Battlegroup III Report # 6 (2023-09-09)

This report was submitted by BGCOM/AD Stryker/Battlegroup III

BGCOM/AD Stryker/Battlegroup III


  • BG3: 44 Pilots (Including 1 NPC)
  • Tempest Squadron: 11 Pilots
  • Typhoon Squadron: 9 Pilots
  • Firebird Squadron: 11 Pilots
  • Eagle Squadron: 11 Pilots

We've got four nearly-full and healthy-looking squadrons. Obviously not every pilot is equally active, and that's fine, life comes first! We're looking good, and the community we've got going is something to be proud of!


Raise the Flag, the Annual TIE Corps-wide competition to determine the most successful Pilot, Squadron, and Battlegroup, has begun!

Current BG3 standings are as follows:

  • BG Standings: 3rd Place
  • Squadron Standings: Firebird in 3rd, Eagle in 6th, Typhoon in 7th, Tempest in 11th
  • Pilot Standings: LT Vanguard88 in 1st!


Both of these competitions awards 200pts to the pilot just for submitting! That's an easy 400pts if you meet the minimum requirements!


  • The BG3 Boogaloo has finished! I still need to score Fiction entries before announcing the winning squadron! Look out for updates in the near future!


I'm really pleased with how we're doing as a BG, both RtF-wise and outside of RtF. We've got people making solid contributions, a squadron in the Top 3 and the Top Pilot is currently a BG3 pilot, so well done all! We've got a number of pilots with 0 participation points, however, which I'd like to see rectified before the end of the month!

You don't have to be insanely active, you just have to play a game or two. Every little helps, folks!

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