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Reviews for XvT-free 199

 LT Michael
    rating: 5
 I really enjoyed that one, and that's not only because it concerns my squadron but because of its great dynamic. You need quite a skills to complete it on hard difficulty. It gets tricky to check your six on z-95 and a-wings and keeping Mike alive. Chaff installed on a-wings gives you extra challenge, cause it takes some time to finish them with single laser installed on missile boat. Don't worry if you get your convoy disabled, repair team will come and make you successful on this objective. I rate it 5, this mission really made me thinking.
 GN Abel Malik
    rating: 4
 This is a nice mission with a target rich environment- a DREAD, Z-95's, Y-wings, small transports, and CNVYR's. Basicaly pirates attack the 4 civilian CNVYR's in the area and Cyclone has to deal with the pirates (former TAC Mike hypers in too- so watch his 6- if he dies your mission fails). Bonus points are available for destroying the DREAD, all the Z-95's, Y-wings, and pirate transports. Don't waste your time ID'ing the CNVYR's- they're not worth any bonus points:P. My only complaint is Mike won't follow orders, but does he ever? :P.