Thunder Squad Banner Competition

Competition ID #: 3372
Status Finished
Submitted by: MAJ LegionX
Competition dates: 2022-02-18 - 2022-03-18
Units involved: TIE Corps
Competition medals:

IS-GR for first place IS-SR for the runner-up IS-BR for the second runner-up


G'DAY Pilots of the TIE CORPS!

Thunder Squadron is currently in the process of re-imaging itself since the creation of its new Squadron Patch (Thanks to MAJ Kalve Ryder) and we find ourselves in need of a new Squadron Banner. We were just going to ask around but then I was given a great idea by MAJ Honsou to provide an opportunity to all of you a chance to win some shiny medals while showing off your art!

The rules are simple: Make a Squadron Banner that can be used on the website!

  • All submissions are to be sent either through Legion's Email ( or DM via Discord
  • Each submission will be judged by Thunder Squadron pilots that are NOT participating (to reduce favoritism)
  • We are still in the process of updating our squadron but we can safely say that our Squadron Patch, and Squadron Motto are now set in stone. If you wish to use them as references, by all means go ahead.

And that is it! May the best artists show their best work!

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.