COO Report # 7 (2023-11-04)

This report was submitted by COO-IOA/AD Silwar Naiilo/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

Chronicles of Aggression #7

Submitted 2023-11-04
Dates: 2023-07-28 - 2023-11-03

Projects and Activities

Whew. Since my last report, Raise the Flag 2023 came and went, resulting in a
huge increase in activity for the Combat Operations Office. With over 15,000
legions awarded since August, the team has been hard at work validating the
multiplayer submissions made so that we can make sure everyone's being awarded
as fairly as possible.

We've made a couple of changes recently to two of our platforms. Firstly, Star
Conflict PvE matches must include at least three combined kills and objectives in
order to qualify. (That could be three or more objectives, three or more kills,
or any combination - such as two objectives and one kill.) This is due to the
very low-effort nature of Star Conflict PvE, which was resulting in some
unsportsmanlike behavior; such as playing a game, getting a single kill, and
then AFKing to play a different game at the same time. We don't want to
encourage that behavior because it negatively impacts the other people playing
in a multiplayer game. Three was found to be a reasonable number that would
have allowed the vast majority of submitted matches from the vast majority of
pilots, based on the submisison data we reviewed when making this decision.

We also made a change to Elite Dangerous rules; previously, any mission type
was acceptable, although we found certain mission types- namely, donation
missions and courier missions- could be abused. We've closed this loophole by
banning both mission types.

We have begun taking a look at making some changes to match submissions. Right
now, we ask for number of kills, but some of our rules, depending on platform,
allow obtaining a score or number of objectives instead, which may result in a
submission with zero kills. To simplify our submission process, we're doing
research on what it might look like if we used scores rather than kills. This
still won't result in a 100% consistent submission process as each game is
different, but I suspect it will simplify things in a significant way.

I'm also experimenting with a simpler report structure. We'll see what sticks
and what should change, and feel free to let me know what your thoughts are.

Combat Operations Office Statistics

LoCs Awarded: 4420
LoSs Awarded: 11163
Denied: 1.2%
Processing Time: 16 hours

Competition and Combat Event News

3PO League season seven has wrapped up. Eye of the Tiger, a team placed in the
top Rancor division, took first place. LT beach89 and @CM Whatsupdock have earned
DFCs for their placement. Congratulations! COL Fr0zen, AD Jaxx Nassin, MAJ
Morgoth, and I have also earned an ORA for each match won.

TRA is hosting The Hex again, a game sorta kinda like Imperial Storm where you
fight over hexes on a grid. There isn't an official combat event for this one
this time (due to the quickness that they scheudled and announced it), but a
handful of people are taking part in it.

Activity for AD Silwar Naiilo

Communication: Discord
Flight Activity: Squadrons, EABFII, XvT, XWA
Updated Uniform
Other: The Hex
Medals Awarded:

  • LoC x 16
  • ORA x 2
  • MoC-boc x 4
  • MoC-soc x 1
  • MoC-doc x 1
  • IS-CR x 1
  • IS-PR x 1
  • IS-CW x 1
  • MoS x 1
  • OV x 1
  • CF x 1
  • IAR x 1
  • BS x 1
  • General Campaign Medal - Assurian Halo


Combat Operations Office Assistants

HA Plif at 2023-11-04 (18:58)
Swapping kills for score/objectives/efficiency/etc.: I'm game. It's gonna take a lot of research, communication of new standards to the Corps, and vigilance on the part of the COO team when reviewing screenshots. I wouldn't be surprised if each individual game mode, not just game, is going to need a different minimum.

Simpler report structure: With many years in the game at this point, I'm all for any strategy that makes these things less painful and thus more likely to be done on a regular basis. Elaborate templates are fun, but if they become a chore to work with, each officer should think about whether their template is helping or hurting. With the site doing more to make plain text still look nice, the KISS principle seems to apply.

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