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  ISDII Challenge Commodore report #14 (11/01/2020)
This report was submitted by COM-TACA-FSE/HA Anahorn Dempsey/ISDII Challenge

ISD-II Challenge
Commodore HA Dempsey reporting
Report ID: H.AD.014
Report date: november 1st, 2020


High Admiral Dempsey stood on the bridge of her Star Destroyer as it raced through hyperspace. She always marvelled at the ability to simply break all the basic laws of physics, tear a hole in space-time, and simply use that to travel from one starsystem to the other in the blink of an eye. Distances that light would need years to traverse, she could bridge in only a matter of days. She never ceased to be amazed at this, or the view she was seeing right now.

A slight shudder through the ship told her the journey was near its end. Moments later, the wonderful sight disappeared, only to be replaced by the vast black of empty space. Slowly, the stars in the background becamse visible again, and dead ahead was the Imperal Navy Base at Pyrath.

"Transmitting clearance codes now," she heard someone say in the comm section of the bridge. The Naval Base was quick to prompt them for the codes. Imperial security was at peak efficciency it seemed. As she watched, the Naval Base slowly drifted to the right as Star Destroyed slowly changed its course. In the distance, she could see at least two other Star Destroyers, as well as dozens of smaller ships. For a second she frowned, as she glimpsed the profile of an Interdictor cruiser in the distance. The hemispherical bulges on the dorsal en ventral sides of the ship made it hard to miss. Interdictors were rare these days. At one point, each battle Group in the TIE Corps had had its own. Now, after so many years, several had been lost to old age, freak accidents, pirates, or rogue Imperial warlords who liked to play Emperor. She wondered which one this was.

"Incoming transmission, ma'am," the comm officer said. "The Captain of the Fairchild request permission to come aboard." Dempsey nodded, and the comm officer turned back to his station and relayed her approval. At least that answered that question. The same officer looked up at her again. "Ma'am, we're receiving transmissions from the Assault frigate Illustrious, Arquitens-class cruiser Thunderchild. They're standing by for orders."

Dempsey smiled. With an Interdictor, an Assault frigate, a small cruiser and a number of supply ships, this was finally starting to look like a Battle Group again.

Commodore's speech

Yes, I know I called the Illustrious an Assault frigate when technically on the OOB it's a Arquitens-class Cruiser, but I don't care :)

October is at an end. I have received complaints from several maintenance droids about the mess left behind all over the place after last night's Halloween party. As such, the next Halloween party will be held in the garbage compactors on deck 15.

October is at an end, which means November begins. As is usual for me, I like to do at least 1 big all-encompassing competition each year. I had it planned for September, but then RtF got in the way because I forgot that had been rescheduled. As such, I rescheduled my big competiton. it kicks off today. More details below in the Competitions section of this report.

Your COM is proud to announce she obliterated the competition this past month in the run for the top spot on the Coop Kill Board. As of the writing of this report, there are still 51 screenshots pending for October, so that shouold give me a nice 750 wins.

I must also say I have never in my 13 years in this club seen so many names on the MP killboards, or so many games played. Squadrons appears to be as good as we had hoped, or people would have stopped playing it long ago. Maybe I should get the game and have a shot at it myself.

October is at an end, which means it's time again for the Commanders to compile their MSEs. Can't wait to see what this month brings.

On the recruitment side, Firebird has joined the list of squadrons that are now filled up with 12 pilots. That means we only have room for an additional 3 pilots. And considering the Hammer has only 2 available slots and the Warrior has none, I sense more squadrons opening up shortly.

Looking at the roster, there's a few administrative tasks left to the Commanders of various squadrons. It would be nice to get those filled soon as well:

  • Firebird: needs a banner, a squadron nickname as well as nicknames and mottos for each flight
  • Inferno: needs a website URL (perhaps a wiki page?)
  • Tempest: needs a message board URL (on Discord perhaps?)
  • Thunder: needs a website URL and message board URL (wiki page and Discord perhaps?)

    A special mention this week for COL Ricaud who joins the club of ancient fossils as this week he reached 25 years in the EH. That's a feat not many people can duplicate!

    Another special mention for LCM Marek Ny`Irfa who was awarded his Commendation of Bravery this week for his SP flying activity. You're not a SP flyer until you have your wings pinned on your uniform! Kudos to you.

    With this, I think I've said enough for this week. I'm hoping on a massive turnout for this shipwide competition, let's see what happens.

    News headlines this week

  • new recruits for Firebird and Tempest: welcome, SLs Kur Zattra and Nindo Ardinn
  • MSE for October due this week
    Transfers, promotions and medals this week


  • SL Kur Zattra: SSD Avenger -> Firebird 3-2
  • SL Nindo Ardinn: SSD Avenger -> Tempest 3-3


  • none this week


  • LT Caelleigh: Lancer -> Hussar -> Fusilier -> Dragoon
  • LT Turel: Lancer -> Hussar
  • MAJ Jedgar: Legionnaire -> Aquilifer
  • LC Sturm: Centurion -> Executor
  • COL Stryker: Gallant -> Knight


  • LT Angel: Marksman 2nd -> Marksman 1st
  • LT Turel: Officer 4th -> Officer 3rd
  • LCM ERiSi: Marksman 3rd -> Marksman 2nd
  • CM EvilGrin: Officer 1st -> Veteran 4th
  • CPT Ryder: Trainee -> Certified
  • COL NiksaVel: Certified -> Marksman 4th
  • COL Ricaud: Marksman 2nd -> Marksman 1st
  • COL Stryker Officer 1st -> Veteran 4th


  • CPT Ryder: Qualified -> Private 4th


  • LT Angel: MoC-boc
  • LT Barbarossa: MoC-boc
  • LT Caelleigh: MoC-boc
  • LT Dynamus: MoC-boc
  • LT Ferrin: MoC-boc
  • LT Jansen: MoC-soc
  • LT Kongo: MoC-soc
  • LT Setroc: MoC-soc
  • LT Skyward: MoC-boc
  • LT WoofWolffe: MoC-boc
  • LCM Donir: MoC-boc
  • LCM ERiSi: MoC-soc
  • LCM Ny`Irfa: IS-BW, MoC-boc, COB
  • LCM Richlet: MoC-boc
  • LCM TI-40026: IS-BR, MoC-boc
  • CM Aval: MoC-boc
  • CM EvilGrin: IS-BR, MoC-boc
  • MAJ Hermann: IS-SR, MoC-soc
  • MAJ Shadowclaw: IS-BR, MoC-boc
  • LC Sturm: IS-BR, MoC-boc
  • COL Blackheart: MoC-goc
  • COL Impulse: MoC-boc
  • COL Kerrigan: IS-BR
  • COL Naiilo: MoC-boc
  • COL NiksaVel: MoI
  • COL Stryker: MoC-boc
  • GN Berkana: MoC-boc
  • HA Dempsey: MoC-poc
    Commodore activity report

  • communications: e-mail, Telegram, Discord
  • SP flying: none
  • MP flying: 301 sorties
  • other: not much

  • FCHG status: Imperator (4,546 pts = +0)
  • Combat rating: Tan (5,010 pts = +0)
  • COOP/PvE rating: Top Ace Ranger (11,436 pts = +228)
    Competitions currently running

    Challenge ship-wide competitions:

  • Challenge Pilot of the month (SP/MP) (SP/MP flying)
  • Dempsey's Weekly Screenshots (trivia)
  • Trivia for the Challenged (trivia)

    There's always competitions running at your squadron level, or TC wide. Check your Commander's weekly report or The Competitions Center at the TC website.

    Commodore's Competitions

    Dempsey's Weekly Screenshots

    Every week, the report will have a screenshot. Not necessaarily from a Star Wars movie. First Challenge pilot to send the correct answer to the mailing list wins. Each victory earns you an IS-BR. Unless it's a 5th victory, you then get a IS-SR. Unless it's a 10th victory, which gives you an IS-GR. A 25th victory will give you an IS-PR!
    Remember - your answer has to go to the list.

    Current screenshot:

    Last week's winner: COL Mell Kerrigan

    Current standings: CPT Drake Starfire: 4pt, LC Phalk Sturm, GN Berkana: 2pt, CM EvilGrin, MAJ Hermann, CPT Kalve Ryder, COL Mell Kerrigan, COL Silwar Naiilo: 1pt

    Challenge Pilot of the Month

    One point per mission flown for the SP part of this competition, and 1 point per LoC/LoS for the MP parts of this competition. Stats will be taken from the killboards. As of this month, the PvP and PvE parts will be split.

    October SP standings:

  • LC Phalk Sturm: 165 missions (IS-GW)
  • MAJ Hermann: 153 missions (IS-SW)
  • LT Dougal Caelleigh: 100 missions (IS-BW)
  • LCM Marek Ny`Irfa: 61 missions
  • LT Turel: 51 missions
  • MAJ Jedgar: 32 missions
  • COL Stryker: 20 missions
  • GN Master: 15 missions

    October PvP standings (top 10):

  • CM Bai'et Decol: 322 victories (IS-GW)
  • CM EvilGrin: 246 victories (IS-SW)
  • LCM TI-40026: 166 victories (IS-BW)
  • COL Silwar naiilo: 157 victories
  • COL Stryker: 137 victories
  • LT Angel: 118 victories
  • COL Ricaud: 102 victories
  • LT Freddo: 98 victories
  • LCM ERiSi: 64 victories
  • LT Turel: 56 victories

    October PvE standings (top 10):

  • HA Anahorn Dempsey: 750 sorties (IS-GW)
  • CPT Kalve Ryder: 33 sorties (IS-SW)
  • CM Bai'et Decol: 21 sorties (IS-BW)
  • CM EvilGrin: 7 sorties
  • LT Ryan Hawkins: 7 sorties
  • LCM TI-40026: 7 sorties
  • LT Turel: 6 sorties
  • MAJ Jedgar: 4 sorties
  • LT Setroc: 3 sorties
  • COL Stryker: 3 sorties

    Wake me up when November ends

    This is the big Challenge wide competition of the year. Every week we will play 4 games: Flying (Single player and Multiplayer), Movie quote trivia, Image trivia and an online game. The trivia will be played via the Timed Events option on the TC website. Screenshots for Multiplayer and online games need to be emailed to me, and for the Single player competition you can simply forward me the BSF email. Each week starts at the release of my COM report on Sunday, and ends the next Saturday at midnight CET. There is also a 5th game: Fiction. Each pilot can submit upto 3 fictions to participate, but only one fiction will be taken into consideration for the rankings (unless the total of fictions received is less than 5). For every game, each week the top 10 pilots will be awarded points: from 1st to 10th place you will earn 20, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points. With exception to the Fiction, which will only yield points at the end of the month, and for the top 5 fictions: 20, 15, 10, 5, 3 points.

    Each week, every game will see its winner, with the top 2 pilots for that week earning Iron Stars (Silver and Bronze Wings/Ribbons). At the end of the competition, pilot scores will be tallied per game over all 4 weeks and the top 3 pilots win (Gold/Silver/Bronze Wings/Ribbons). The scores for each pilot will also be tallied over all submissions during the entire month, with another (Gold/Silver/Bronze Wings/Ribbons) up for grabs. There's an extra medal to be had if a single pilot manages to grab the win in 2 games, and one if a pilot manages to grab the win in 3 games. As an extra bonus, there's two more medals available: the pilot who has the highest score wins his Commander and IS-SR, while the squadrons that accumulates most points over all pilots wins its Commander an IS-GR.

    WEEK 1

    Photo round This week's photo round involves Actors of the Silver Screen. An easy one to start off with. Simply identify the 10 actors and give me their names.
    Pilot's Arena The object of the game is not to reach the highest score, or fly the most missions, or complete the most objectives. I will give you a target score. Whoever gets closest wins. This ensures that even a newbie pilot fresh out of the Academy has a shot at winning! For the MP part, you must be on the winning side of course.

    Single player segment: TIE free #289; target: 19,125 pts
    Multi player segment: Star Wars Squadrons: Dogfight mode; target: 1,055 pts

    What did you say? This game revolves around movie quotes. But it won't always be as simple as identifying the movie! Even though this week that is exactly what I wish to know as we play Name that movie. Simply give me the name of the movie this famous quote is from.
    Online insanity This game will be playing on online game. The object of the game is to reach the highest score you can. Screenshots to be taken with score clearly visible of course.
    We start off with an old classic: Tetris: https://tetris.com/play-tetris
    Musings of a madman This is not a weekly game, but this will run the entire month. Write a fiction. It can be about whatever you want it to be, feature whatever you want, and can be as long as short as you want, with any writing style you desire. The only stipulation is that somehowb it has ot feature the Challenge or one of its pilots. All submissions will be submitted to the Warden's Office at the end of the competition. You can submit up to three fictions per pilot, but each pilot is eligible for only one medal, and one set of points. If there's less than 5 pilots submitting, this last stipulation is rescinded.


    Wrapping up

    The game is on, pilots. Do yourself proud, and fight for your squadron. Let's see which if you all is the best!

    COM-TACA-FSE/HA Anahorn Dempsey/ISDII Challenge, signing off

       LoS-PSx21-TS-IS-CSx5-Rx2/DFC-SW-Rx3/MoC-10doc-10poc-11goc-10soc-87boc/CoLx14/CoEx4/CoS/CoB/LoAx3/OV-13E [IMPR] [Tan] [TAR]