COO Report # 4 (2023-05-13)

This report was submitted by COO-IOA/AD Silwar Naiilo/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

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Chronicles of Aggression #4

Submitted: 2023-05-13

Combat Operation Officer's report: 2023-03-25 - 2023-05-12

From the Desk of Silwar Naiilo
The uniform of Silwar Naiilo, #12630

Admiral Silwar Naiilo's dashboard lit up with warnings as a tractor beam from the nearby Victory II-class Star Destroyer began to lock on. "Admiral!, came a crackling voice over the intercom. "You can't just take a TIE! There are regulations! Procedures!"

Silwar dumped all of the TIE Interceptor's energy into his engines and pushed the throttle to maximum. "And who created those regulations?"

A short pause. "You did, sir. And you told us not to allow anyone to break them, including yourself."

Silwar grinned from beneath his helmet. "Well then, first one to capture me gets a round of Tusorix's finest liquor. Otherwise, see you in two weeks. Oh, and Vapen's in charge while I'm gone. Naiilo out."

The comms officer sighed. Moments later, a flight of TIE Shadows screamed into the inky darkness, but it was too late.

Projects and Activities
This month in the Combat Operations Office, we supported the SWS subreddit's Flight Academy Night event, where pilots could get together and learn new techniques from each other. Awards have been recommended for this, as well as for our 3PO team, for the Vander Memorial tournament, and the Elite Dangerous combat event.

As for our Elite Dangerous combat event, Would Thou Like To Live Dangerously?, The winners are:

  1. RA TheBlackxRanger. (Huh, only one entry? Well, that's an easy IS-GW.)

  1. LC Legion Ordo and LC Vapen Van’an, in a tie, for an IS-GW
  2. CPT Jet Mech for an IS-SW
  3. RA TheBlackxRanger for an IS-SW

We'll keep an eye on this platform, which hasn't quite locked its s-foils into attack position yet.

CPT JetMech sent me an initial draft of MP/3, an update of our multiplayer combat course. I've reviewed this and left some comments, and look forward to seeing the finished product!

The first trimester Evaluations have gone out for my COOAs, and along with it, I've begun taking a look at the next batch of combat rating advancement medals that will be going out. Pilots who hit certain thresholds in their combat rating will earn awards up to a Gold Star, and we process these every few months. Keep an eye on your inbox!

TIE Corps Shootouts 2023 Season II continues. This round, we'll be awarding the top ten with Iron Stars - GW/SW/SW/BW/BW/BW/BW/BW/BW for those who play the most matches, as well as up to one ORA per week for anyone who plays at least ten matches (with carryover from previous weeks, resetting when you earn an ORA.) For a match to count, it must be played with at least one other TC pilot, although the match does not have to be a win. I've got the process automated if submitted for Legions on either side, win or lose, but you'll need to let me know if you've played games where you've lost. The top ten pilots so far are:
  1. MAJ Gytheran, 69 points. Nice!
  2. GN Genie, 56 points
  3. CPT Jaxx Nassin, 46 points
  4. GN Elwood the Brave, 45 points
  5. AD John T. Clark, 34 points
  6. CM Matthew Steel, 29 points
  7. CPT Cade Tezo, 28 points
  8. CM Maximus Meridius, 28 points
  9. CM neurotictim, 26 points
  10. LT Kad Rakku, 24 points
For more info, links are below in the Combat Events section.

Combat Operations Office project board

Combat Operations Office Statistics
LoCs Awarded:1890
LoSs Awarded:4064
Processing Time:< 24 hours
The most popular game for LoCs this month was Star Wars Squadrons, and LoSs was Star Conflict.

As a reminder: if you're playing a custom game (that's any game in XvT, XWA, TFTC, and Empire at War, as well as any custom Squadrons game), you must submit a screenshot including setup information. Please refer to the COO Manual if you have any questions, or ping a COOA or myself.
Competition and Combat Event News

We're in a bit of a waiting period between external combat events, but we expect there to be a few things starting soon! In the meantime, there are plenty of combat-oriented competitions, so check out the website to see what interests you.

Ongoing Combat Events
TIE Corps Shootouts 2023 Season II from 2023-03-11 until 2023-05-27.

Get together from 5pm to midnight EST every Saturday to play games together.

In Closing

As a reminder: please submit all screenshots within 72 hours. All should follow the guidance listed out in the COO Manual, linked from the TIE Corps website and in the wiki. Please feel free to reach out to me or any COOA if you have any questions!

Activity for AD Silwar Naiilo
Email, Discord
Flight Activity:
Squadrons, EABFII, Empire at War
Shootouts, 3PO, Imperial Storm V, EaW Tournament
Medals Awarded: 12x LoC; 11x ORA; 12x LoS; 4x ISM; 3x MoC-boc; 1x MoC-poc
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GN Silwar Naiilo at 2023-05-13 (23:03)
Thank you, Major! Looking forward to more Elite games.

COL TheBlackxRanger at 2023-05-13 (17:09)
Love the report! Elite is a great addition to our games and has a great opportunity for roleplaying different roles (mining guilds, bounty hunters, couriers, you name it!)

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