TC Shootouts 2023 Season II

Combat Event ID# 204
Game Platform Multi-platform
Main Contact GN Silwar Naiilo
Event Dates 2023-03-11 (23:00) - 2023-05-27 (23:00)

Every Saturday, from 5pm to midnight EST, pilots of the TIE Corps will gather together for a multiplayer combat event. The COO or an available COOA will choose a marquee platform for the day, although anyone is welcome to play any game - as long as you're flying with your fellow pilots.

Any game played with at least one other TIE Corps member between 5pm EST and midnight will count towards your point total. One ORA may be earned for every ten games, with a maximum of one ORA per weekend. (That is, if you played 7 games last weekend, and 3 this weekend, that's an ORA! If you play 20 games this week, that's still one ORA. Your points will be reset each weekend in which you earn an ORA.) Unlike last season, ORAs will be submitted weekly.

At the end of the season, the top pilots will earn an IS-GW / SW / SW / BW / BW / BW / CW / CW / CW / CW.

There's no need to email or DM screenshots to the COO or COOA as in the past - just submit games as you go. (With one exception: Battlefront II co-op will require sending in screenshots, as it doesn't have a scoreboard.)

This iteration of the event will conclude on the last Saturday of May.

Match Results

Game Win vs. Lose Score
EaW CM Bonebolt vs. COL Miles Prower 1 - 0
EaW CPT Xylo Pethtel, AD Stryker vs. CM Bonebolt, COL Miles Prower 2 - 0
SWS MAJ Witcher vs. 15 - 
EaW CPT Xylo Pethtel vs. AD Stryker 1 - 0
BoP SL Alejandro Araujo vs. CM Milo Antu 11 - 7