COO Report # 9 (2024-03-26)

This report was submitted by COO-IOA/AD Silwar Naiilo/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

Chronicles of Aggression #9

Submitted 2024-03-26
Dates: 2023-12-24 - 2024-03-25

Projects and Activities

This month was a hot one, with several major initiatives, including Imperial Storm VI, Destiny 2 support, and the launch of the Battlefront Classic Collection.

Imperial Storm VI

Led by Warfare Officer Admiral Phoenix Berkana, Imperial Storm VI pitted the forces of the Emperor's Hammer, along with our Chiss allies, against a civilization of religious zealots known as the Kilji Illumine, with their war fleet the "Kilhorde". In support of this, the Combat Operations Office was prepared to deal with our own horde of screenshots. During IS VI, pilots flew 4,000 combat engagements, submitting games from nearly all of our platforms.

We've been adjusting the way points are scored to include "platform weighting" in many competitions like this so that one platform won't be significantly more optimal than another; and while it'll never be perfect as game modes and queue times change, we'll keep on trying to balance things. This is a collaboration between the TCCS as well as all of the pilots who have helped submit data on new and existing games, and we thank you for sending in information!

Destiny 2

Speaking of collaboration, LC Gytheran submitted a Game Study for one of our newest platforms, Destiny 2. After reviewing the data he submitted (and picking up the game myself to figure out how it runs, after my dead computer was ressurected), and playtesting for a few weeks, we've announced official support for the platform for both PvP and PvE modes.

We've set up Game Studies in the past as a way for any pilot who's motivated to bring on a platform to understand and submit some of the necessary work we have to do to understand a platform - I, or even anyone on the COO team, may not be familiar with a particular game, but there are undoubtedly experts elsewhere in the TC that may want to see a game supported. If you're feeling particularly motivated, feel free to reach out to the team and we can walk you through it! (It's not too scary; we're mostly just looking for an understanding of game modes, game length / queue lengths, and screenshots of victory and defeat.)

Battlefront Classic Collection

Battlefront Classic was a pretty obvious game to bring on; it had a lot of hype*, and it's a platform we supported in the past. It didn't take too much discussion, although we'll need to keep an eye on things to make sure it's something people are interested in playing. It's an ideal recruitment ground, if things go well.

*Things seem to have slown down, so we'll need to keep an eye on things. There are... mixed reviews, mostly related to the small number of servers on launch for PC. Apparently it's better on console?

Combat Operations Office Assistant Awards

Thanks to their help, I'm pleased to announce a Gold Star of the Empire to GN Elwood the Brave, for processing nearly 7000 matches in the last four months! That's a crazy amount of screenshots. I know he combs through them carefully, because he even rejected one of mine last night...

MAJ Colo Delste and COL Miles Prower have awards in the mail for their service as well!

In Other News

After a year and four months as Combat Operations Officer, it's time for me to pass the ~torch~ lightsaber on to the next. I'm incredibly proud of the team and the work we've done; we've not only kept things going through insane amounts of queue processing, but we've made a number of improvements and changes as well.

Since joining, the team has:

  • Launched four new platforms: SWTOR, Destiny 2, Elite Dangerous, and Battlefront Classic Collection
  • Ran fifteen combat events and competitions: TC Shootouts seasons I, II, and III; 3PO League Season 6, 7, and 8; SPL Season 6; Showdown on Ruhnuk; Vander Memorial; Week of War Season 7; Dax's XvT Ladder Tournament; Wouldst Thou Like To Live Dangerously?, Summer Slam, The HEX, and Empire at War: Strategy Simulations
  • Maintained and updated COO policy where necessary
  • All of the general work that goes into assisting the Warfare Officer with RtFs, ReMobs, and Imperial Storms.
  • ... and processed 55,824 matches!

Thank you all for your support! TIE Corps Commander HA Plif will share news about what's next, who's next, and when this will happen. I'll be sticking around until he's ready. And then, I'm going to go back to flying a fighter instead of a desk, maybe after a week or so of shore leave on a planet here in the Rift...

Combat Operations Office Statistics

  • LoCs Awarded: 3510
  • LoSs Awarded: 6600
  • Denied: 1.25%
  • Average Processing Time: 8 hours

Activity for AD Silwar Naiilo

Communication: Discord

Flight Activity: XvT, XWA, EABFII

Competitions Hosted: Empire at War: Strategy Simulations

Fiction: Submitted a new fiction item: IS VI: The Battles of G5406 and 1307

Courses Passed:

  • E-Wing Advanced Knowledge [EWAK] - 98%

Medals Awarded

  • LoC x 17
  • LoS x 10
  • ORA x 1
  • IS-CW x 1

Other Activity

  • Imperial Storm VI
  • Preparing for ReMob 2024


Combat Operations Office Assistants

  • CMDR-COOA/MAJ Colo Delste/Tempest
  • CMDR-COOA/COL Highlander/Delta
  • CMDR-COOA/COL Miles Prower/Eagle
  • FM-COOA/GN Elwood the Brave/Alpha 1-2

GN Silwar Naiilo at 2024-03-27 (14:06)
Right back at ya, TBR!

COL TheBlackxRanger at 2024-03-27 (00:01)
Thanks for everything Sil!

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