COO Report # 6 (2023-07-30)

This report was submitted by COO-IOA/AD Silwar Naiilo/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

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Chronicles of Aggression #6

Submitted: 2023-07-30

Combat Operation Officer's report: 2023-06-17 - 2023-07-28

Projects and Activities
We've onboarded two new COOAs since last report: former COO and current CMDR of Eagle Squadron, Miles Prower, as well as LCM Therj'en'nuruodo from Lambda squadron. With RA TheBlackxRanger's retirement from the COOA position, that makes Therj'en'nuruodo "Spartan" our only non-CMDR COOA! This is more of a coincidence than a requirement; we're happy to take on FMs and FLs as well. Take a look at the COE exam!

The Hex, an event run by The Rebel Alliance, concluded last month. The TIE Corps had seven pilots participating in the multi-platform strategy game. The team with the most TC members won, of course, with RA TheBlackXRanger, CM Dathka, LCM LandoRasputin, and LCM Decoy Tango taking first place for "Lime" team, and have been awarded Iron Stars with gold Wings. RA Genie, CPT KEBLAOMEGA, and I also participated, earning Bronze and Silver Wings.

We're a month deep into TIE Corps Shootouts 2023 Season III, which ends on October 31. We've changed the rules so that instead of a time window of 5pm through midnight EST every Saturday, the event now runs from 0:00 UTC on Saturday morning through 23:59 UTC Saturday night. This gives a wider window for people to participate, although we'll be watching data to see if the lack of a more specific time makes it more difficult to group up. So far, we've seen about the same number of participants, so it doesn't seem like a negative change, and helps out those in non-US timezones.

The Warfare Officer, AD Phoenix Berkana, has submitted draft rules for Raise the Flag to the Admirals. We're taking a look at those so that we can get ahead of the biggest competition of the year, which is slated to start September 1st. Keep an eye out for his announcements!

Lastly, we had the unwelcome duty of investigating, and ultimately convicting, SL Alejandro Araujo of cheating in nearly 800 multiplayer matches. Cheating results in one's rank being set to Sub-Lieutenant, a purge of all medals, records, and other awards, and being banned for life from submitting multiplayer or singleplayer matches to the TIE Corps and any Emperor's Hammer subgroups. This was a lengthy, thorough, detailed investigation that involved the entire chain of command through the FC, GA Rapier, and gave the accused plenty of opportunity to respond. It isn't a decision we'd ever make lightly. Please, don't cheat - it isn't worth the effect not only on your own record, but of those in your squadron, ship, and the TIE Corps who trust you.

Combat Operations Office project board

Combat Operations Office Statistics
LoCs Awarded:2267
LoSs Awarded:2378
Processing Time:< 24 hours
The most popular game for LoCs this month was Star Wars Squadrons, and LoSs was Star Conflict. SWTOR is catching up though, with LT Ispep holding 315 SWTOR LoCs this month!

As a reminder: if you're playing a custom game (that's any game in XvT, XWA, TFTC, and Empire at War, as well as any custom Squadrons game), you must submit a screenshot including setup information. Please refer to the COO Manual if you have any questions, or ping a COOA or myself.

That math is correct- an 18.1% deny rate on Legions, a result of nearly 800 Legions having been denied for cheating. Our numbers are otherwise at a more standard 1.5%.
Competition and Combat Event News

Shootouts Season III continues, as mentioned above! We'll continue to keep an eye out for external events to take part in, but right now things are fairly quiet.

In Closing

As a reminder: please submit all screenshots within 72 hours. All should follow the guidance listed out in the COO Manual, linked from the TIE Corps website and in the wiki. Please feel free to reach out to me or any COOA if you have any questions!

Activity for AD Silwar Naiilo
Email, Discord
Flight Activity:
Squadrons, EABFII, XvT, XWA
Updated Uniform
The Hex
Medals Awarded: 12x LoC; 7x LoS; 1x IS-SW; 1x ORA; 1x IS-BR
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LCM Das Oberon at 2023-08-04 (20:15)
Ispep is an absolute monster. See you for RtF, bud. ;)

COL TheBlackxRanger at 2023-07-30 (16:51)
HEX was a fun event!

CM Therj'en'nuruodo at 2023-07-30 (14:47)
Loved the report!

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