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Bug reports for XvT-TC 133

 VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles
 1) Shuttle group Nazaar is supposed to give Bonus points if 100% of it complete mission, but I've saved their arses more than once allowing them to arrive to the VSD Protector in once piece and no Bonus points were awarded. There's no inflight message either. 2) Also, E/S group Typhon, which arrives as soon as the SPC Glas finishes docking (or is disabled but that's pretty silly, for none will ever come to repair it and the mission is screwed), hypers out almost immediately for some reason instead following orders and attacking the SPC and the SHUs. I've only played on HARD.
 GN Dunta Polo
 Mission 5: Message indicating friendly TIE Bomber group has entered the battle appears only when the second wave launches.