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Warrior League 2016 - Multiplayer
Competition ID#: 2827
Competition status: finished
Submitted by: HA Plif
Competition runtime: 02/16/2016 - 05/09/2016
Unit(s) involved: Wing II

Competition medals:

IS-GW/SW/BW at various points in the competition, details below



In mid-February through early May, Warrior pilots will compete in multiplayer modes to determine who is the best wingman! At the end of the competition, we'll also reward the squadrons that were the most dedicated to teaming up with other TIE Corps pilots to achieve victory!

== RULES ==

Pilots will earn points in the following ways:

  • 1 point per victory in Star Conflict and Battlefront when played with another member of the TIE Corps
  • 3 points per victory in XvT and XWA when played with or against another member of the TIE Corps
  • 2 points for participation in TCoR (per section per week, max of 10 per week). Participation that includes another TC pilot is NOT required.
  • 2 points for participation in TCAI (per section per week, max of 10 per week). Participation that includes another TC pilot is NOT required.


  • Copies of screenshots need to be submitted via email to VA Plif to count for the competition, with the exception of screenshots submitted for TCoR and TCAI since those results will be pulled from the SOO and COOA reports.
  • Screenshots should show all participating pilots.
  • If needed, submit multiple screenshots for a single match so that all TC participants are shown.

== AWARDS ==

Awards will be earned as follows:

  • At the end of each four week section (March 14th, April 11th, May 9th) the top two pilots from each squadron earn an IS-SW and IS-BW respectively. Top pilot overall has their IS-SW upgraded to an IS-GW. Highest total from the four second-place pilots has their IS-BW upgraded to an IS-SW.
  • At the end of the competition, the squadron with the highest total has all of their participants awarded an IS-GW. Second highest is an IS-SW, third highest is an IS-BW. To be eligible for these awards, a pilot must have participated in all three sections of the competition. An approved Leave of Absence can excuse participation in one section, but the pilot must participate in the other two.
  • The top overall pilot based on the results of all three sections will be afforded the title of "Warrior Wingman Extraordinaire", which may be worn on his or her ID Line until the title is earned by another pilot in a future competition.

competition runtime starts on first day at 00:00:01 GMT and ends on last day at 23:59:59 GMT

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Top 10 competition submitters

  • General Anahorn Dempsey (169)
  • High Admiral Plif (106)
  • High Admiral Frodo March (68)
  • Captain Von Predator (64)
  • Fleet Admiral Silvius (64)
  • Admiral Darksaber (60)
  • High Admiral Elwood the Brave (58)
  • General Dunta Polo (56)
  • General Sickman (54)
  • General Master (52)