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  TIE Corps Combat Center
Star Conflict - Player vs Player
Combat event ID#: 92
Game platform: Star Conflict
Combat event date: 04/09/2016 (00:00) GMT - 04/10/2016 (23:59) GMT     2 days
Main contact: COL Hawkins
Description: This Combat Event will be for a Distinguised Flying Cross. It is a TC player vs TC Player competition, and matches of up to 3 TC pilots can be played at a time. Results must be emailed to VA Hawkins at nedius@gmail.com

  • Each match will be between two or three TC Pilots, who must form a team.

  • Each match must be PvP, but at any Tier agreed by the pilots in competition. If there is disagreement, the lowest Tier requested will be used.

  • To win a match, a pilot must achieve the highest Efficiency (EFF) compared with his TC opponents. Each highest EFF will be counted as a Victory for that pilot, irrespective of whether the match overall was a victory or not. You are competing against your fellow TC pilots, not everyone else. Leave that for the LoCs!

  • The pilot with the highest number of victories will be the overall winner, and recieve a Distinguished Flying Cross. Other medals for particpation may be added if there are sufficient members taking part.

  • No pilot may compete against an opposing pilot more than three times. After the first three match reports featuring those pilots have been recieved, no further points can be scored when competing in a team containing that pilot, even if another pilot is present. Please form new teams when competing for this event.

  • Match reports need to be made by email, to me. Reports will be recorded chronologically - so if you win against an opponent, get it emailed ASAP! Remember, once I get 3 reports on a set of players, no more results can be recorded - so reports will be on a 1st received, 1st recorded basis.


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