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Competition ID#: 2751
Competition status: finished
Submitted by: HA Elwood the Brave
Competition runtime: 08/11/2015 - 09/30/2015
Unit(s) involved: TIE Corps

Competition medals:

And... the possibility of all an IS-PR! Depending on the overall quality of submissions and that of the winner one compared to the rest of them.


So the TIE Corps website doesn't seem to have the classic 'About us...' section up there for people to realize what we really are and what's this pseudo-military madness all about. And I've heard some officers from our current membership complaining that such situation could be driving potential new recruits back in panic thinking we're gonna eat their democratic souls or something, then forcing them to play games meant to be played only by lifeless beings who lost their twenties long ago. And hell... I think they're damn right.

Therefore, and in order for such an important issue on our recruiting efforts to be addressed ASAP, your most dreaded SOO has decided to set up an official competition for you to be able to contribute with what may perfectly be the best thing you'll ever do for the Fleet as a whole out of your own performance as pilots and commanding officers.

ALL current members of the TIE Corps are hereby called to participate by submitting their own versions of an eventual 'About us' section, which will become the main page to be accessed instead the news one. All submissions must use HTML standard code and are expected to include pics, logos, links, EH/TC history, game platforms we use, maybe a few lines on usual Fleet procedures... Everything you may consider important enough to the point of motivating slightly interested people into becoming our new cadets (without boring them to suicidal levels). Please include the HTML file itself and all pics using the intended resolution on a ZIP file, then send it by e-mail to ALL members of the TIE Corps Admiralty (TCCOM, SOO and COO). And try for all your content to fit on a 750px wide table (including margins). Apart from that you should try to follow current TC site layout as much as possible, and know that your submission may be modified as necessary by site admin. (that would be the aforementioned dreaded SOO) for it to better fit current content.

Nothing else to say except that we're obviously expecting top-quality submissions as befitting our great Fleet, as much as to be judged as worthy contenders for no less than a Platinum Ribbon! Please try to understand this task is of utmost important for us all, hence the quality we're asking for and our confidence in your skills to fulfill our requirements.

competition runtime starts on first day at 00:00:01 GMT and ends on last day at 23:59:59 GMT

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Top 10 competition submitters

  • General Anahorn Dempsey (169)
  • High Admiral Plif (106)
  • High Admiral Frodo March (68)
  • Captain Von Predator (64)
  • Fleet Admiral Silvius (64)
  • Admiral Darksaber (60)
  • High Admiral Elwood the Brave (58)
  • General Dunta Polo (56)
  • General Sickman (54)
  • General Master (52)