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  ISDII Challenge Commodore report #15 (11/08/2020)
This report was submitted by COM-TACA-FSE/HA Anahorn Dempsey/ISDII Challenge

ISD-II Challenge
Commodore HA Dempsey reporting
Report ID: H.AD.015
Report date: november 8th, 2020


Slowly, the T-65 X-wing lifted off the hangar deck of the mighty ISD-II Challenge and hovered towards the shimmering force field separating the pressurized hangar bay from the cold emptiness of space. As the X-wing passed through, Anahorn Dempsey hardly noticed a change. As soon as the R2-unit in the X-wuing signalled she had cleared the force field, she punched the controls. The X-wing juked into a downward spiral as the distance between it and the Star Destroyer swidftly grew for meters to kilometers.

Dempsey looped the X-wing around and looked at her Star Destroyer. The sight of the enormous starship never ceased to be amazing. Another warble of the R2-unit signalled her, and as she looked at her screens, she noticed two green blips appear. The R2-unit locked onto one of them, and her screen showed information on the blip. The shape of a TIE Drone appeared. She smiled, as she pulled the handle that locked the X-wing's S-foils in their attack position. She heard the hum as the foils separated into their most recognizable configuration. It was time to see what this craft could do.

Dempsey felt a pang of uncertainty. She'd flown X-wings before, but she never had taken one into a combat situation. She'd never needed to, as the Empire never used them. She knew it's characteristics of course, part of what made her a top ace pilot was knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every single starfighter that could cross her path in a battle. She knew the T-65 inside and out. But she knew very well that there's a huge difference between knowing the craft as she did, and knowing it as a trained X-wing pilot did. The interaction with the R2-unit felt unfamiliar. TIE fighters don't require them, they don't need them. In some ways, that makes them a weakness of the X-wing, in others, it strengthens them. And so she had set herself the task to become an expert pilot in these alphabet fighters. With the opening up of Firebird squadron aboard the Challenge, the hangar now carried a number of X-wings and Y-wings. Somewhere in storage there was a B-wing as well just in case.

Another warble of the R2-unit refocussed her attention. The TIE drones were closing in fast. She punched the accelerator and noted how little she noticed of the craft's acceleration. The X-wing appeared to be in top condition. She turned, and headed straight for the drones.As she watched the distance tick away, she picked one of the drones and targeted it. As the targeting computer indicated a lock, she pulled the trigger and watched several red energy bolts streak towards the drone. As she knew, their rate of fire was lower than that of the TIE range of starfighters she was used to. But her training kicked in and made the difference negligible. A fraction of a second later, the first of the TIE drones exploded in a ball of fire. Dempsey pulled the yoke to evade the fireball. As she did, a number of green energy bolts whizzed past her X-wing. The R2-unit beeped ina panicked frenzy as the X-wing's shields absorbed a number of the energy bolts as well. She noted her shields had taken a beating, and quickly evened them out again. She turned and flew straight towards the huge red hypergiant in the distance. An old trick - the star sent so much radiation into space that it would play tricks on most computer systems, mamking it harder for the drone to see her.

And for her systems to see the drone.

After a few seconds she pulled into a tight loop, and positioned her fighter right behind the drone, which had obviously become disoriented. She pulled the trigger and watched the drone explode. She smiled. This was definitely too easy. She pulled the lever, and the S-foils started to close again as she shut down the targeting computer systems. She punched a button, and the R2 signalled he was receiving an unknown transmission. "Not unknown, R2," she told it. "That's a signal I set up a few hours ago. Load coordinates into the hyperdrive." The droid protested, but she ignored it. A few seconds later, a bleep told her the hyperdrive computer had received the coordinates, and she hit the hyperdrive lever. For a moment, nothing happened, and then the stars turned into lines, and the X-wing made the jump into hyperspace.

On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, LC Denys Elara stared through the transparisteel viewport as she watched the X-wing jump into hyperspace. For a fraction of a second, she frowned. What in the Emperor's name was the Admiral up to now...

Commodore's speech

The first week of the big Challenge competition is over and done with. Results can be found below. Week 2 commences. Tasks can be found below.

I did see some concern on Discord though about pilots announcing their score on the games. While that is allowed, I would discourage it to keep the element of surprise and competition. Should scores be announced anyway, a reminder to those who can't beat the score: don't forget to send in your score anyway. It can still earn points for your grand total and that of your squadron!

I do have the nasty feeling though that not everyone who posted screenshots on Discord has actually sent in the screenshot via email, which is a requirement. The odds of missing it on Discord are too great.

The MSEs for October have all been submitted and are awaiting review by the COO and SOO. It looks like another nice month for our pilots!

We only have 1 open pilot slot left on this ship. This is good. And considering the condition of the other Star Destroyers, it can't be long before another squadrons will be opened up. Let's see what happens!

We also saw a lot of our pilots earn the Commendation of Bravery this week: LTs Dougal Caelleigh, Dynamus, Freddo, Setroc and Skyhigh, LCM ERiSi as well as CMs Aval and EvilGrin. That's a good sign, lots of new pilots learning the ropes!

I'd also like to extend my welcome to our newest pilot: SL Boc Caalgen who fills the last slot in Inferno's Flight II, and SL Synapse who takes the last empty slot in tempest squadron.

Lastly for this week, I saw something I have never seen before: a SL earning himself a Medal of Instruction for recruiting a new member. Excellent jobe, SL Nindo Ardinn (now full LT)!

News headlines this week

  • Two new sub-lietenants assigned to the Challenge - only 1 more pilot needed and we'll be at full strength!
  • A flood of Commendations of Bravery
  • MSEs done and awaiting COO/SOO approval
  • Week 1 of the Challenge competition done
    Transfers, promotions and medals this week


  • SL Caalgen: SSD Avenger -> Inferno 2-4
  • SL Synapse: SSD Avenger -> Tempest 1-2


  • SL Ardinn: promoted to Lieutenant
  • SL Zattra: promoted to Lieutenant


  • none this week


  • SL Ardinn: none -> Trainee
  • LT WoofWolffe: Trainee -> Certified
  • LT Zattra none -> Trainee
  • LCM ERiSi: Marksman 2nd -> Marksman 1st
  • CM EvilGrin: Veteran 4th -> Veteren 3rd
  • LC Beir: Trainee -> Certified
  • COL Blackheart: Marksman 2nd -> Marksman 1st



  • SL Ardinn: MoI
  • LT Caelleigh: IS-BW, CoB
  • LT Dynamus: CoB
  • LT Freddo: CoB
  • LT Hawkins: IS-BW
  • LT Setroc: CoB
  • LT Skyhigh: CoB
  • LCM ERiSi: CoB
  • LCM TI-40026: IS-SW, IS-BW (x2), IS-SR
  • CM Aval: CoB
  • CM EvilGrin: IS-GW, IS-SW (x2), SI-BW, CoB
  • CPT Ryder: IS-SW (x2)
  • MAJ Hermann: IS-SW
  • MAJ Shadowclaw: IS-SR
  • LC Beir: IS-BR
  • LC Sturm: IS-GW, IS-GR
  • COL Naiilo: IS-SW (x2), IS-BW
  • COL Ricaud: IS-SW
  • HA Dempsey: IS-GW
    Commodore activity report

  • communications: e-mail, Discord
  • SP flying: 55 missions
  • MP flying: 16 sorties
  • other: working my butt off scoring the Challenge competition

  • FCHG status: Imperator (4,546 pts = +0)
  • Combat rating: Tan (5,010 pts = +0)
  • COOP/PvE rating: Top Ace Ranger (11,503 pts = +17)
    Competitions currently running

    Challenge ship-wide competitions:

  • Challenge Pilot of the month (SP/MP) (SP/MP flying)
  • Dempsey's Weekly Screenshots (trivia)
  • Trivia for the Challenged (trivia)

    There's always competitions running at your squadron level, or TC wide. Check your Commander's weekly report or The Competitions Center at the TC website.

    Commodore's Competitions

    Dempsey's Weekly Screenshots

    Every week, the report will have a screenshot. Not necessarily from a Star Wars movie. First Challenge pilot to send the correct answer to the mailing list wins. Each victory earns you an IS-BR. Unless it's a 5th victory, you then get a IS-SR. Unless it's a 10th victory, which gives you an IS-GR. A 25th victory will give you an IS-PR!
    Remember - your answer has to go to the list.

    Current screenshot:

    Last week's winner: LC Kadon Beir

    Current standings: CPT Drake Starfire: 4pt, LC Phalk Sturm, GN Berkana: 2pt, CM EvilGrin, MAJ Hermann, CPT Kalve Ryder, LC Kadon Beir, COL Mell Kerrigan, COL Silwar Naiilo: 1pt

    Challenge Pilot of the Month

    One point per mission flown for the SP part of this competition, and 1 point per LoC/LoS for the MP parts of this competition. Stats will be taken from the killboards. As of this month, the PvP and PvE parts will be split.

    November SP standings:

  • HA Dempsey: 55 missions
  • MAJ Hermann: 38 missions
  • LC Sturm: 27 missions
  • COL NiksaVel: 12 missions
  • LCM Ny`Irfa: 10 missions
  • COL Naiilo: 1 mission

    November PvP standings (top 10):

  • CM EvilGrin: 36 victories
  • COL Stryker: 26 victories
  • LCM TI-40026: 25 victories
  • LCM ERiSi: 16 victories
  • MAJ Jedgar: 11 victories
  • LT Dynamus: 6 victories
  • LT Angel: 5 victories
  • LC Beir: 4 victories
  • COL NiksaVel: 4 victories
  • LT WoofWolffe: 4 victories

    November PvE standings:

  • HA Dempsey: 16 sorties
  • MAJ Jedgar: 2 sorties
  • COL Blackheart: 1 sortie

    Wake me up when November ends

    This is the big Challenge wide competition of the year. Every week we will play 4 games: Flying (Single player and Multiplayer), Movie quote trivia, Image trivia and an online game. The trivia will be played via the Timed Events option on the TC website. Screenshots for Multiplayer and online games need to be emailed to me, and for the Single player competition you can simply forward me the BSF email. Each week starts at the release of my COM report on Sunday, and ends the next Saturday at midnight CET. There is also a 5th game: Fiction. Each pilot can submit upto 3 fictions to participate, but only one fiction will be taken into consideration for the rankings (unless the total of fictions received is less than 5). For every game, each week the top 10 pilots will be awarded points: from 1st to 10th place you will earn 20, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points. With exception to the Fiction, which will only yield points at the end of the month, and for the top 5 fictions: 20, 15, 10, 5, 3 points.

    Each week, every game will see its winner, with the top 2 pilots for that week earning Iron Stars (Silver and Bronze Wings/Ribbons). At the end of the competition, pilot scores will be tallied per game over all 4 weeks and the top 3 pilots win (Gold/Silver/Bronze Wings/Ribbons). The scores for each pilot will also be tallied over all submissions during the entire month, with another (Gold/Silver/Bronze Wings/Ribbons) up for grabs. There's an extra medal to be had if a single pilot manages to grab the win in 2 games, and one if a pilot manages to grab the win in 3 games. As an extra bonus, there's two more medals available: the pilot who has the highest score wins his Commander and IS-SR, while the squadrons that accumulates most points over all pilots wins its Commander an IS-GR.

    WEEK 2

    Photo round This week's photo round involves Buildings that will stand the test of time. A little harder than last week, this week I will give you photos of 10 famous buildings. I just forgot what their names are, so you'll need to tell me.....
    Pilot's Arena The object of the game is not to reach the highest score, or fly the most missions, or complete the most objectives. I will give you a target score. Whoever gets closest wins. This ensures that even a newbie pilot fresh out of the Academy has a shot at winning! For the MP part, you must be on the winning side of course.

    Single player segment: XvT free #229; target: 11,394 pts
    Multi player segment: Star Wars Squadrons: Fleet Battle mode; target: 8,258 pts

    Who said it? This game revolves around movie quotes. But it won't always be as simple as identifying the movie! Even though this week that is exactly what I wish to know as we play Who said it?. This week, the objective is to tell me the name of the character who spoke these lines.
    Online insanity This game will be playing on online game. The object of the game is to reach the highest score you can. Screenshots to be taken with score clearly visible of course.
    This week: the Bubble Shooter: https://www.agame.com/game/bubble-shooter-classic
    Musings of a madman This is not a weekly game, but this will run the entire month. Write a fiction. It can be about whatever you want it to be, feature whatever you want, and can be as long as short as you want, with any writing style you desire. The only stipulation is that somehowb it has ot feature the Challenge or one of its pilots. All submissions will be submitted to the Warden's Office at the end of the competition. You can submit up to three fictions per pilot, but each pilot is eligible for only one medal, and one set of points. If there's less than 5 pilots submitting, this last stipulation is rescinded.

    Current results:

    It's been a decent week. Unfortunately, I receved 0 submissions for the Single Player event, so that's 2 medals that will go staright into my own pockets :) To make up for that, the MP segment yielded several submissions with the exact target score, so those pilots will share the first place.

    photo round: Phalk Sturm (20pts), Mell Kerrigan (16pts), Phoenix Berkana (12pts), Richlet (10pts), TI-40026 (8pts), Jedgar (6pts), Silwar Naiilo (5pts), Stryker (4pts), Kadon Beir (3pts), Talon Jade (2pts)

    single player: no participants

    multi player: TI-40026 (20pts), EvilGrin (20pts), Stryker (12pts), Talon Jade (10pts), Mell Kerrigan (8pts)

    quotes round: TI-40026 (20pts), Stryker (16pts), Mell Kerrigan (12pts), Talon Jade (10pts), Dougal Caelleigh (8pts), Phalk Sturm (6pts), Phoenix Berkana (5pts), Silwar Naiilo (4pts), Kadon Beir (3pts), Jedgar (2pts)

    online game: Silwar Naiilo (20pts), TI-40026 (16pts), Kadon Beir (12pts), Mell Kerrigan (10pts)

    Top pilot: TI-40026 (64pts)
    Runner-up: Mell Kerrigan (46pts)
    3rd place: Stryker (32pts)

    Firebird: 144pts
    Inferno: 74pts
    Tempest: 66pts
    Thunder: 17pts

    Note: if I have missed something in these scores, let me know!

    Week 1 answers:

    photo round: Helen Slater, Christopher Walken, Dirk Benedict, Ashley Judd, Nicole Kidman, Sylvester McCoy, Linda Blair, Molly Ringwald, Adam Driver, Nicolas Cage
    Funny to see how several people all thought the picture of Ashley Judd was Rose McGowan :)

    quotes round: When Harry Met Sally, The Terminator, The Sixth Sense, The Graduate, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Flatliners, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Interstellar, Star Trek: First Contact

    Wrapping up

    Week one saw a pretty decent turnout. Too bad no one flew the single player mission, those medals went to waste. Which is good for you if you manage to fly next week! Overall, the number of pilots participating is a bit disappointing. Kudos to Firebird though, who have taken a massive lead. Well, not that massive, they can easily be defeated with 3 more weeks to go.

    COM-TACA-FSE/HA Anahorn Dempsey/ISDII Challenge, signing off

       LoS-PSx21-TS-IS-CSx5-Rx2/DFC-SW-Rx3/MoC-10doc-10poc-11goc-10soc-87boc/CoLx14/CoEx4/CoS/CoB/LoAx3/OV-13E [IMPR] [Tan] [TAR]