Kappa Report # 1 (2009-01-31)

This report was submitted by CMDR/COL Kaisin Mirtez/Kappa/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior

Report of the Squadron Commander
Respectfully Submitted by Colonel Kaisin Mirtez
Report #1 - 01/31/2009


Good Morning Campers, 

What a year 2008 was, and it saw some tragic yet in a way good things. We have been with out a site for some time now, but with the work AD Dempsey has done, it seems we are back in and running full steam. In fact my inbox was greeted with the email of three files to BSF (and two of them may have high scores). By now all of you have received my welcome letter and I have heard from most of you, I will give the rest till the end of the week before I contact you all again. 

I started my time in Sigma but came in to my own as a Kappa and its here where I hope to be the best Squadron Commander I can be. 

I have two competitions that I have running beginning tomorrow, take part and when some medals. 

Things are looking bright this year and I expect good things from this new ship. 

  • The TC has its new home and we are all ready rocking and rolling. 

Current TC Competitions

These are here for you enjoyment, take part and you might win a medal. 

Kappa Squadron Competitions

Notable Transfers, Promotions, Medals, or other Merits

  • Kaisin Mirtez: Ares 1-1 to Kappa 1-1
  • LT Philledume: Ares to Kappa 1-2
  • LCM Ivanovich Ares 3-1 to Kappa 1-3
  • LCM Witcher: Ares 3-3 to Kappa 1-4
  • LC Chaser: Kappa 1-1 to Kappa 2-1
  • CM Blackwood: Kappa 1-4 to Kappa 2-4



Flight One:

  • Kappa 1-1: COL Kaisin Mirtez: Setting up his office and working on new web site.
  • Kappa 1-2: LT Philledume: Email Contact
  • Kappa 1-3: LCM Andrey Ivanovich: --------
  • Kappa 1-4: LCM Witcher: Email Contact

Flight Two:

  • Kappa 2-1: LC Brin Chaser (Squadron XO): Email Contact
  • Kappa 2-2: TBA
  • Kappa 2-3: CM Anthony Starr: ----------
  • Kappa 2-4: CM Conker Blackwood: ------------

Flight Three:

  • Kappa 3-1: COL Moagim Daar: Email Contact, Flew TIE-TC-238 (awaiting approval), TIE-FREE-275 (awaiting approval), TIE-FREE-276
  • Kappa 3-2: TBA
  • Kappa 3-3: COL Mordechi Wolfe:  ---------------
  • Kappa 3-4: TBA


Kappa Squadron is on the  rise and we have a heck of a squadron. So be on the look out for competitions and other fun stuff. 

To the Glory of the Empire,
COL Kaisin Mirtez, Squadron Commander
CMDR/COL Kaisin Mirtez/Kappa/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior