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Reviews for XWA-TC 58

 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 5
 One of the usual excellent battles by Dempsey. It is well structured, the plotline is good enough and the flying is awesome. The only criticism is about the MIS which is a terrible thing to fly in XWA (while it is one of the best starfighters in TIE), the single cannon makes it a real pain to endure, however, the last mission leaves you with an evil grin on your face, as you can pound down the imperial wrath using a mighty T/D and mowing down wave after wave of rebel scum. The EH expands our territory and you get to kill rebels, is there anything better than this?
 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa
    rating: 3
 It was an okay battle. It shined in some ways but then it was quite annoying in other. On the plus side I can count its story as well as attention to detail. The number of craft clearly shown how a proper EH battle group looks like. Number of background objects gave quite decent visuals while circling around as well. Technically this was very well made, with one exception. Like the bug report from LC Kodiak Kereban states, mission 3 appears to be broken. The squadron does follow you to the first combat area but leaves pretty much instantly after arriving. This leaves you solo vs horde of fighters. Which is both good (you can pull really decent score) and bad (given this mission is a wrist breaker). Some missions did not really have much for enemy variety. Mission 1 featured only A-Wings and mission 3 had only T- and X-Wings if I recall correct. Other missions did better on that field. I'm also not a fan of large scale engagements either, that's a big minus for me. I think most of the missions would do fine with allied force cut in half. I can't say I was excited to fly this one, though it's still pretty okay one.
 RA Zekk Terrik
    rating: 5
 I thought this mission was pretty fun! Granted, the first mission was a bit confusing where the instructions were unclear and you are essentially told to ignore craft that are primary mission objectives, but after failing it a couple times I finally figured it out (reading the briefings definitely helps, but I do not have time for that!). Also, there is one mission that asks you to dog fight in a Missile Boat. Please do not ever do that again. Dog fighting in a Missile Boat feels like a long, slow slog. I found the last mission to be the most fun, as you are in a TIE Defender doing lots of dog fighting – which is my favorite thing to do in a TIE Defender. Once I destroyed all the fighters I realized all my wing mates were dead, so I got to blow up everything by myself which was pretty fun. Overall it had an enjoyable plot, as it is nice to see the TIE Corps conquering new territory!
 VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles
    rating: 4
 Excellent battle, definitely worth a 5 score for it's soooo nice to see The Emperor's Hammer expanding itself by conquering a whole sector and killing innocent civilians while we're at it. Not to mention the splendid use of a full task force, even if it's only for you to see how BIG could we be if only we could get people enough as to fill all those ships... :P. Then there's Mission 5 which is a splendid full-scale battle featuring no less than 2 ISDs being useful. Truly impressive, Admiral Dempsey, excellent work! However, I just cannot stand the bug at Mission 3 for it almost ruins the entire mission; it was already reported by PRT Kodiak Kereban on April 5 2011 but it seems it never got fixed. Therefore, and feeling quite sorry for it I downgrade the score to 4 'till it gets fixed.
 LC Kodiak Kereban
    rating: 4
 Good solid battle, I especially liked the fleet at the start of the missions - it actually felt like you were part of a battlegroup instead of a lone ISD in the middle of nowhere :D
 FA Howlader
    rating: 5
 Pretty fun battle! Good plot and good missions. The issue of the first mission, is a little unclear: Spoilers ahead: You are told to ignore some of the craft attacking a Dreadnaught, whereas the only way to have enough fighters to complete the objectives is to stop the Dreadnaught from being boarded in the first place.