XvT-F 236: Beta Project

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Missions: 1
Release date: 2010-09-18
Last updated: 2010-09-18


Average rating: 0
Reviews: 1
Bug reports: 3
Times completed: 6
Patches used: None
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Battle Reviews

COL Genie



Avoid this one like the plague. The storyline is great. You show up unannounced at a B-Wing facility and attempt to capture a B-Wing. You are flying in a shieldless T/F and have to help the gunboats disable a couple of targets. OK, OK, no problem. What comes out to carry the B-Wing home is a TUG that takes 5 mins to traverse 0.10k. OK, OK I can wait that long no worries. There is a countdown of 20 mins, but the tug will only take 5 so no problem! Half way through, a rebel frigate and tons of fighters show up and try to destroy everything and here you are in your shieldless T/F... Someway, somehow you survive it (I will not spoil how I did it). So now you are waiting for the TUG tog et home which somehow hasnt yet, because GUESS WHAT!? Your ISD is hyperspacing home and thus outpacing the TUG. So I spent another ten good minutes watching the ISD slowly but steadily get further away from the TUG.

Battle Bug Reports

MAJ Hermann


Bad idea a disable mission in an unshielded T/F, Pretend that AI pilots due the job its too much. Shu Toro must be disabled in less than 15 secs that its the time that remains in the mission and nobody usually attacks her.
even in a t/d its hard to disable in even regardless you be close to the entry point

GN Dax Corrin


In addition to GN Yoda's assessment, once you are able to disable the shuttle if you are lucky, TRN Ash goes back to hangar and mission fails. It never makes an effort to dock with shuttle.

FA Pickled Yoda


SHU Toro hypers out very quickly and the player has no ions with which to disable it. Your GUN allies show no interest in it if their other primary target is still active.

High Scores

Mission: 33,248 FA Pickled Yoda 2017-06-07

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 33,510 GN Anahorn Dempsey 2010-08-31
2 33,248 FA Pickled Yoda 2017-06-07
3 28,806 FA Pickled Yoda 2021-02-21
4 20,271 MAJ Hermann 2021-02-27

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 4 pilots a total of 6 times.

GN Anahorn Dempsey - 2010-08-31

MAJ Hermann - 2 times, last on 2021-02-27

COL Phalk Sturm - 2021-10-22

FA Pickled Yoda - 2 times, last on 2021-02-21

Title               : Beta Project
Author              : FM/CPT ATX/Odin 2-2/Wing XIII/ISD Grey Wolf (#697)
Platform            : X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Number of missions  : 1
Medal               : N/A

Required patches
* EH Ship patch for Xwing vs. TIE Fighter

Installation instructions
1] make sure you have the EH Ship Patch installed
2] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
3] Check the Misc folder in your BoP one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
4] Download the WavPack and install it according to its instructions
5] Press the X-wing vs. TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
6] Create a new pilot and fly the Imperial training mission

Additional instructions
For the entire campaign to function as intended, get the two SMK files (Opnctscn.smk & Endctscn.smk) 
and the BPcamp.zip file. 

Unzip BPcamp.zip, rename your ImperialCamp.lst file to Imperial.lst and install these optional files in 
your XvT directory:

Impcut4.bmp - \FRONTRES
Impcut5.bmp - \FRONTRES
Top.lst - \FRONTRES (Be sure to rename your old one first)
Opnctscn.smk - \MOVIES
Endctscn.smk - \MOVIES
Cutscene.lst - \MOVIES (Be sure to rename your old one first)
Campgn3.lst - \CAMPAIGN
Imperial.lst - \CAMPAIGN (Be sure to rename your old one first)

We are in search for the infamous Beta project. It appears these Rebels have been hard at work making 
modifications to their B-wing craft. We need to know precisely to what extent these modifcations have 
been made so we can ensure technological superiority in this galaxy! This mission is in a remote part 
of the Outer Rim sector so Imperial Intelligence has deemed their security measures as lax. It seems
these Rebels pride themselves more on secrecy rather than pure might. 
Finally, it is time to shut this clandestine operation down!