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  TIE Corps Commander report #88 (11/16/2014)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-PROF/HA Daniel Bonini/TC-1/ISDII Challenge

TIE Corps Command Report
Weekly Report #88 – Submission date: November 16th 2014

Welcome to a new TCCOM report!

As you’ve heard earlier today, RA Elwood has been promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral, for his work as the Commodore of the ISD Hammer. He’s certainly earned this promotion for his amazing performance in a position that is very demanding. Congratulations, VA Elwood!

Another great news is the award of the Gold Star of the Empire for ISD Warrior COM, HA Frodo March, for his long-term performance in the position. Well done, Frothy!

Besides the mentioned award, several merit medals have been awarded for the October evaluations. The complete list of this month’s merit awards follows:

- HA Frodo March – Gold Star of the Empire
- GN Anahorn Dempsey – Silver Star of the Empire
- GN Dunta Polo – Bronze Star of the Empire
- MAJ Landon Cruise – Bronze Star of the Empire
- MAJ Wraith – Bronze Star of the Empire
- VA Elwood the Brave – Palpatine Crescent
- MAJ Plif – Palpatine Crescent
- CPT Flelm – Palpatine Crescent
- CM Nolij – Palpatine Crescent
- LCM Hellionexus – Palpatine Crescent
- LCM Doc – Palpatine Crescent
- GN Dax Corrin – Imperial Security Medal
- COL Gyssler – Imperial Security Medal
- LCM Len Eode – Imperial Security Medal
- LCM Nylan – Imperial Security Medal
- LCM Lady Labyrinth – Imperial Security Medal
- LCM Hav Antiel – Imperial Security Medal
- LT Masterseb – Imperial Security Medal

The Medals of Communication have also been awarded for last month, so congratulations to all awardees of those medals as well! Haven’t got one? You are not bugging your CMDR or spamming the lists enough.

Along with Woody’s promotion, we’ve also seen the promotion of Lieutenants Hav Antiel and Lady Labyrinth to Lieutenant Commander! Earlier in the week, Lieutenant Len Eode also got his promotion to LCM! Congratulations to all of you!

We’ve got a veteran rejoining our ranks from the reserves, as CM Arne Saknussem has joined Alpha Squadron just today. Welcome back to the active fleet, Commander! Always nice to see former members rejoining!

The TCPM review is ongoing, and I must say that I haven’t made much progress in this week due to time constraints. I’m sure in the next couple of weeks there will be much more progress.

Warrior COM sponsored TIE Golf has ended, with MAJ Plif emerging victorious! Congratulations! And now to try and take the title from HA Frodo himself, good luck to both players!


* MShipEs processed.

* TCPM Update still ongoing!

* Returning member: CM Arne Saknussem!

* Promotions: Woody to VA; Hav, Labby and Len to LCM! Congrats!

* TIE Golf ended! Plif victorious!

T/D Astra Fighter’s Flight Status

- None this week

TCCOM’s Other Activities

- Reviewing TCPM
- Reviewed both ships evaluations
- Processed BSFs
- Recommended medals
- Approved medals
- Processed transfers
- Approved Uniforms
- Assessed competitions
- Approved promotions
- Performed TC database updates
- Usual TCCOM activities

Fleet Wide Competitions

* Star Conflict Group Hunt
Competition ID#: 2652
Competition status: approved
Submitted by: COO-LOA/VA Crsepe/TC-4/VSDII Aggressor
Competition runtime: 11/01/2014 - 11/30/2014 (14 days left)
Units involved: Entire TC
Competition medals: IS-GW/SW/BW if three participants, IS-SW/BW if only two, etc.
Description: This competition will be about encouraging grouping with your fellow TC pilots. Points will be awarded only while you are flying with another TC member. For each skirmish that a TC pilot wins while grouped with another TC member, they earn one point. For each skirmish that a TC pilot wins while grouped with another member of their own squadron, they will earn a bonus point.

* TIE Golf 2014 – The ISD Warrior Invitational Tournament
Competition ID#: 2634
Competition status: Approved
Submitted by: COM/HA Frodo March/ISDII Warrior
Competition runtime: 10/11/2014 - 11/22/2014 (6 days left)
Units involved: TIE Corps
Competition medals: IS-BW to each pair winner for each hole, IS-SW to winner of each hole, IS-GW to Overall Winner after 5 holes (IS-SW to second place). IS-PW to the winner if he beats the grand champion of TIE Golf 09 afterwards!
Description: The competition will be played over 5 rounds. Each player who signs up will be paired with another player, and they will play the 5 rounds against each other. Because of this structure, you sign up for the whole 5 rounds. No dropping out! Players who do drop out forfeit all claims to any prizes they may have already claimed.

Failure to complete one hole will result in a penalty of 3 times your opponent's score on the hole.

Failure to complete two holes will result in disqualification and forfeiture of any medals already claimed.

Each round the players will be assigned a TIE Free Mission to fly. The objective is score as few points as possible. The lowest score wins!

The scoring for missions will be as follows:

Mission Score + Lasers Fired x 2 + Warheads Fired x 50 - Laser Hits x 3 - Warhead Hits x 50

Each pair of competitors will be assigned one mission a week, for 5 weeks starting on October 11th 2014.

Each week, the one who scored lowest in his pair will win an IS-BW.

The lowest overall score for each mission (hole) will be awarded an IS-SW. The lowest overall score, which will be all 5 mission scores added together will win the IS-GW. Runner up will get the IS-SW.

Once the five rounds are done, the overall winner will be given the chance to fly an additional hole against the Grand Champion. If the winner defeats the Grand Champion, he will be awarded the coveted IS-PW.

The current Grand Champion is HA Frodo March.

More details: http://tac.emperorshammer.org/tiegolf/rules.php

* Recruiter of the TIE Corps 2014
Competition ID#: 2632
Competition status: approved
Submitted by: CMDR/CPT Landon Cruise/Alpha/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
Competition runtime: 10/01/2014 - 12/31/2014
Units involved: All TIE Corps Units
Competition medals: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR
Description: This competition will require members to bring out their selling skills and socially abilities. It is time to recruit some new members. The awards will be given on a monthly basis. If 3 people recruit in a month the max award will be a IS-GR, if 2 recruiters IS-SR, and if only one pilot recruits an IS-BR will be the highest medal awarded.

The awards will look like this if a minimum of 3 members recruit during a month. Remember the award is downgraded if the minimum of 3 recruiters isn't met in a month.

1st- IS-GR
2nd- IS-SR
3rd- IS-BR

If this goes well, we could see the competition upgraded in 2015 to award a IS-PR to the number one recruiter during 2015! That is all pilots. Time to get those recruits and grow the TIE Corps!

* TIE Corps FFL
Competition ID#: 2612
Competition status: approved
Submitted by: COM/HA Frodo March/ISDII Warrior
Competition runtime: 09/01/2014 - 12/30/2014
Units involved: TC, admirals and EHCS
Competition medals: IS-GR, SR, BR for 1st, 2nd 3rd
Description: League set up will be 2 divisions with a total of a Min 8 teams with the possibility of expanding to a 10 or 12 team league. All teams must be registered by August 1st, 2014.

League draft will be determined by player vote.

All league rules and scoring are listed on the League site which will be hosted on the Yahoo Fantasy sports website. (Must create a Yahoo Account to play)

Three winners at the end of the regular season gets the medals.

follow this link to join and set up your team - http://y.ahoo.it/ifd8PBrU

* MP Ace of the TIE Corps
Competition ID#: 2501
Competition status: Approved
Submitted by: COO-LOA/RA Crsepe/TC-4/VSDII Aggressor
Competition runtime: 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014
Units involved: Entire TC
Competition medals: IS-PW/GW/SW/BW for the year, IS-GW/SW/BW monthly for the top 3 pilots
Description: The MP Kill Board will used to keep track of points. Each LoC earns you a point for the competition, and a DFC counts for 5 points. Whoever scores most points win. The numbers on the MP Kill Board at the end of the month are the numbers that are tallied. If there are three participants then IS-GW/SW/BW, if only two IS-SW/BW, etc. At the end of the year the top 3 pilots with the most points will receive IS-PW/GW/SW/BW. XWA, XvT, Star Conflict, and Freelancer-Freeworlds are the authorized platforms for this competition.

* Ace of the TIE Corps
Competition ID#: 2492
Competition status: Approved
Submitted by: TAC-PROF/HA Anahorn Dempsey/CS-6/VSDII Sinister
CMDR/COL Anahorn Dempsey/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
Competition runtime: 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014
Units involved: Entire TC
Competition medals: IS-GW/SW/BW monthly.
IS-PW/GW/SW/BW at the end of the year.
Description: As always: every SP mission flown wins a point, whoever has most points at the end of the month wins. IS-GW/SW/BW for top 3 monthly, at the end of the year the top 4 pilots win IS-PW/GW/SW/BW. Each mission only counts once towards this competition, missions flown in previous years can be reflown.
The Kill Board statistics on the TC website are final.

Quotes of the Week

1 – LC Kyle Kroan: “Yes! YES!!! I made it again!!! Now if I make it three times in a row, I get a mustache and a monocle on my bronze smiley face!“

Come on, now you’re just doing it on purpose… ;)

2 – CM Drake Starfire: “is ship commodore an actual thing?”

GN Pickled Yoda: “Ship's commode is a thing too.

Trap for young players: confusing the two will not assist your promotion prospects.”

It really won’t xD

3 – LCM Len Eode: “Congrats to all who got mentioned in the quotes section, your Bronze smiley are available in the ship store ;)”

LC Tempest: “I feel cheated.“

Why? O_o


- Rear Admiral Elwood the Brave to Vice Admiral Elwood the Brave!
- Lieutenant Hav Antiel to Lieutenant Commander Hav Antiel!
- Lieutenant Lady Labyrinth to Lieutenant Commander Lady Labyrinth!
- Lieutenant Len Eode to Lieutenant Commander Len Eode!


- CM Arne Saknussem – M/FRG Phoenix to Alpha Squadron

Open Command Positions

- Beta Squadron Commander (CPT Nutrientman is interim CMDR)
- Beta Squadron Flight 2 Leader
- Beta Squadron Flight 3 Leader


It is such a pleasure to be able to reward some officers with their so much deserved rewards. Makes this job so worthwhile. So, once again, congrats to all medal awardees and promoted officers, especially both Ship Commodores, to whom I have much to thank for, since without their great efforts my job would be next to impossible at this point.

Have a great week, everyone!

Respectfully submitted,

TCCOM-PROF/HA Daniel Bonini/TC-1/ISDII Challenge
IC/GOEx2/GSx3/SSx2/BSx4/PCx20/ISMx21/IS-2PW-27GW-49SW-89BW-2PR-12GR-23SR-46BR/MoI/LoC-CSx7-Rx3/DFC-Rx1/MoC-2doc-3poc-4goc-6soc-34boc/CoLx6/CoB/LoAx2/OV-14E [EXCR] [Officer 3rd] {IWATS-AMP-BFM-CBX-CTW-HIST-IBX-ICQ-IIC/1-LIN-MP/1/2-SM/3-TM/1/3-TT-WM-WPN-XTT-XWAC-XWAI}