TCCOM Report # 54 (2023-11-01)

This report was submitted by TCCOM-EDR/HA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Hammer/Battlegroup I



REPORTING OFFICER: High Admiral Plif, TIE Corps Commander


Roster changes since last time netted us one more pilot since last time, the product of a few losses but ever so slightly more gains. I'd mentioned Typhoon as being the smallest squadron besides Spectre in my last report and I noticed that they're now the largest squadron in Battlegroup III, that sure got turned around in short order.

Raise the Flag 2023 ended in September with Battlegroup II in first place among the battlegroups and therefore the ISDII Warrior becoming the Flagship of the TIE Corps, Lambda successfully defending their title of Escort Squadron, and newcomer LCM Vanguard88 taking the top spot among individual pilots to become the TCCOM's Wingman. Congratulations again to all of them! Our WO, AD Phoenix Berkana, did a fine job running the competition and I'm looking forward to going over the feedback from this year's event to start preparing for next year's. Per my request, the IO has moved the TCCOM, SOO, and WO over to the ISDII Warrior as part of how we recognize the Flagship and that'll be reflected in our ID lines until the title changes hands.

Wingman wasn't the only title that LCM Vanguard88 earned during September, he also succeeded the legendary COL Brucmack as The Baron. That's the title held by the pilot that has the most active battle high scores, of which LCM Vanguard88 now has 115. Many of those high scores had remained unbroken for years, so seeing so many of them surpassed was pretty surprising. Well done!

With Raise the Flag in the books, October was noticeably quieter but not for everybody. The IO graced us with a redesign of the awards tab on pilot profiles and added campaign medals. The first of the new campaign medals is for the Neutralization of the Ishtari for participants in Imperial Storm V. The WO has sent out the campaign medals that'd already been earned and we'll look for more opportunities to mint new campaign medals in the future.

At the end of the month, several members of the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff were recognized for their service by the Fleet Commander. Congratulations to RO/AD TheBlackxRanger on his promotion, LO/AD Jaxx Nassin on his promotion, TO/AD Sylas Pitt on his promotion, IO/HA Turtle Jerrar on his promotion, COMM/FA Jarek La'an on receiving the Medal of Honor, and ISP/SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz on receiving the Medal of Honor!


Another thing we tend to do after Raise the Flag is spend more time thinking about what's next. The WO is working on iterations of the competitions in our usual lineup and I'm pondering potential additions to our lineup of supported games. I also want to make sure we're actively encouraging activity in all the games we already list as supporting, so I owe the WO a chat about that.


If you've got feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. concerning anything about the TIE Corps, the best way to send that up is through the chain of command. Each of the CMDRs have essentially a hotline to the rest of the chain of command above them, so going over things with your CMDR is a great way to get the ball rolling. There's also #suggestion-box on the Discord server, but I set that up as more of a casual fire-and-forget kind of system as opposed to a system that'd have a complete feedback loop.


The Raise the Flag event each year confers three titles to recognize the top ship, squadron, and individual pilot from the competition. These are the current holders of those titles.

patch.php?id=12 Warrior Patch

TIE Corps Flagship: ISDII Warrior

TCCOM's Escort Squadron: Lambda

TCCOM's Wingman: LCM Vanguard88


Note: The database counts the three NPCs and counts the TCCOM, SOO, and WO towards Battlegroup II, so there’s some differences between what it shows and what I’ve listed here.

TIE Corps Command Staff (4) plus CA:TCCOM (1)

Battlegroup I (58)
  • ISDII Hammer, Wing I (57)
    • Beta Squadron (12)
    • Delta Squadron (10)
    • Epsilon Squadron (11)
    • Gamma Squadron (12)
    • Lambda Squadron (12)
  • ISDII Grey Wolf, Wing XIII (0)
Battlegroup II (41)
  • ISDII Warrior, Wing II (40)
    • Kappa Squadron (9)
    • Rho Squadron (11)
    • Sin Squadron (9)
    • Theta Squadron (11)
  • ISDII Relentless, Wing IX (0)
Battlegroup III (44)
  • ISDII Challenge, Wing X (23)
    • Tempest Squadron (11)
    • Typhoon Squadron (12)
  • MC90 Renegade, Wing XXII (20)
    • Eagle Squadron (10)
    • Firebird Squadron (10)
SSD Avenger, Wing XVIII (5)
  • Spectre Squadron (5)
    Note: Via dual profiles, the TCCOM and SOO are also members of Spectre


If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Discord at Plif#2475 or over email at tccom at emperorshammer dot org.

TCCOM-EDR/HA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Warrior/Battlegroup II
MoH/IC/GOE/GSx9/SSx15/BSx38/PCx37/ISMx39/IAR/MoT-gh/MoI/MoC-7doc-6poc-7goc-9soc-57boc/MUA/IS-PW-43GW-88SW-103BW-4CW-PR-11GR-27SR-43BR-2CR/ORA/LoC-3PS/LoS-6PS/DFC-SW/CoE/CoLx12/CoB/LoAx13/OV-25E [Centurion] [Ace 1st] [Ace Ranger 3rd] {TCCORE-COE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}

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