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  ISDII Hammer Commodore report #76 (12/31/2020)
This report was submitted by COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer

From the Desk of Rear Admiral Phoenix

TO: Pilots of the Hammer
FROM: Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE: 2020-12-31
SUBJECT: Hammer Ship Report


Phoenix slung the duffle bag over his shoulder and strode down the gangway of the shuttle into the relatively uncluttered confines of the officers hangar bay, forward of the main bay this onewas reserved for the ships senior officers and as such was seldom frequented as was the case now.

"Welcome back Sir"

Phoenix returned the salute and clasped the officer on the shoulder in a less formal gesture.

"I hope the patrol wasn't overly strenuous Genie?" Phoenix felt a grin cross his face which he could not hide.

"Not overly strenuous boss, but perhaps next time let Alejandro take it" he retorted whilst waving a hand in the direction of one of the three other figures entering the hangar bay.

"I see you gentlemen got the message"

"Most definitely Sir" said Bai'et, "not inviting the Major to this little gathering?"

"No!" Phoenix exclaimed "do not mention it please, I've already got more than enough reams of red tape waiting in my inbox for the next year" Phoenix suppressed a shiver. Major Task was the infamous Wing Commander aboard the Hammer and he was a stickler for red tape. Best he didn't find out about this impromptu celebration.

Giving the duffel bag at his feet a gentle kick he was rewarded with a gentle clinking sound.

"What do you say we see in the new year before we head down to the officers wardroom. I hear the kitchen team have put on a full spread of delights and even prized some corellian whiskey from Elwoods old safe.

Genie and Doyon exchanged glances, better the Commodore didn't know they'd already extracted the contents of said safe and replaced it with watered down whiskey.

Phoenix opened the duffel and shared around a number of glasses, whilst Alejandro popped open a bottle and began to pour.

"Here's to the new year!"


Greetings pilots of the Hammer!

Welcome all to the final Hammer report of 2020, a year that has proven to be quite the extraordinary one in the outside world. Here's hoping that 2021 turns out to be something a little more mundane! As you may have noticed we did not do a report last week, your Commodore was sadly waylaid by a trio of rebel sympathisers between the ages of 0 and 2 who enjoyed taking things apart only for them to be put back together again.

One a Hammer front this past fortnight has been a good one with a multitude of medals being issued to members of the Hammers Wing, more of which can be seen below in detail. We've also had a couple of promotions and uniform updates so let me say it's been a pleasure to see these notification emails arriving over the Christmas period.

On a wider TC front the big news is of course the change in leadership aboard the Warrior with COL Zekk Terrik taking over from FA Silvius as Commodore. The Colonel will be replaced as Commander of Sin by LCM Robert Hogan whilst in Rho Squadron COL Hav Antiel is being suceeded by CM acetiepilot


Silver Star of the Empire
CPT Genie
CM Bai'et Decol
LCM Graf D'Jinn

Bronze Star of the Empire
CM Witcher
LCM Wildfire

Palpatine Crescent
RA Phoenix Berkana
COL Talons Pryde
LCM Corran Shub
LT BatSpoggy

Imperial Security Medal
COL Doyon
COL Gyssler
LC Alejandro Araujo
MAJ Gustan
LCM Highlander
LCM Milo Antu
LT BrickyT
LT Hopfot
LT LouisdeFuines
LT Raist
LT Rez Borsat

Iron Star with Gold Wings
CPT Genie
CM Bai'et Decol

Iron Star with Silver Wings
CM Bai'et Decol
LCM Wildfire

Iron Star with Silver Ribbons

Iron Star with Bronze Wings
CM Bai'et Decol x 2
CM Witcher
LCM Wildfire

Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons
GN Coranel Both x 2
LCM Graf D'Jinn

Medal of Instruction
CPT Genie

LT Aaron Cremel was promoted to Lieutenant Commander
SL Goosinton was promoted to Lieutenant
SL Physics was promoted to Lieutenant

None this week

Uniform Updates
LCM Graf D'Jinn
LCM Wildfire


Trivia for the Hammered
Trivia for the Hammered: One trivia question every weekday - points awarded to all, and whoever has most points at the end of the week wins an IS-BR. Every month, the highest scoring pilot wins an IS-SR, and every pilot with 40 points or more wins an extra IS-BR.
This week saw a series of questions about Padme Amidala - the Queen of the Naboo. The winner of this one was

Q1: How long was a Imperial Star Destroyer?
A1: 1600m

Q2: What was the name of the first Star Destroyer seen on screen?
A2: Devastator

Q3: Which Star Destroyer serves as Thrawns flagship during his campaign to restore the Empire (legends)
A3: Chimaera

Q4: Which Star Destroyer was eluded by the Millennium Falcon in an asteroid field?
A4: Avenger

GN Both - 8
LCM Xye - 8
CM Witcher - 6
CPT Genie - 4
CM Decol - 4
LCM Aaron Cremel - 5
LCM Highlander - 4
LT Witchblade - 4
COL Talons Pryde - 1

Hammer pilot of the month - 2020:
For every flown SP mission from the TC mission compendium and for every LoC/LoS earned each pilot receives 1 point for the Hammer pilot of the month competition.

All other competitions can be found here


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] {TCCORE-SM/2-WIKI}