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OCTOBERFEST 100 - A Star Conflict Combat Event
Combat event ID#:100
Game platform:Star Conflict
Combat event date: 10/14/2016 (00:00) GMT - 10/17/2016 (00:59) GMT     3 days
Main contact:COL Hawkins
Description:OCTOBERFEST - A Star Conflict Combat Event

This Combat Event is for a Distinguished Flying Cross.

The winner will be awarded a DFC, assuming all appropriate conditions are met (correct win/loss ration, no. of victories etc). In the event that those conditions are not met, a IS-GW will be awarded.

2nd place will earn a IS-SW, and third an IS-BW.

To compete in the event, you may submit matches in two ways.

1) Challenge your opponent to a Vrs Match. Each victory will be worth 3 points for the combat event.
2) Compete as a team with your fellow players - highest EFF wins - other team members count as 'losing' the round of the Combat event (but will still qualify for an LoC for winning the match). Each victory will be worth 1 point for the combat event.

In all cases, agree the Tier to be competed in with opponents before the match begins. If an agreement cannot be reached, always go for the lowest tier requested. This will allow even the newest SC players to compete with a vague chance!

All submissions must be made via email to the COO and COOA (nedius@yahoo.com and silver89@hotmail.de). Screenshots must show all TC compeititors clearly.


Star Conflict
GN Elwood the Bravevs.non TC nor EH-CS member
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