Theta Report # 15 (2023-11-04)

This report was submitted by CMDR-COOA/LC Vapen Van’an/Theta/Wing II/ISDII Warrior/Battlegroup II

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Theta Squadron Report #15

TO: Theta Squadron, AD Marenta, TIE Corps
DATE SUBMITTED: November 4, 31 ABY

Vapen marched through the Star Destroyer's vast hallways, heading toward the hangar. He had gotten used to the constant noise and activity of the ship after 2 years. He had been aboard the Warrior now for 2 years, which was due some kind of celebration. As he approached his office in the hangar, he keyed the door open and greeted with an unexpected sight: Rho's XO, LC Westric Davalorn sitting in one of the two chairs in the small room.

"Come right in, make yourself at home," Vapen quipped sarcastically as he took his seat.

"I figured you wouldn't mind since I had these..." Dav said as he opened a small wood box that contained 2 tabacc cigars that Vapen recognized immediately. The wrapper was his favorite brand from his homeworld of Balosar, Romoto and Julet.

A grin spread across Vapen's face as Dav passed over the cigar and matches. As they began to light up and reminisce over the past two years; Dav recruiting Vapen, their adventure in getting Marcan for Fr0zen's retirement from CMDR party over a year ago, to multiple victories they have achieved for Rho, Theta, the Warrior and BGII. The two officers sat talking late into the night, unintentionally delaying the release of Theta's Squadron Report.

It has been a while since my last report, so this one is a bit content rich, but don't let that scare you. We'll get back to at least one a month to keep up with things as we move into the holiday season. This report covers September's Activity, with an October to follow this week.


Fleet News

Theta is proud to extend our congratulations to the newly minted General, Triji Boliv. He is always a reasonable voice mixed with his distinct comedic stylings. Promotion to the highest rank a pilot can earn is well deserved for this steadfast leader. Congratulations, General!

Squadron News

Welcome to Theta

  • Ty Saunderez joined just at the end of RtF, but has already completed a number of TFTC missions!
  • Kam Kinrai joined right before RtF, and was able to help the battlegroup to victory in the competition.
  • Alton Sureshot has been with Theta since before RtF, was able to help get some points on the board for RtF!
  • Korriin Blackfoot has also been in Theta for a couple months now, and despite not being listed, had a very strong performance for the month of RtF!
Theta Promotions
Lieutenant Commander

Korriin Blackfoot

Korriin Blackfoot
Alton Sureshot
Kam Kinrai
Ty Saunderez

Congratulations to everyone! A quick note for all the new LTs, one major step in your next promotion is the completion of the TIE Corps Core Exam (TCCORE). This is a quick introduction to how the group functions.


Competitions that Caught the CMDR's Eye:

Yub Nub or Die Trying

It is spooky month (in much of the world) and nothing is quite as horrifying as being hunted through the dark woods by little creatures that would like nothing more but to skewer you upon their spears. There's also no better way to bring the Corps back together after Raise the Flag like bonding over this primal fear. All that to say, we're having an Ewok Hunt competition in Battlefront 2.

How to Elite Dangerously

For the next 3 months, Honsou and/or Taurus will host a weekly gathering, where pilots from across the TIE Corps can come and ask about anything from the basics of Combat, Exploration and Mining, to the intricacies of trade routes and faction politics in Elite Dangerous, whilst playing the game together. We will also be happy to help with any advice on ship builds and the best ways to proceed in a chosen career in game. There will also be opportunities to accompany us on community events to make significant cash gains.

Battlegroup I Patch (Art Competition)

With the addition of Wing XIII (and the ISDII Grey Wolf) into Battlegroup I, we are now looking to create a patch for Battlegroup I. The existing Hammer Patch will continue to be with us, but will only apply to the ISDII Hammer going forward.

Squadron Activity

September 31 ABY (2023)

Callsign SP LoC LoS Combat Rating CO-OP Rating Wings IU Medals
1-1: LC Vapen Van'an 0 65 77 19th Echelon
6 ss.png bs.png ov.png
1-2: LT Alton Sureshot 0 0 0 Trainee Beginner 1st Echelon
1-3: LT Ty Saunderez
1-4: LT Kam Kinrai 0 4 0 Trainee
2-1: CM Drun'der Chuanach 0 4 0
2-2: LT beach89 0 14 1 7th Echelon
2-3: CM WhatsUpDock 0 9 0
2-4: LT Adam Enderon 0 0 0
3-2: CM Lobsord 0 3 0
3-3: LT Vaan Starstriker 0 0 0
3-4: LCM Korriin Blackfoot 0 61 12 Marksman 3rd Qualified 6th Echelon
1 ora.png is-bw.png

Commander's Office

Theta had a great month for Raise the Flag! Great effort everyone, and congratulations on your win! I love to see what we were able to accomplish with teamwork!

To the bitter end,
patch.php?id=65&size=medium CMDR/LC Vapen Van'an/Theta/Wing II/ISDII Warrior/Battlegroup II
GS/SSx13/BSx12/PCx8/ISMx5/IAR/MoI/MoS/MoC-2doc-2poc-2goc-2soc-17boc/MUA/IS-PW-5GW-5SW-9BW-4CW-3GR-8SR-21BR-9CR/ORA-2C/LoC-1PS/LoS-4PS/DFC/CoB/OV-2E [Gallant] [Veteran 1st] [Master Ranger 1st]

LC Westric Davalorn at 2023-11-05 (01:22)
Been a while since we shared a good smoke.

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