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  ISDII Warrior Commodore report #31 (09/27/2021)
This report was submitted by COM/HA Mordechi Wolfe/ISDII Warrior



WarCom Address #2, 27 Sep 21

Greetings Pilots and welcome to my second report as Commodore of the ISD Warrior. A relatively quiet week and a feeling very much of "the calm before the storm" of Raise the Flag (RtF). The final version of the rules for this competition have yet to be released but they are broadly similar to previous RtFs, but with point adjustments and the inclusion of Star Wars Squadrons and EA Battlefront I & II. The competition itself is scheduled to start on 1 October.

The Warrior’s Encyclopaedia Imperia entry is located at https://wiki.emperorshammer.org/Warrior - if anyone would like to contribute new entries to our history, please let me know.





The Ship currently stands at 49 pilots - no change from my previous report following some new arrivals and AWOLs. 


Fleet News & Competitions

- For the Officers in the Fleet, the TCCOM is currently soliciting thoughts on when to hold the regular fortnightly Discord meetings - any strong thoughts, please head over to #officers-club and contribute.

- Trivia Grand Tour - Week 8 has concluded and congratulations to LCM Westric Davalorn on placing third. Also congratulations to him and CM Kazaran for placing second and third respectively for the month of September overall. Week 9 is now live at: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/timetest.php?testid=112505

- A number of  other Fleet-wide competitions are currently active including the Crossword Challenge, Starship Designers and Find the Difference (hosted by our own SinCMDR). The details for these should have gone out to the TIE Corps group email - let me know if you cannot find it. 


Ship News

Promotions. Congratulations to the following on your well-earned promotions:

  • LCM Kazaran (Sin) to Commander 
  • CM SkyShadow (Sin) to Captain
  • SL vapinvanman (Rho) to Lieutenant
  • SL Fern Domgra (Rho) to Lieutenant

Arrivals. Also please welcome LTs vapinvanman and Fern Domgra to the Warrior - you've arrived just in time to support the Ship in RtF. And also credit to LCM Davalorn for recruiting these two new pilots. 

Medals. Congratulations to RhoCMDR, Capt fr0Zen, who has been awarded with the Bronze Star of the Empire. The citation reads: 

An excellent month of activity from fr0Zen, both as RhoCMDR and as a Pilot in his own right. fr0Zen leads by example, undertaking a wide range of activities, from MP flying (48 LoCs racked up in August) through to competition participation. At the same time, he attends to his CMDR duties diligently, filing reports, attending meetings and constantly working to improve the member experience for his pilots. The Bronze Star of the Empire has been well earned!

Please note that I do not intend to cover non-Merit medal awards in my report – they are already documented in individual Squadron reports which go out to the entire Fleet. My intent is to highlight meritorious rewards, recognising the work individuals put into the club for the benefit of all. 

Competitions. Currently there are no competitions running that are just for the Warrior. I think with RtF on the horizon, and a number of other competitions active at Fleet and Squadron levels, I would rather keep the load fairly light. That being said, if anyone has an idea for a competition that would work well at Fleet level (and would like to run it), please let me and your CMDR know. 

Yours, Aye.

HA Mordechi Wolfe
 Commodore, ISD Warrior