Wing II RPG Missions

Competition ID #: 118
Status: Finished
Submitted by: AD Stele Pellaeon
Competition dates: 2002-12-16 - 2003-01-16
Subgroup: TIE Corps
Units involved: Wing II

Wing II RPG Squadron Missions That's the name of the competition, pilots. This competition is to pit your squadron into fictional missions. These fictional missions will require certain fictional pilot skills (listed below) in order to pass a mission. These fictional skills can be earned if your squadron member fly missions. These missions are put into the squadron's pool of missions. So if a squadron has a pool of 38 missions and the squadron size is 6 members, then a skill costs 6 missions to buy a skill (listed below). If a squadron size is 8, then it will cost 8 missions from the pool to buy a skill. A fictional mission is played out by having certain members of the squadron fly one given TIEFREE mission. When facing a fictional mission (listed below), the squadron and its members also face dangerous and deadly dilemmas or Threats (listed below) that come along with it. These dilemmas too demand skills from the squadron. An example is this: Alpha Squadron feels that they have enough skills do their very first fictional mission. The GameMaster, COL Stele Pellaeon, randomly picks one out of the numerous missions (below). Alpha Squadron is given the assignment to "Monitor Black Sun pirate Ships" and they are to fly TIEFREE-137. This mission requires that of the pilots in Alpha squadron the squad must have the skills of "Communication" and "Psychology." LT Jim has the skill of Communications and MAJ Joe has the skill of Psychology. The squadron only faces 1 Threat for this mission. That Threat is randomly picked and it is "Rebel Ace" (as listed below in the Threat Table). This requires Securityx2 or Combatx2. The CMDR sees that LT Jim has Combat and that LT Garry also has Combat. SO, LT Jim, MAJ Joe and LT Garry all have the required skills and are ordered to fly TIEFREE-137 within two days. If they successfully complete it within 2 days then the squadron has passed the mission and they add it to their list of completed missions. For each mission and Threat passed, the squadron will gain 0-2 "Skills" listed below as well as losing 0-2 skills listed in the "Mishaps Table" (listed below) Be warned though, if your squadron members fail to fly the mission then the mission is a failure and the squadron suffer Failure Consequences in the Failure Table. (listed below) Note: A squadron is free to commit in as many fictional missions as they like as long as they have the skills to do them. They may also feel free to do more than one mission at a time if they're up to it but this runs the risk of failing to do a mission due to RL constraints. The is to complete as many fictional missions within 30 days. Remember, the more skills you have, the easier it is to overpass mission and threat requirements. PILOT ORDERS: At this time you are to fly as many missions as possible to increase the number of missions in your pool. Remember, the more missions you fly right now, the more your CMDR will be able to buy skills for you. These skills are used in the fictional missions. Your CMDR will assign you a mission to complete a fictional mission when the time comes. Worry about that when the time comes. CMDR ORDERS: At this time you are required to determine which Skill Determination Table to choose to give to your pilots. CMDRs will start off with 3 skills, FLs will start off with 2, and FMs will start off with 1. For CMDRs, choose which of the tables to use (example: you choose Table 1, Table 2, Table1 again) For FLs (example: you choose Table 1 and Table 3), For FMs (example: you choose Table 2) Email which ones you choose for each pilot in your squadron and I will randomly assign them the skills. Do this quickly! You are to keep me informed of all missions that pilots fly so that I can keep track of your pool. I will keep you informed of all squadron skills. It is up to you, CMDR, to decide when you feel it is appropriate to engage in a mission. You are instrumental in deciding when to do a mission, buying skills and distributing them among your pilots, and encouraging them to fly. You are their leader and this will be a true test of work and dedication. All the work is not solely on you, though. Your pilots must fly given freemissions for an assigned mission in order to be successful. AWARDS: This competition is pending approval. Unofficially, the pilot in the winning squadron that is most active will receive an IS-SW. The pilot, in the squadron that comes in second place, that is the most active will be awarded an IS-BW. The squadron that wins with the most missions after 30 days will be awarded a plaque to put on their squadron site. Below are a list of the skills a squadron or pilot may earn (randomly picked by the GM) PILOT COMMAND SKILL DETERMINATION TABLE 1 1D6 Skill 1 Integrity 2 Diplomacy 3 Cunning 4 Security 5 Combat 6 Pick PILOT SCIENTIFIC SKILL DETERMINATION TABLE 2 1D6 Skill 1 Physical Science 2 Medical 3 Biological Science 4 Communications 5 Psychology 6 Pick PILOT TECHNICAL SKILL DETERMINATION TABLE 3 1D6 Skill

Competition awards:

Pilot who flew the most in the winning Squadron re

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.

Competition Awards Presented
Award Recipient Reason Date
DFC FA John T. Clark COO┬┤s Monthly Challenge 1st place in October 2017 2017-11-06