TIE Dragon

Patch Information

Platform: TIE Fighter
Type: Fighter
Fleet Manual: Fleet Manual #132
Creator: COL Kermee
3D Artist: HA Ender mBind
2D Artist: HA Ender mBind
Date released: 2009-03-01
Date updated: 2013-11-08
Number of craft: 1
Custom cockpit: No
# Reviews: 1
# Bugs: 0
# Usages: 8

Advanced space superiority fighter. Outfitted with a Vulcan Plasma Pulse generator, this "gun with wings" makes quick work of hard targets.

Patch Reviews

COL TheBlackxRanger



The TIE Dragon is one of the most fun and one of the coolest patches out there. Definitely would love to see more missions make use of this one.

Patch Bug Reports

There are currently no bug reports for this patch.