I - TIE Interceptor
Antiel's Aces || "Show 'em who the bad guys are."
[1-1] CPT fr0Zen
[1-2] LT vapinvanman
[1-3] LT FamePlane
[1-4] LCM Westric Davalorn

Flight II - TIE Interceptor
Parjai Flight || "We are born to die. We live to be remembered."
[2-1] CPT Jarion Renalds
[2-2] LT Brent Hebris
[2-3] LT Fern Domgra
[2-4] LT ossusplayz

Flight III - TIE Interceptor
Emperor's Will || "Speed Kills"
[3-1] MAJ RedTaz
[3-2] LCM Cray “Teash” Xerious
[3-3] LT kevinbackroom
[3-4] TBA

Flight I

[1-1] CPT fr0Zen

  • Flying: 28 LoC
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Email, Discord

[1-2] LT vapinvanman

  • Flying: 21 LoC, 2 LoS
  • Non-flying: New uniform upload approved; Flight Certification Wings awarded : 1st Echelon; New COOP/PVE Rating achieved : Beginner; Updated Imperial Navy Personnel Record (INPR)
  • Communication: Discord

[1-3] LT FamePlane

  • Flying: 32 LoC
  • Non-flying: Flight Certification Wings awarded : 4th Echelon
  • Communication: Discord

[1-4] LCM Westric Davalorn (SQXO)

  • Flying: 36 LoC, 4 LoS
  • Non-flying: 2 Medals of Instruction; Flight Certification Wings awarded : 8th Echelon
  • Communication:  Discord

Flight II

[2-1] CPT Jarion Renalds

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord

[2-2] LT Brent Hebris

  • Flying: 4 LoC
  • Non-flying:  None
  • Communication: Discord

[2-3] LT Fern Domgra

  • Flying: 8 LoC, 1 LoS
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating achieved : Trainee; New COOP/PVE Rating achieved : Beginner
  • Communication: Discord

[2-4] LT ossusplayz

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord

Flight III

[3-1] MAJ RedTaz

  • Flying: Battle completed : TIE-TC 34 (6 missions); Battle completed : TIE-TC 22 (4 missions)
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord

[3-2] LCM Cray Xerious

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: Pilot name changed : Cray Xerious
  • Communication: Discord

[3-3] LT kevinbackroom

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord 

[3-4] TBA

  • Flying:
  • Non-flying:
  • Communication:
So What Else this Week?

Two reminders!

First your Project Sovereign account balance:

  • fr0Zen: 2137 credits
  • FamePlane: 4244 credits
  • Westric Davalorn: 724 credits
  • Jarion Renalds: 7700 credits
  • Brent Hebris: 5073 credits
  • Ossusplayz: 4120 credits
  • RedTaz: 7865 credits
  • Cray "Teash" Xerious: 4200 credits
  • Kevinbackroom: 4120 credits

So far, Davalorn and myself have been the only participants in this rare opportunity. It would do my heart good to see a couple others help us all have a more likely chance that this salary system is introduced permanently to the Tie Corps.

Second, I want to highlight the availability and flight preferences survey that Davalorn has put together for the Squadron. Please complete that quick survey available here. So far you would expect that Davalorn and I both have, but extra thanks to vapinvanman, Fameplane, and RedTaz for also submitting their preferences.


I listed the availability survey from Davalorn second above, because I wanted to highlight it for further emphasis here in the closing comments. As a group, the most important thing we can know about each other is our availability and preferences for game play and other supported activities here in the Tie Corps.  Please complete that survey here at your earliest convenience.

CPT Adom "fr0Zen" Wietu
CMDR/CPT fr0Zen/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior

CMDR of the TCCOM's Escort Squadron