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  Strategic Operations Officer report #8 (10/12/2020)
This report was submitted by SOO/VA John T. Clark/TC-2/ISDII Warrior


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FROM: SOO/VA John T. Clark
TO: whole TC
DATE SUBMITTED: October 12th 2020
VA Clark was surrounded by datapads and looked at several of them simultaneously. With his imminent move to another Star Destroyer, his third this year, a lot of paperwork needed to be completed lest it get lost in the transfer.
John had just finished scribbling down notes for his final report to the TCCS on the Hammer when someone rang the bell on his office door. The Vice-Admiral checked his desk chrono to realise that the junior officer staffing the entry to the Staff Quarters during the usual working hours must have left hours ago.
With a sigh he pressed on the internal comm: “Yes, what is it?”. A nervous and young voice replied: “Err, sir, we’re here from the Warrior.” Another voice chimed in, this one female: “Admiral Silvius has been looking for volunteers to help you move your, err, stuff from the Hammer.” Both voices continued: “And we volunteered, sir!”
Shaking his head Clark looked for the door unlock and pressed it. He was interested in who would call up an Admiral ‘to help him move his stuff’ at one in the morning local time.
He heard two sets of freshly issued Imperial Navy shoes shuffle through the entry hall towards the only open door, the office light spilling into the darkened corridor. A loud knock on the door arch followed.
“Enter!” John screamed in his best superior officer voice. He watched two very young cadets enter. A young man with brownish hair, cut down to a not very comfortable length, and a woman of similar age, her curly black hair barely kept in check by a large Imperial gray scrunchy.
They came to attention in the clinical white light of the office, giving the SOO a little more time to scrutiny them.
As he had heard from the shoes, the Cadet uniforms the two were wearing were very recently issued and apparently had SSD Avenger patches hastily removed and replaced by ISDII Warrior ones.
The female moved first, “Sir, we’ve been issued these orders for your review.” She handed John a datapad. Lifting his eyebrow he read and then needed to hide a smile.
The pad held flowing recommendations by Colonel Hav Antiel and one of his pilots, signed off by Admiral Silvius. With a sigh Clark mustered the two again.
They were obviously tired, the notes on his datapad implied they had been on the move for about 36 hours. “Allright, before we get to move my ‘stuff’ you need to move something else first.”, John smiled at them, “That is you need to move with this tired Officer to the mess and have some dinner.” He stood and moved past the pair,
“And it’s good to know that you’re used to long hours, junior members of an Admiral’s staff are usually the ones that work the worst hours.” With a broad grin Clark walked out of his office.

Rais the Flag is over, the Warrior won not only overall but also presents the Escort Squadron and TCCOM Wingman

This is an extraordinary achievement. Well done everyone!
The MSE process for September is almost over, and I am currently discussing some things with the TCCOM. I shall be giving the green light to all CMDRs via Discord in the next few days. The first Commanders have also been informed and started to enter their recommendations into the database for my approval.


Silver Star of the Empire
In alphabetical order: Hav Antiel, Hermann, Zekk Terrik

Bronze Star of the Empire
In alphabetical order: Miles Prower, Pete Mitchell, Phalk Sturm, Phoenix Berkana, Silwar Naiilo

You have all done a tremendous job!

Palpatine Crescent
In alphabetical order: Doyon, EvilGrin, Marek Ny'Irfa, SL8c8, Wildfire

You have all done a very good job!

Imperial Security Medal
In alphabetical order: Alejandro Araujo, Drake Starfire, Dunta Polo, Gustan, Hermann, Highlander, Iam Thinking, Kyle Kroan, Milo Antu, Neko, Phalk Sturm, Pickled Yoda, Ryan Hawkins.

You have all done a good job!
IS-PW Iron Star with Platinum Wings for: Pickled Yoda!
IS-GW Iron Star with Gold Wings for: In alphabetical order: Anahorn Dempsey, Bai'et Decol, Elwood the Brave, Gyssler Hermann, Marek Ny'Irfa, Pickled Yoda, Plif, Rando, Silwar Naiilo.
IS-GR Iron Star with Gold Ribbon for: In alphabetical order: Genie, Marek Ny'Irfa, Lo Mar, Bai'et Decol, Turtle Jerrar, Hav Antiel.
IS-SW Iron Star with Silver Wings for: Anahorn Dempsey, Bai'et Decol, Elwood the Brave, EvilGrin, Frenchie6, Genie, Hav Antiel Hermann, Highlander, Jarion Renalds, Lo Mar, Marek Ny'Irfa, Phalk Sturm, Pickled Yoda, Plif Rando, Silwar Naiilo, Stryker, Xye.
IS-SR Iron Star with Silver Ribbon for: In alphabetical order: Aval, Drake Starfire, Genie, Kalve Ryder, Marek Ny'Irfa, Pickled Yoda, Witcher. .
IS-BW Iron Star with Bronze Wings for: In alphabetical order: acetiepilot, Bai'et Decol, Calvin Phrick, Earnim Branet, Elwood the Brave, Epicedion, EvilGrin, Freddo, Genie, Gyssler, Hav Antiel, Hermann, Highlander, Horus Blackheart, JetMech, Lo Mar, Marek Ny'Irfa, Miles Prower, Pete Mitchell, Phalk Sturm, Phoenix Berkana, Pickled Yoda, Plif, Rando, Robert Hogan, Silwar Naiilo, SL8c8, Stryker, Turtle Jerrar, Wildfire, WoofWolffe, Xye.
IS-BR Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon for: In alphabetical order: Aldaric, Aval, Charlie X, Doyon, Drake Starfire, Earnest Penfold, EvilGrin, Favdaukar, Firebreaker Terrik, Genie, Germ, Hermann, Jack Wynand, Kalve Ryder, Lo Mar, Marek Ny'Irfa, Mo Kongo, Phoenix Berkana, Pickled Yoda, Silwar Naiilo, Stryker, Tygra Shadowclaw, Wildfire, Wodi Untok.

NOTE: Several Pilots may have received multiple medals of a certain level and are only mentioned once.



Every Report I will include an encoded transmission or question. Your task will be to decode the transmission or answer the question.

The code will be different every time, and the solution must be an readable and understandable English sentence. Questions must be answered in appropriate form.
The theme of the transmission will be the Star Wars based.

The first pilot sending the correct answer to the mailing list wins and get an IS-BR. 5th victory will be updated to an IS-SR, 10th to an IS-GR and 25th to an IS-PR.
The 2nd pilot who send the correct answer to the list will be given 3 points, the 3rd pilot 2 points and everyone else 1 point. Those points will be summed up: 10 points will give you a IS-BR and 25 points an IS-SR.

This week's transmission:
“Ch gs yrjylcyhwy nbyly cm hi mowb nbcha um fowe.”

Hint: C is an encoded I.

Last Week's winner: Germ...

standings wins 2020:

Anahorn Dempsey
Jack Wynand
Coremy Jertese
Zekk Terrik
Mark Schueler
Elwood the Brave
standings points 2020:
Zekk Terrik
Anahorn Dempsey
Coremy Jertese

E-Mail activity
Telegram & Discord activity
the usual SOO office administration
A lot more SOO Administration thanks to RtF.
prepared SOO Report and went through a lot of MSE.
played some SW: GoH

We've seen RtF 2020 come to an end with a great showing of large parts of the TIE Corps. The Warrior has regained the title of Flagship, while Rho Squadron is the new Escort Squadron. A special mention goes out to GN Pickled Yoda, who was the highest scoring individual pilot.
Overall I am very happy with participation, and how the competition played out. Especially the fiction element produced a large number of excellent entries.

respectfully submitted

John T. Clark
SOO/VA John T. Clark/TC-2/ISDII Warrior
OV-15E [Aquilifer] [Elite 3rd] [Top Ace Ranger] {TCCORE-SM/4}