Eagle Squadron of Wing XXII  (Infiltration)

Banner of Eagle Squadron
Patch of Eagle Squadron
Squadron Commander: Colonel Miles Prower
Squadron Executive Officer: Captain Xylo Pethtel
Nickname: "Birds of Prey"
Motto: "We soar like Eagles"
Officer Reports: Eagle Squadron Reports
Activity Report: Unit Activity Report
Description: Wherever the Starbird flies, the Blue bird of Eagle will be there to cut it down from the flagpole. Eagle Squadron flies with distinction no matter what banner she operates under. With the mission of infiltrating, eliminating, and ruminating within the New Republic, the primary craft - the Rebels' own T-65 - may seem unorthodox, but it embodies the spirit of the squadron just as well as the TIEs do for Tempest.

The pilots of Eagle are a motley crew, dreamers and tinkerers and bookworms, but underestimate them at your peril.

'Float like the Feather, tear like the Talon, and brave at the Beak.'

Eagle Squadron is a Wing X infiltrator squadron of the ISDII Challenge and encourages all forms of TC activity although you’ll find SWS, XvT, and TIE Fighter favored most among its pilots.
Current Squadron Citations: None - View Battleboard
Flight I - X-Wing - "Shadow Flight"
"The Eyes of the Eagle"
Squadron Commander
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight II - X-Wing - "Nova Flight"
"The Heart of the Eagle"
Squadron Executive Officer
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight III - X-Wing - "Talon Flight"
"The Talons of the Eagle"
Flight Leader
Flight Member
3-3: LT Leon
Flight Member
Flight Member