WO Report # 5 (2024-06-30)

This report was submitted by WO/AD Phoenix Berkana/TC-4/ISDII Warrior/Battlegroup II


REPORTING OFFICER: Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE SUBMITTED: 30 June 2024

I'm back!

Much of the month of June was spent in China due to family reasons (picking up the kids who'd spent 3 months doing Mandarin) which meant contending with the Great Firewall of China and constantly hopping VPN's to get onto Discord and Google services and access websites I usually take for granted.

A knock on from this was that some of the admin work I'd been hoping to get done wasn't possible, so that is now on my plate at the moment. Outstanding medals from Squadron (Re)Mobilization and Ace of the TIE Corps should be dropping shortly as I chew through the backlog, fortunately that was also the last major trip.

I'm also pleased to say that I've agreed with HA Plif that I'll be taking over the Trivia Grand Tour, which will begin again with Season Eight as of July 1st (tomorrow) - more on that via the link at the end of this report.

Much of this weekends Officer Meeting revolved around Raise the Flag, as that is scheduled to begin on September 1st. For those of you who are new to the TC, Raise the Flag (or RtF) is a annual event that pits the Battlegroups, Squadrons and Pilots against one another via all of our supported platforms, this link lets you access last years competition & last years scoreboard. More news will become available as we work through any required rule updates prior to the event.

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