TCCOM Report # 57 (2024-04-30)

This report was submitted by TCCOM-EDR/HA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Warrior/Battlegroup II



REPORTING OFFICER: High Admiral Plif, TIE Corps Commander


As we head into another Squadron (Re)Mobilization event, I wanted to take a moment to describe some of its history and explain a change to its reward structure this year.

Starting from its first run in 2019, (Re)Mob was designed to get each squadron together to complete tasks as a team in a way that was similar in scale to Raise the Flag but not as much of a firehose of activity. We set out some unique rewards for squadrons that did well in the form of objective changes, fighter changes, and even name changes. There hadn't been an official method of requesting objective and fighter changes before that, so this was novel at the time. Changing the name of a squadron just wasn't done at all and as it turned out, the squadrons that earned the opportunity to change their name via (Re)Mob didn't take us up on it anyway.

In the second Raise the Flag, Sin Squadron was the first to complete 10 tasks and earn all of the alteration rewards. They didn't change their name, but they did something I didn't expect and requested the creation of a new fighter. There wasn't an official process for that, so I took it to the Science Officer at the time, got his approval, and moved forward with adding it to the craft list. That was the TIE Sinister, which they're still using and if I were them I wouldn't give it up either.

Over the years, Rho designed their own fighter as well and Tempest created a named variant of the TIE Punisher for themselves. Like with Sin's fighter, these weren't actually (Re)Mob rewards. They each proposed a new fighter, we got approval, and we made it official.

With some squadrons having their "forever fighters" and all squadrons having been presented with the option of changing their objective and fighters a few times over the years, it doesn't seem like the alteration rewards are as compelling anymore. This upcoming (Re)Mob won't feature them and has different rewards instead.

Which brings us to how a squadron would go about requesting an objective or fighter change with them being removed from (Re)Mob. For that, I'll revert to how it'd been done before (Re)Mob on a handful of occasions: CMDR submits a proposal to the BGCOM, BGCOM reviews it and passes it along to the TCCS, TCCS reviews it and the TCCOM takes it to the FC, FC approves it and then the TCCOM works with the IO to make it live on the site. If any of the officers involved requests more information, we'll get that from the CMDR before moving forward.

Ultimately, objective and fighter choices on the roster are a roleplay aspect that helps flesh out a backstory but doesn't affect day-to-day operations so there's only so much red tape we want to put on this. Hence the lack of a workflow in the database, documented requirements, or set schedule of when this is available.

We'll have an announcement for Squadron (Re)Mobilization 6 when it kicks off later today, so keep an eye out for that!


The Raise the Flag event each year confers three titles to recognize the top ship, squadron, and individual pilot from the competition. These are the current holders of those titles.

patch.php?id=12 Warrior Patch

TIE Corps Flagship: ISDII Warrior

TCCOM's Escort Squadron: Lambda

TCCOM's Wingman: CM Vanguard88


Note: The database counts the three NPCs and counts the TCCOM, SOO, and WO towards Battlegroup II, so there’s some differences between what it shows and what I’ve listed here.

TIE Corps Command Staff (4) plus CA:TCCOM (1)

Battlegroup I (62)
  • ISDII Hammer, Wing I (61)
    • Alpha Squadron (12)
    • Beta Squadron (4)
    • Delta Squadron (10)
    • Epsilon Squadron (10)
    • Gamma Squadron (9)
    • Lambda Squadron (12)
  • ISDII Grey Wolf, Wing XIII (0)
Battlegroup II (48)
  • ISDII Warrior, Wing II (47)
    • Kappa Squadron (11)
    • Rho Squadron (12)
    • Sin Squadron (12)
    • Theta Squadron (12)
  • ISDII Relentless, Wing IX (0)
Battlegroup III (44)
  • ISDII Challenge, Wing X (23)
    • Tempest Squadron (12)
    • Typhoon Squadron (11)
  • MC90 Renegade, Wing XXII (20)
    • Eagle Squadron (9)
    • Firebird Squadron (11)
SSD Avenger, Wing XVIII (5)
  • Spectre Squadron (5)
    Note: Via dual profiles, the TCCOM and SOO are also members of Spectre


If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Discord at plif346 or over email at tccom at emperorshammer dot org.

TCCOM-EDR/HA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Warrior/Battlegroup II
MoH/IC/GOE/GSx9/SSx15/BSx38/PCx37/ISMx39/IAR/MoT-gh/MoI/MoC-7doc-6poc-7goc-9soc-57boc/MUA/IS-PW-43GW-88SW-103BW-4CW-PR-11GR-27SR-43BR-2CR/ORA-1C/LoC-3PS/LoS-6PS/DFC-SW/CoE/CoLx12/CoB/LoAx13/OV-25E [Centurion] [Ace 1st] [Ace Ranger 3rd] {TCCORE-COE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}

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