TIE Corps Combat Center

  TIE Corps Combat Center
Weekly XWA Frag Competition #1
Combat event ID#: 112
Game platform: X-Wing Alliance
Combat event date: 08/20/2017 (00:00) GMT - 08/20/2017 (23:59) GMT     23 hours 59 minutes
Main contact: LC Pete Mitchell
Description: This Combat Event is for the weekly meeting flying session on the platform XWA.

Players play 8 min matches by either agreeing who hosts, or hosting 4 min and 4 min and totalling the scores. They take their own screenshots and send them RA Pete Mitchell.
You choose matches in a round robin style where everyone plays everyone once, as long as there is time. Add up standings as you go, and if there is a TIE, we have a TIE breaking match to determine the winner.

Depending on attendance, a DFC will be handed out to the winner. COO guidelines required, which apply in full force (at least 3 different opponents, EH or not, defeated and +3 win/lose ratio, plus the need of having a minimum of 3 EH players playing on that game platform)

A IS-SW will be handed out if DFC requirements not met, (but still at least 3 pilots), IS-BW to 2nd place.

Craft choice, start distance, etc should be agreed on by both pilots in a match, but if they can’t be agreed on, they should be TIE interceptors, no missiles, no beam, no countermeasures, starting 3 km apart, in open space. Collisions should be on.


X-Wing Alliance
LC Randovs.COL Horus Blackheart
19 - 5

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