Lieutenant MsMayham (#56835)

Call sign: MsMayham
TIE Corps
Code Cylinders Rank Insignia of a TIE Corps Lieutenant Code Cylinders
Code Cylinders Rank Insignia of a TIE Corps Lieutenant Code Cylinders

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FM/LT MsMayham/Alpha 3-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer/Battlegroup I
LoS-CS [Qualified]

Character Profile

Profile Data
Member status: Active
Group: TIE Corps (Active)
Group join date: 2024-02-27
(1 month ago)
Rank: Lieutenant
(2024-03-13 - 1 month ago)
Positions: Flight Member
Assigned unit: Alpha Squadron
Time zone: (UTC) UTC
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Quote: Better run
Position insignia of Flight Member
Flight Member
Uniform of LT MsMayham
Last Updated: 2024-04-04
Top Awards
Legion of Skirmish 20

Flight Certification

Combat and Flight Ratings
TIE Corps Imperial Pilot Flight Wings - 
                1st Echelon

Flight Certified - 1st Echelon
Points: 20

Combat Rating (MP PvE):

Singleplayer Performance
FCHG Rank: Unranked (0 points)
Total missions completed: 0
Battles completed: 0
Free missions completed: 0
Current battle high scores: 0
Current mission high scores: 0
Battles created: 0
Free missions created: 0
Multiplayer Performance
Combat Rating (MP PvP): Unranked (0 points)
Combat Rating (MP PvE): Qualified (20 points)

Combat Record

This pilot has not participated in any combat engagements.

Historic Record

Assignment History
Date Time held Position (ID Line)
2024-03-13 1m,8d FM/LT MsMayham/Alpha 3-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer/Battlegroup I
2024-02-29 13d FM/SL MsMayham/Alpha 3-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer/Battlegroup I
2024-02-27 2d TRN/CT MsMayham/IWATS
Award History

There is no award history available for this member.

Imperial Navy Personnel Record

Current title: Lieutenant MsMayham
Current ID line: FM/LT MsMayham/Alpha 3-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer/Battlegroup I
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Place of birth: City Iziz on Onderon
Marital status: lone ranger
Family information: Orphaned at a very young age. No family accept street people.
Social status: Outcast
Significant events of childhood: Lost both parents as a young child during the clone wars. Was forced to survive in the city streets.
Significant events of adulthood: I ran into a bounty hunter in my teen years. He took me under his wing and took me away from the war ravished streets. He taught me how be a bounty hunter that matched with skills learned on the streets to become a well know bounty hunter of the universe.
Alignment and attitude: tough, gruff and takes no crap.
Previous occupations: Theif and scoundrel
Hobbies No hobbies all business
Tragedies in life: Loss of parents
Phobias and allergies: none known
Last updated: 2024-03-09

Activity History

Activity Participation
Timed tests completed: 0
Battle/mission reviews: 0
Patch reviews: 0
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Activity Generated
Timed tests created: 0
Officer reports: 0
News posts: 0
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Activity Tracking Record
Date Activity
2024-04-20 Medals awarded: 3 Legions of Skirmish (LoS)
2024-04-16 Medals awarded: 2 Legions of Skirmish (LoS)
2024-04-06 New uniform image approved for display on member's record (uploaded on 2024-04-04)
2024-04-05 Medals awarded: 5 Legions of Skirmish (LoS)
2024-03-29 Flight Certification Wings awarded: 1st Echelon
2024-03-29 New Combat Rating (MP PvE) rank achieved: Qualified
2024-03-29 Medals awarded: 6 Legions of Skirmish (LoS)
2024-03-28 Received campaign participation credit for campaign Defending the Rift) and awarded medal: General Campaign Medal - Tkon Rift
2024-03-13 New promotion: Lieutenant (LT)
2024-03-11 Medals awarded: 4 Legions of Skirmish (LoS)
2024-03-11 New Combat Rating (MP PvE) rank achieved: Beginner
2024-03-10 Course passed: TIE Corps Core [TCCORE] - 84%
2024-03-09 Updated Imperial Navy Personnel Record (INPR)
2024-02-27 Joined the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps as MsMayham

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Awards Received in Service to the Empire

Highest Award:

Legion of Skirmish

The Legion of Skirmish is awarded for achieving a victory in multiplayer coop PvE engagements in any multiplayer-capable game platform officially approved for the TIE Corps. The Legion of Skirmish is awarded by the Combat Operations Officer or his Assistants. This medal is upgradable with Copper, Iridium, Thallium, Rubidium and Platinum Scimitars.

Merit Awards


Service and Competition Medals

Legion of Skirmish x 20 (Copper Scimitar)


Legion of Skirmish 20


TC Competitions

Competition Statistics
Competitions approved: 0
Competitions pending: 0
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Academics - Training Completed

Qualifications Awarded
Qualification Date
No qualifications completed
Courses Completed
Course Score Date
TIE Corps Core 84% 2024-03-10

Games Owned

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