TFTC-IW 1: Wraith Squadron: Part 1

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter Total Conversion for XWA
Missions: 5
Release date: 2024-06-10
Last updated: 2024-06-10
Average rating 4.0
Reviews: 2
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 5
Patches used: None
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Ackmin Crescent
Battle Medal:
Ackmin Crescent

This battle is based upon the story laid out in the book X-Wing: Wraith Squadron by Aaron Allston. The events of the book have changed due to the Emperor's Hammer's involvement.

Battle Reviews

GN Master



Great XW battle which is well designed and it had a very OG XWA campaign feel to it at times.
Showcases a couple of new things and as usual all the backgrounds looked amazing with the wav and other extras
used to great effect. It is a very wordy battle so settle in with Jagged having done a great job adapting the story to an EH version.
Great fun to fly.

CM Jagged Fell III



This is a different kind of battle than ones that I have made so far and I am interested to know what your thoughts are. It is an attempt to adapt as much of a book into a battle as I could, including dialog, which means it can be a little wordy at times. I hope you enjoy and also remember that you can accelerate time in TFTC with Crtl+Q.

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Battle Total: 28,671 FA Pickled Yoda 2024-06-10
Mission 1: 8,005 FA Pickled Yoda 2024-06-10
Mission 2: 7,995 FA Pickled Yoda 2024-06-10
Mission 3: 5,280 FA Pickled Yoda 2024-06-10
Mission 4: 2,550 FA Pickled Yoda 2024-06-10
Mission 5: 5,838 CM Jagged Fell III 2024-06-10

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 28,671 FA Pickled Yoda 2024-06-10
2 24,394 CM Jagged Fell III 2024-06-10

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 4 pilots a total of 5 times.

CM Jagged Fell III - 2 times, last on 2024-06-10

VA Locke Setzer - 2024-06-10

GN Master - 2024-06-10

FA Pickled Yoda - 2024-06-10

Title               : Wraith Squadron: Part 1
Author              : FL-TACA/CM Jagged Fell III/Typhoon 3-1/Wing X/ISDII Challenge/Battlegroup III
Platform            : TFTC-IW
Number of missions  : 5
Medal               : Ackmin Crescent

Required patches

Installation instructions

--Backup Files--

1] Create a backup of the following original files so that you will be able to restore them after


--Optional Item Installation--

2] To use the custom BG3 Crests, install the following files in the indicated locations:

\fronttext.txt                 >>>> \TFTC\
\Frontres\Tour\squad3.cbm      >>>> \TFTC\Frontres\Tour\
\Frontres\Tour\squad4.cbm      >>>> \TFTC\Frontres\Tour\

3] To use the custom battle medal, install the following files in the indicated locations:

\MedalsDescriptions.txt        >>>> \TFTC\
\Frontres\Medals\Battle0.cbm   >>>> \TFTC\Frontres\Medals\
\Frontres\Medals\LBattle0.cbm  >>>> \TFTC\Frontres\Medals\
\Frontres\Medals\MEDALS.txt    >>>> \TFTC\Frontres\Medals\
\Movies\Ceremony.mp4           >>>> \TFTC\Movies\

4] To install custom audio files, copy the Wave folder into the \TFTC\ root directory.

5] To install custom ship skins with unit patches, copy the \FlightModels\Skins folder into the
   \TFTC\FlightModels directory.

--Manual Installation--

6] To install custom TIE Fighter stat profile, copy the \FlightModels\TieFighter.ini into the
   \TFTC\FlightModels folder

7] To install custom emails, copy the email file from the zip folder into the \TFTC\Missions folder

8] To install the missions, copy the mission.lst and mission files with config files from the zip folder into the
   \TFTC\Missions folder

9] Use Included Blank Pilot File

10] To install custom Backdrops, copy \Resdata\Planet_WS1.dat into the \TFTC\Resdata folder

--Uninstall Steps--

11] If you installed the briefing audio files, you MUST delete and restore the custom WAVE/Frontend folders, otherwise
   the briefing audio will play during every custom EH Battle.

\TFTC\WAVE\Frontend\B20M1 >>>> delete
\TFTC\WAVE\Frontend\B20M2 >>>> delete
\TFTC\WAVE\Frontend\B20M3 >>>> delete
\TFTC\WAVE\Frontend\B20M4 >>>> delete
\TFTC\WAVE\Frontend\B20M5 >>>> delete

12] Restore the following from your backup:

\TFTC\fronttext.txt                 >>>> restore
\TFTC\MedalsDescriptions.txt        >>>> restore
\TFTC\FlightModels\TieFighter.ini   >>>> restore
\TFTC\Frontres\Medals\Battle0.cbm   >>>> restore
\TFTC\Frontres\Medals\LBattle0.cbm  >>>> restore
\TFTC\Frontres\Medals\MEDALS.txt    >>>> restore
\TFTC\Frontres\Tour\squad3.cbm      >>>> restore
\TFTC\Frontres\Tour\squad4.cbm      >>>> restore
\TFTC\Missions\email.txt            >>>> restore
\TFTC\Missions\Mission.lst          >>>> restore
\TFTC\Movies\Ceremony.mp4           >>>> restore

The Expanded Universe has held a special place in many of our hearts and minds, me especially. One of my favorite
book series was the X-Wing Series by Michael A Stackpole and Aaron Allston. It was these stories that motivated me
to pick up X-Wing Alliance back in the early 2000's. Here I set out to make a series of battles retelling the
battles and story of the Wraith Squadron books of the X-Wing series.

This battle is based upon the story laid out in the book X-Wing: Wraith Squadron by Aaron Allston. The events of
theb book have changed due to the Emperor's Hammer's involvement, but I am attempting to do a much more faithful
retelling of the events of the book than my previous battles.

The “official” chronical of the events of the fall of Warlord Zsinj say that it was brought about by a single
squadron of wash-out pilots in the New Republic, but we know better in the Emperor’s Hammer. The ingenuity and
deviousness showcased by Wraith Squadron could only have come from the superior pilots of the TIE Corps. Only after
they were successful, and due to their exceptional skill at masking their true allegiances, did the New Republic
spin the fiction that they were a squadron under Republic command.


After the unprovoked attacks on our forces by the Warlord Zsinj (see XWA-TC 72 or TFTC-TC 2) we of the Emperor’s
Hammer have decided that we will no longer countenance his continued exercise of power in this galaxy. However, we
are concerned at the possible perception of an all-out attack by our forces on those of the Warlord’s so soon after
our involvement in the affairs of Ysanne Isard and the battle above Thyferra. We want no one in the wider galaxy
possibly construing our failure to protect Isard from her own ineptitude and an attack on a former Imperial Warlord
as the Emperor’s Hammer having switched sides to be aligned with the criminal New Republic. As such it has been
decided that we will strike back at Zsinj using primarily the Infiltrator Wing aboard the MC-90 Renegade so that
our attacks can appear to be those of the New Republic itself.

Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the coup of Borsk Fey’lya and the mass military resignations that followed,
a veteran Infiltrator Wing pilot by the name of Ante Wedgilles stepped forward with a bold plan. He proposed
creating a squadron of pilots whose sole purpose was to seek out and destroy Zsinj, while posing as a New Republic
unit. They would be embedded into New Republic territory at a base on the moon of Folor above the independent world
of Commenor. They would set up a base that, to all the galaxy, would appear to be a New Republic operation. They
would complete their squadron unit training there at Folor, giving a greater amount of backstopped history to their
unit when New Republic forces would try to verify this supposed classified, clandestine unit. As many of the senior
commanders of the military have just left the New Republic, or have died in battle with our forces, it is believed
that a properly selected unit could infiltrate into the New Republic and be accepted as their own.

Once they are accepted by the wider New Republic, they are to manipulate them into attacking the Warlord and do
everything within their power to direct their forces to destroy those of Zsinj. This would have the added benefit
of all combat loses would come from the New Republic rather than our own forces, further weakening the already weak
upstart government. This will make reclaiming the galaxy for the rightful Imperial order and rule that much easier
when senior leadership decides the time is right.

For this operation to have its best chance at succeeding it has been decided to draw a highly diverse group of
pilots for this mission. As many of the member species of the New Republic should be represented in this unit as is
feasible. The unit will be commanded by Commander Ante Wedgilles who hails from Corellia, and his Executive Officer
will be his long-time ally Lieutenant Jan Wesson from Taanab.

There is some concern at the wisdom of this operation, and fears that all pilots assigned to it will merely be
quickly caught and imprisoned by New Republic Intelligence. As such, the rest of the squadron’s pilots have been
transferred from units wishing to be rid of them, while also fulfilling the mandate to provide pilots from the
worlds within the New Republic.

The story begins as the pilots of this new infiltration unit have finally been down selected to just the 12 members
of the fighter squadron on the moon base of Folor.

Dramatis Personae
Wraith/Gray 1: Commander Ante Wedgilles - Human, Male, Corellia

Special Skills: Command

Background: Has served in the Emperor’s Hammer and the Empire before it for 10 years, since enlistment at the age
of 18. Was raised in Corellia on the family fueling depot until the Bonestar Pirates destroyed it with his family
all aboard. He then joined the Imperial Starfighter Academy where he quickly rose to the top of his class. Upon
graduation he was deployed to various assignments around the galaxy serving with distinction in each posting. He
was a part of Grand Admiral Ronin’s fleet upon the Emperor forming the Emperor’s Hammer and has been a member of
the TIE Corps since its founding. His low rank is due to his continued refusal to accept any further promotions as
he was already quite upset to have to relinquish the rank of LCM, the best rank in his opinion, upon taking command
of a squadron.

Reasons for Transfer: N/A, formed squadron
Wraith/Gray 11: Lieutenant Jan Wesson - Human, Male, Taanab

Special Skills: Trainer, Pistols

Background: Wesson left the agricultural world of Taanab due to dissatisfaction with the frequent pirate raids on
his home world and joined the Imperial Starfighter Corps in an effort to fight back against the predations on his
world and others like it. His postings had him serve with CM Wedgilles multiple times during his time with the
Empire but was not a part of the initial formation of the Emperor’s Hammer. He was at Endor serving in the lauded
501st aboard the SSD Executor. He survived the battle and retreated with the remaining Star Destroyers but quickly
left the Empire and joined the Emperor’s Hammer after that. Once in the TIE Corps he was reunited with CM Wedgilles
and has served with valor since.

Reasons for Transfer: Came to help CM Wedgilles
Wraith/Gray 9: Lieutenant Myn Donos - Human, Male, Corellia

Special Skills: Sniper, Previous command experience

Background: Myn served with the Corellian Armed Forces as a skilled sniper, racking up an impressive list of kills.
He, however, was not content with merely killing his targets from afar and wished to test his skill against
opponents who could fight back. He found his way into the Imperial TIE Corps and from there into the TIE Corps of
the Emperor’s Hammer not long after. He did exceptionally well in flight-training, his training officer was LT Jan
Wesson and was given a squadron of his own directly after completion of flight training, Talon Squadron.

Reasons for Transfer: Not long after Talon Squadron’s formation they were ambushed by a force under Warlord Zsinj
where all other members of the squadron were killed in a single, quick assault. Since then he has stepped down from
the CMDR role and reverted to his base rank of LT (he did not complete a full Tour of Duty as CMDR and therefore
the promotion did not become permanent) and has become withdrawn from those around him. It is hoped that he can be
shaken out of the mental state he is in and returned to full duty, possibly taking over Gray Squadron when Ant and
Jan return to the rest of the Infiltrator Wing.
Wraith/Gray 2: Sub-Lieutenant Ackmin Jesbar - Quaren, Female, Mon Cala

Special Skills: Communications

Background: Hailing from a world deep in rebellion, Ackmin was ostracized from a young age due to her Imperial
beliefs. Shortly after the death of the Emperor she broke away from her family and planet and set out to find the
strongest Imperial faction remaining to help bring an end to the war and chaos she saw spreading throughout the
galaxy. Once on Aurora she was initially met with some distrust due to the leading role of her native world in the
Rebel Alliance. She persevered and was excepted as a TIE Corps pilot.

Reasons for Transfer: She was constantly passed over for choice assignments and had hostility expressed towards her
for the actions of the others of Mon Cala. She feels that service in this tip of the spear unit will help show that
not all from Mon Cala refuse to serve the proper order.
Wraith/Gray 3: Sub-Lieutenant Falynn Sandskimmer - Human, Female, Tatooine

Special Skills: Ground vehicles, acquisitions

Background: Grew up as a street urchin in Mos Eisley, surviving as a common thief. Grew to despise the life that
was forced upon her by the disruptions to trade in the Outer Rim by the criminal rebels. She especially has grown
to hate the Rebellion’s favorite child of Tatooine, Luke Skywalker. She escaped the desert world a year after
Endor, when it became clear how much worse things would now be without the Empire’s guiding hand in the Out Rim.
She made her way to Emperor’s Hammer territory not long after and recently joined the TIE Corps to destroy the New

Reasons for Transfer: She has reports of chronic insubordination. She has faced a certain amount of derision due to
her meager upbringing and has met that contempt with her own, including physical violence at times.
Wraith/Gray 4: Sub-Lieutenant Eurrsk “Grinder” Thri’ag - Bothan, Male, Bothuwai

Special Skills: Code-slicer

Background: Goes by the name “Grinder” and I have no idea why. Grinder is proof that not all members of a
rebellious species hold the same ideals. He faced persecution on Bothuwai due to his loyalties to the Empire and
had to go underground as the planet rose in open defiance of the lawful government. There he honed his code-slicing
skills as a matter of survival to keep free from the criminal insurrectionists. After some time he fled his world
and began his search for how he could restore the Empire. He became disillusioned with what he saw of the former
glory of Palpatine’s Empire being squandered by the mewling upstarts that seized power. But then he discovered the
Emperor’s Hammer and immediately set out to join our forces to aid in pushing back against the criminals who have
seized the galaxy.

Reasons for Transfer: As it was Bothan spies that brought about the death of our beloved Emperor, he has been met
with constant distrust here in the TIE Corps. This has not been helped that he is a typical slicer in that he has
not met a computer system he did not immediately try to get into. He also has a prankster streak in him, and this
has led to him being busted out of several different units in the TIE Corps in his short career already.
Wraith/Gray 5: Sub-Lieutenant Kell Tainer - Human, Male, Alderaan

Special Skills: Mechanic, Demolitions Expert

Background: Kell was born Kell Doran but when his father was murdered by the Rebel Alliance his family changed
their name and moved to Sluis Van. The death of his father at the hands of future Rogue Squadron pilot Wes Janson
gave Kell all the motivation he needed to abandon the rebellious attitudes of his home planet and develop a correct
view of the criminals who killed the Emperor. He worked as a mechanic on Sluis Van until he was able to make it off
world to come to the Emperor’s Hammer. He has served with distinction among the commando unit in the Hammer’s Fist
until his natural aptitude at the recreational flight simulators available to him was noticed. He was then
transferred to pilot training in the TIE Corps.

Reasons for Transfer: While his simulator scores are outstanding he has had multiple crash landings that resulted
in a total loss of the fighter during his flight training. He has claimed it was control malfunctions in all three
instances but his CMDRs feel this may be too much of a coincidence.
Wraith/Gray 6: Sub-Lieutenant Hohass “Runt” Ekwesh - Thakwaash, Male, Thakwaa

Special Skills: Three times human-standard strength

Background: Goes by the name “Runt” as he is considered small for his species being only 2 meters tall when the
average Thakwaash is around 3 meters in height. Thakwaash are equinoid bipeds who also suffer from having a species
wide psychosis of all exhibiting multiple personalities. Each personality seems to specialize in different tasks
and Runt switches between them depending on the situation. His species was never integrated into the Empire due to
their unpredictable natures. He has joined the Emperor’s Hammer to bring about a restoration of order in our

Reasons for Transfer: His natural flying skill is exemplary, until he has to follow orders. It seems his “pilot”
mind is an instinctual animal that cannot be easily reasoned with. His commanders hoped to just be rid of the
liability he represents in combat due to his lack of obeying orders.
Wraith/Gray 7: Sub-Lieutenant Ton Phanan - Human, Male, Rudrig

Special Skills: Medic, fully qualified surgeon

Background: Born to a wealthy family, Ton grew up to become a licensed surgeon on Rudrig, his parents dying prior
to his graduation from medical school. He worked as a doctor on Rudrig for several years before joining the
Imperial Medical Corps just after the destruction of the first Death Star. He was serving aboard a Star Destroyer
at the Battle of Endor when it came under fire, and he was injured badly in the assault. He is allergic to bacta
and therefore ended up loosing a leg and suffered major trauma to his head as well. The Empire supplied him with
replacement cybernetic parts to allow him to continue to serve. Over the next few years, he lost his enjoyment in
healing the injured and decided to strike out to the Emperor’s Hammer and the TIE Corps where he in his words could
stop healing those he doesn’t like, but instead kill those he hates.

Reasons for Transfer: At this point he is 20% mechanical and presents an increased cost and logistics problem to
his commanders as normal bacta treatments will not work on him.
Wraith/Gray 8: Sub-Lieutenant Garik “Face” Loran - Human, Male, Pantolomin

Special Skills: Infiltration, languages, makeup

Background: Goes by the name “Face” due to his scar and acting background. Face was once a holovid star in his
youth appearing in The Black Bantha, Jungle Flutes, and Win or Die to name just a few. He grew up to fill the role
of teen heartthrob for years. His performances were so beloved by the Imperial High Command he was once even sat on
the knee of Ysanne Isard for a meeting with the up-and-coming future ruler of the Empire. However, his career was
cut short when rebel terrorists captured him in a foolish attempt to ransom him back. When the stormtroopers came
to rescue him, he was disfigured in the firefight. Ever since he has had a deep loathing of the rebels for all they
took from him. He bought his way into the TIE Corps pilot program using his formidable wealth from his past life.

Reasons for Transfer: He has a well earned reputation for a lack of proper Imperial discipline and has been
reprimanded on multiple occasions for his practical jokes. Also, many of his previous CMDRs did not think highly of
this pampered rich kid buying his way into the TIE Corps, including providing his own fighter craft when his lack
of discipline enviable saw their destruction in training flights and initial combat situations.
Wraith/Gray 10: Sub-Lieutenant  Tyria Sarkin - Human, Female, Toprawa

Special Skills: Intrusion, low-level force-sensitive

Background: Trained as an Antarian Ranger in her youth she abandoned the seditionist militia after their
involvement in the stealing of the first Death Star’s plans. After justice for the deaths of so many loyal Imperial
soldiers was meted out against the rest of Rangers she was able to break free of them and make her own way in the
galaxy. With the formation of the Dark Brotherhood she felt a call to come to Eos as it was discovered that she has
force-sensitive abilities. However, the Master-at-Arms has determined that her connection to the force is too weak
to be able to properly serve the Emperor’s Hammer as a member of the Brotherhood, but now that she had found the
Emperor’s Hammer she was able to find her true calling, bring order to the chaos.

Reasons for Transfer: Her pilot ratings are honestly incredibly low and she would have soon been discharged from
the TIE Corps if this squadron didn’t come along. She has jumped at a second chance to be of service, and Jan is
hopeful that her ground skills will make up for her lack of them in the cockpit.
Wraith/Gray 12: Sub-Lieutenant Voort “Piggy” saBinring - Gamorrean, Male, Gamorr

Special Skills: Genius, strength, infiltration

Background: Goes by the name “Piggy” for obvious reasons. He is the result of biogenetic experimentation by Binring
Biomedical Product. They gave him the ability to control is base urges and a genius level mathematical acumen. They
implanted a translator in his throat to allow him to communicate in Basic. To test their alterations to him, he was
given extensive flight training on a wide variety of Imperial and Rebel craft. All the other test subjects created
with him took their own lives rather than remain a lab subject and this motivated the lead scientist to engineer
the escape of Piggy from his captivity. Once freed, Piggy made his way to the Emperor’s Hammer as his analytical
abilities allowed him to quickly see that only Imperial rule will see the galaxy flourish.

Reasons for Transfer: He has face harassment for his appearance and has been the target for multiple mean-spirited
jokes in his time in the TIE Corps. The final incident was his SQXO claiming he struck him in an unprovoked attack.
Piggy maintains that if he had struck the officer, he would not have been conscious to be able to make the report
only a few minutes after the incident.


NOTE: To fully follow the story of the battle, and to gain a further understanding of the plot, it is important to
read the emails in the pilot’s quarters before/after each mission and all of the start and end commander’s
briefings. Also, due to the limitations of the game engine, the complete text of some radio messages are not able
to be displayed. In those cases, the full dialog is only contained in the audio files and the displayed text is an
abridged version of the exchange.

Credit to Ilios for the backdrops contained in Planet_WS1.dat.