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  Eagle Squadron Commander report #27 (07/10/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/COL Horus Blackheart/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge


Eagle Squadron weekly Dispatch


Both Cupcake and critical hit were promoted to Lieutenant Commander Congratulations to both of them. We put up a good fight in the last imperial storm battle, I’m proud of the effort we put in. We took some losses but I’m confident we will prevail.


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Lieutenant Commander








COL Horus Blackheart
Flew Squadrons
Discord Activity
Command duties

Email activity

awarded (MoC-doc)

Lieutenant K Perkis 1-2

Awarded (MoC-boc)
TBD 1-3

Lieutenant Commander Cupcake 1-4

Discord activity

submitted review for battle XWA-free 158

Battle completed: XWA-free 158 (1 mission)

promotion: Lieutenant Commander

1 Loc

Commander Graf D‘Jinn 2-1


Lieutenant Xylo Pethtel 2-2
12 LOC


Squadrons Activity

New Combat Rating achieved: Marksman 3rd

Flight Certification Wings awarded: 3rd Echelon

Lieutenant Shadow Night hunter 2-3

Discord Activity

Lieutenant Commander Critical Hit 2-4

New promotion: Lieutenant Commander
Flew Squadrons

Updated Imperial Navy Personnel Record

Commendation of Bravery


Iron Star with Copper Ribbon

Flight Certification Wings awarded: 3rd Echelon

18 LOS

TBD 3-1

Lieutenant SirCaleb3-2

Nil activity

FM/LT RedKnight/Eagle 3-3/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Nil Activity

FM/LT MagnoMoose/Eagle 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Nil Activity

If we keep this level of activity up we will give the other ships a fight they wont soon forget. We did well all things considered, onward to glory.