Green Report # 1 (2009-02-13)

This report was submitted by CMDR/CM Talon Jade/Green/Wing XXI/MC-80b Redemption

Talon was standing in his office, putting up some of his old awards and pictures from his old days on the MC-90 Warspite and Neo when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. He turned and regarded Colonel Uther. 'Hey Uther hows it going ol friend?' Uther smiled, 'Im doing good TJ. Better if I had your weekly report on my desk.' Uther turned and walked out of the office.


First off on the news for the week Ive been appointed your squadron commander. Also Captain Blackheart has transferred to us from Blue Squadron.
I am taking applications for the position of Flight Two Flight Leader. I am also running an AWOL check. Any pilot that doesnt at least participate in one of the Wing Commander's competitions or email me with a legitimate reason why they can not will be removed to the reserves once the competitions end.

Squadron Roster:

Green 1-1: Commander Jade
Green 1-2: Captain Machinari
Green 1-3: Colonel Archangel
Green 1-4: Commander Saknussem

Green 2-1: Colonel Yoda
Green 2-2: Lieutenant Colonel Az
Green 2-3: Colonel Nightmare
Green 2-4: Colonel Joey C

Green 3-1: Colonel Corrin
Green 3-2: Colonel Stuart
Green 3-3: Colonel Malidir
Green 3-4: Captain Blackheart



Made squadron mailing list
BSFd pilot files
Organized Squadron


No Contact


IRC activity
Email activity
Working on squadron banner
Participated in WC Banner competition


No contact


Email Contact


No contact


No contact

Joey C

No Contact

Corrin (Pilot of the Week)

Flew XvT-IW #11
Flew XvT-TC #117
Flew TIE-TC #230
IRC activity


Email contact


Email contact
IRC activity


Transferred to squadron
IRC contact


Squadron Banner and Motto competition

WC Competitions:

Three competitions for all of you: flying for those with working joysticks, fiction & graphics for those with or without:

  1. Redemption Tactica: Deadline: 28/2/09
    'Each month, the Wing Commander will select a TIE, XvT / BoP and XWA battle. The pilots scoring highest each month (per platform) will be awarded an IS-SW, with IS-BW for second place. Completion of all the battles will earn an IS-BW.'
    Missions this month:
    TIE: TIE-TC 230: The Denasi Plague: ... ETC230.ehm
    XvT: XvT-IW 11: Black Squadron: Pirate Scourge: ... vTIW11.ehm
    XWA: XWA-TC 52: Rendezvous with Peril: ... WATC52.ehm

  2. Redemption Writing: Deadline: 28/2/09
    'Each month, the Wing Commander will pose a fiction theme, which pilots can respond to in whichever way they choose - prose or verse. The best submission will be awarded an IS-SR; second best will receive an IS-BR.'
    This month: 'Reflections (on past service)'

  3. Redemption Wing Commander Banner: Deadline: 15/3/09
    'Uther is new to Wing Commandering and wants a new personal banner to include on websites and reports. The best one will receive an IS-SR; te runner-up will receive an IS-BR.'

Good job over all this week guys...I got half of you alive...the other half you have had your warning.

For the IW,

Commander Talon Jade

CMDR/CM Talon Jade/Green/Wing XXI/MC-80b Redemption

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