COO Report # 5 (2023-06-18)

This report was submitted by COO-IOA/AD Silwar Naiilo/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

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Chronicles of Aggression #5

Submitted: 2023-06-18

Combat Operation Officer's report: 2023-05-13 - 2023-06-17

Projects and Activities
This month in the Combat Operations Office, we recognized all of the hard work that our Combat Operations Office Assistants put in. From the beginning of January through the end of April, some highlghts of the work that the COOAs have done:
  • Processed 13,841 legions. Of those, LC Vapen Van'an processed 6,341 himself! Get this man a coffee.
  • Organized combat events: MAJ Colo Delste helped organize Week of War VII and led a 3PO tournament team. MAJ TheBlackxRanger helped advertise SPL and Vander Memorial. COL Highlander helped organize Dax's XvT tournament.
  • Tested or launched new platforms: LC Legion Ordo led the Elite Dangerous proposal, and MAJ Delste tested out Star Wars: Hunters. LC Van'an and LC Ordo helped test out Empire at War mods.

The five of them have been awarded the Silver Star of the Empire for their tour of duty. Thank you all!

Speaking of RA TheBlackxRanger, he has decided to step down from his position as COOA. We thank him for all of his hard work! COL Miles Prower has stepped up to take a COOA position, but it doesn't have to be a one-for-one trade. If you're interested, send me a ping and we can chat about the expectations (and impact you'll have on the TIE Corps!)

We're working with a long-time opponent of ours, The Rebel Alliance (TRA) on a competition called The Hex. It's similar to Imperial Storm in that pilots fight over hexes representing systems. Games will be organized in their Discord server, but we will, of course, reward those who fight against them. See the Combat Events section below for more details on how to take part.

TIE Corps Shootout Season II has ended. In this event, pilots earned one point per match played with another TC member between 5:00pm and midnight on Saturdays. We're going to take a couple of weeks off before beginning another season after ReMob is over, with some changes to format, time, and awards.

The top ten pilots earned Iron Stars, while anyone who played at least 10 matches additionally earned an ORA for each set of ten (with a maximum of one per weekend.) Of 54 participating pilots, 30 earned at least one! The top ten pilots were:

1st: MAJ Gytheran with 75 matches - IS-GW
2nd: RA Genie with 61 matches - IS-SW
3rd: CPT Jaxx Nassin with 46 matches - IS-SW
4th: GN Elwood the brave with 45 matches -IS-BW
5th: FA John T. Clark with 34 matches - IS-BW
6th: CM Matthew Steel with 29 matches - IS-BW
7th: CPT Cade Tezo with 28 matches - IS-CW
8th: CM Maximus Meridus with 28 matches - IS-CW
9th: MAJ Alexandre Morgan with 26 matches - IS-CW
10th: CM neurotictim with 26 matches - IS-CW

Additionally earning at least one ORA were LT Kad Rakku, MAJ DemWookieeCheeks, LCM Jinso Blackfoot, LCM Blaster72, MAJ Vaner Van’an, LT SirPants, LC Solohan50, COL Miles Prower, CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana, CM Iam Thinking, LT Rui Borges, AD Marenta Jean, CM Tiran Marr, CPT JetMech, COL Aardvark, LCM Bonebolt, CM Rachel Drakon, AD Silwar Naiilo, and finally, LT Wett.

Combat Operations Office project board

Combat Operations Office Statistics
LoCs Awarded:1476
LoSs Awarded:1971
Processing Time:< 24 hours
The most popular game for LoCs this month was Star Wars Squadrons, and LoSs was Star Conflict. SWTOR and XvT both saw a huge uptick in activity - let's see where that goes!

As a reminder: if you're playing a custom game (that's any game in XvT, XWA, TFTC, and Empire at War, as well as any custom Squadrons game), you must submit a screenshot including setup information. Please refer to the COO Manual if you have any questions, or ping a COOA or myself.
Competition and Combat Event News

We're in a bit of a waiting period between external combat events, but we expect there to be a few things starting soon! In the meantime, there are plenty of combat-oriented competitions, so check out the website to see what interests you.

Ongoing Combat Events
TRA Presents: The Hex from 2023-06-17 until 2023-07-30?.

Play XvT, XWA, or SWS in a battle over hexes on a board.

In Closing

As a reminder: please submit all screenshots within 72 hours. All should follow the guidance listed out in the COO Manual, linked from the TIE Corps website and in the wiki. Please feel free to reach out to me or any COOA if you have any questions!

Activity for AD Silwar Naiilo
Email, Discord
Flight Activity:
Squadrons, EABFII
Medals Awarded: 17x LoC; 1x MoT-bh; 1x ORA
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COL TheBlackxRanger at 2023-06-18 (23:11)
It was a pleasure to serve the Combat Operations Office. o7

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