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COO Monthly Challenge 2014
Combat event ID#: 77
Game platform: Star Conflict
Combat event date: 01/06/2014 (00:00) GMT - 12/31/2014 (23:59) GMT     11 months, 25 days
Main contact: COL Crsepe
Description: This competition will be for the coveted DFC. Your goal will be to submit a victory screenshot with the highest number of kills you can get in one round of Star Conflict's Domination or Team Battle modes. So in other words, you will need to get as many kills as you can during Domination or Team Battle and manually submit that screenshot by e-mail to the COO Office (currently COO VA Crsepe, main combat event contact, AND SOO RA Zósite K. Styles).

IMPORTANT: On this combat event assists count as half a kill rounded down for all purposes.


Star Conflict
AD Mell Kerriganvs.non TC nor EH-CS member
16 - 3

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