Battlegroup III Report # 3 (2024-04-05)

This report was submitted by BGCOM-CAPT-TOA/VA Locke Setzer/Battlegroup III


April 5, 2024
VA Locke Setzer

Greetings, pilots of Battlegroup III! Imperial Storm VI has ended, and we find ourselves in-between fleet competitions. There's still plenty of things going on around this Battlegroup and the TIE Corps as a whole, so let's check in and take a look!


Imperial Storm VI Results

Imperial Storm VI has come to a close! Per the Warfare Officer, we've managed to hold off a complete take-over of the Tkon Rift and destroy 60% of the enemy forces in the process.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this competition, as well as call out a few folks for some special recognition:

  • Congrats to Typhoon Squadron, which boasted 100% participation for Imperial Storm IV, with every pilot participating in at least one battle in Imperial Storm - the only squadron in the TIE Corps that can make that claim!
  • In particular, congrats to Typhoon Squadron's CM Jagged Fell III, LCM Kieran Yoyo, and GN Master, who participated in all sixteen battles held during Imperial Storm.
  • Congrats to Eagle Squadron's newly promoted CM Maple Wulvar, who generated the most LoS points and overall combined LoS and LoC points for Battlegroup III during the competition.
  • Congrats to Eagle Squadron's LCM Armon Ferro, who generated the most unique LoCs during the competition, as well as Typhoon Squadron's LT ScottyTheGeo, who generated the most total LoC points overall (benefitting from turning in 96 LoC points during a triple battle and 24 LoC points during a quintuple battle!)
  • Congrats to Tempest Squadron's CPT Grendel, who was second overall in combined LoC and LoS points for our Battlegroup.
  • Special thanks to Spectre Squadron, who joined us in this effort and contributed mightily to our cause, with newly-promoted CPT Vonnegut participating in every battle and, alongside Spectre Squadron commander GN Plif, being in the top five total point scorers across all categories (PvP, PvE, and SP).
  • Finally, special thanks to CM Jagged Fell III, who contributed the most combined LoC, LoS, and SP points to the cause, as well as serving as one of our intrepid INN reporters throughout the event. Your work for this competition, both inside and outside the cockpit, is greatly appreciated!

The Warrant Officer will be sending out a survey for feedback on Imperial Storm VI soon. I highly encourage everyone to fill it out and submit it - your words matter! There's a number of improvements that were made for ISVI that were directly based on feedback from ISV. I believe we can make ISVII even better as long as we provide up front and honest feedback about the competition.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly as well if you'd like to provide more direct feedback, either for the competition as a whole or even my own performance in facilitating it for this battlegroup. All feedback is welcome!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Competition Announcement: Trivia for the Challenged Returns!

Trivia for the Challenged is back! Once again, our own COL Miles Prower will be running a weekly trivia competition for Battlegroup III! This next season is scheduled to run from April 6, 2024 through October 31st, 2024, with monthly awards being given, as well as an IS-GR up for grabs for the season winner.

Keep an eye on #bg3-competitions-announcements on the Discord server to see where to find the latest trivia questions and to see the current standings! For more information about this competition, please view the competition listing.

Tempest Squadron Command Changes

As you may or may not have heard, our long-standing Tempest Squadron Commander, Colo Delste, has been selected to serve as Admiral Silwar's replacement as our new Combat Operations Officer! Our loss is the TIE Corps gain, as I'm sure he'll do outstanding in this new role. All the same, I'd like to extend my deepest thanks for over a year and half in service as commander of one of the finest squadrons in the fleet. For his time in service as Tempest's Squadron Commander, he has been awarded a Gold Star. Congrats Major Rear Admiral!

As for a replacement, a decision has been made! Drumroll please...

Major Morgoth, the long-standing XO of Tempest Squadron, has been selected as his replacement! Congrats Major! Very excited to see what Tempest will do under its new leader!


New Platforms supported in the TIE Corps!

This past month has ushered in the arrival of new (well, new-ish) primary gaming platforms: Battlefront Classic and Destiny 2!

In conjunction with the (admittedly troubled) launch of the recent remastered collection of classic Battlefront and Battlefront 2, both editions of Battlefront Classic are now being accepted again as an approved platform! A combat event, Classically Battlefront is currently running and will award the top ten pilots with the most Battlefront Classic submissions with Iron Stars, with a DFC also up for grabs should the top pilot play ten or more matches than the second place finisher. An IAR will also be awarded to any player that completes 25 matches.

Additionally, after a successful trial run and study, the TIE Corps has decided to now support Destiny 2 as a new platform! A clan has been set up in-game for the Emperor's Hammer; while you're not required to join it to submit PvP and/or PvE matches, it's certainly encouraged! The Destiny 2 clan page for the Emperor's Hammer can be found here.

Meanwhile, the TIE Corps website has now been updated to support submissions for classic Battlefront, classic Battlefront 2, and Destiny 2. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding any of these new arrivals!

Competition Results: TIE Corps in Battle Season 7

Season 7 of TCiB has concluded! Congrats to Typhoon Squadron, who finished third overall in this competition. You have represented the Battlegroup well!

Keep an eye open for future TCiB competition announcements - a new season is sure to start before we know it!

Competition Reminder: SWTOR Conquest 2: The search for more Conquest, Season 3

Folks who have been here for awhile and are active SWTOR players are likely already plugged into the different SWTOR events going on, but I'd like to drop a reminder here, especially for anyone relatively new who might not be aware of these events.

For this particular competition, pilots within the official organizational guilds on the Star Forge server ("Emperor's Hammer" for the Sith Empire and "Infiltrator Wing" for the Republic) will compete against each other for placement awards while they aide the organization to meet its in-game goals. Weekly placement awards are determined by the sum of all conquest points earned by a pilot's legacy.

If you're a SWTOR player, I recommend reviewing the competition details can be found here! Season 3 ends this month, on April 30, 2024. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Competition Reminder: Ace of the TIE Corps

Wanted to drop a friendly reminder that the Ace of the TIE Corps ongoing competition, which rewards the top performing pilots in the categories of SP, PvE, and PvP, is on-going, and no longer as a yearly competition! The comp continues to award pilots on a monthly rate, but season prizes are now awarded three times a year instead of once a year.

The first season ends this month, on April 30, 2024. Details can be found at the following links for each title...

That's all for now! As always, if you have any questions about things going on in Battlegroup III, the TIE Corps, or anything else, please feel free to reach out! My email is and my Discord name is LockeSetzer. Please use whichever is most convenient for you. My door is always open!

In Service,


BGCOM-CAPT-TOA/VA Locke Setzer/Battlegroup III

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