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  TIE Corps Commander report #17 (10/05/2020)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-IOA-EDR/FA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Fleet Admiral Plif, TIE Corps Commander
ACTIVE DUTY ROSTER COUNT: 123 (+4) Including 3 NPCs


Raise the Flag 2020 wrapped up a few days back. Thanks to everyone that participated and congratulations to everyone that placed in all the different categories and bonus comps! See next section for the new title holders. Also, we're looking for RtF feedback through a Google Form over on https://forms.gle/KhkhxvfAPwQ4euvQ9

Since last time, the roster has grown by another four pilots though there was a lot of movement in both directions as you'll see in the Transfers section further down. We've only got a few open Flight Member positions, which I'll talk about again here in a moment.

Star Wars Squadrons came out late last week and there's been a flurry of activity in it. We're almost ready to start accepting screenshots from SWS to count for Legions of Combat and Legions of Skirmish, the COO will make an announcement when that's good to go. In the meantime, please keep holding on to your screenshots.

HA Elwood the Brave has announced his resignation from Commodore of the ISDII Hammer, though he'll be sticking around until we name his successor. He's decided to take a step back and return to squadron life for a while, which I think is a responsible decision and I thank him for his efforts on behalf of the Corps. To choose the next HamCOM, the TCCS will be opening the position to applications. Phase One of this process will be simply emailing me indicating your interest in the position. I'll send each applicant a few personalized questions and answering those will be Phase Two. For this position, we'd like to select one of our current CMDRs but will accept applications from everyone in case we don't have a CMDR that ends up being offered and accepting the position.

With only a few open roster positions available, it's time to open another squadron and we've got some big plans in mind. It's been a few years since the TIE Corps has had an active Infiltrator Wing unit and now seems like the perfect time to bring them back with Star Wars Squadrons featuring both sides of the fight for control of the galaxy prominently. A CMDR has applied and been selected. He's been directed to reach out to the pilots that indicated that they'd like to transfer to this new squadron in order to get their input on a squadron name, fighters, and objective.

On the Discord server, anyone without a role assigned and cadets are now limited to #iwats-training and #new-pilot-resources. They'll gain access to the other channels once they finish their training or have a role added like Reserves if they're a Reservist. This is so that our main channels don't have randos in them (other than LC Rando, of course) and incoming pilots don't get too comfortable before they complete our onboarding process.

In everyone's favorite omnipresent concern, proper Imperial procedure, the COO and SOO have decided that they're okay with not being involved with every inter-unit transfer and Flight Leader appointment. Going forward, what I'll be looking for is approval or at least acknowledgement from the applicable CMDRs and COMs before processing those.


The Raise the Flag event each year confers three titles to recognize the top ship, squadron, and individual pilot from the competition. These are the current holders of those titles.

TIE Corps Flagship: ISDII Warrior

TCCOM's Escort Squadron: Rho

TCCOM's Wingman: GN Pickled Yoda

  • LT Highlander of Lambda Squadron was promoted to LCM
  • LT Lo Mar of Rho Squadron was promoted to LCM
  • LT Marek Ny`Irfa of Tempest Squadron was promoted to LCM
  • SL Bai'et Decol of Lambda Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL BrickyT of Beta Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Deiro Avisst of Lambda Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Freddo of Inferno Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL MadTitan of Beta Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Sat Nav of Tempest Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Veritas Crawl of Thunder Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz returned from the Reserves and is now the Imperial Sovereign Protector (ISP)
  • AD Reaper was Inactive and is now a Reservist
  • COL Ricaud was Inactive and is now assigned to Alpha Squadron
  • LC Phalk Sturm of Tempest Squadron was moved up to a Flight Leader position
  • CPT DarkAlpha was Inactive and is now a Reservist
  • CPT Drake Starfire was moved to a Flight Member position in Inferno Squadron
  • CPT Kalve Ryder returned from the Inactives and was assigned to Tempest Squadron
  • CM Ernest Penfold requested that his TC profile be deleted
  • LCM ERiSi of Rho Squadron transferred to a Flight Leader position in Inferno Squadron
  • LCM EvilGrin was assigned to Inferno CMDR as CM EvilGrin
  • LCM Richlet was Inactive and is now a member of Tempest Squadron
  • LT Apos Steem of Rho Squadron transferred to the Reserves
  • LT Corran Shub of Beta Squadron transferred to a Flight Leader position in Lambda Squadron
  • LT fatproduce of Rho Squadron transferred to the Reserves
  • SL Del Eon of Inferno Squadron was declared AWOL
  • CT Ironback completed his IWATS training and was assigned to Beta Squadron as SL Ironback
  • CT MadTitan completed his IWATS training and was assigned to Beta Squadron as SL MadTitan
  • CT Marley Chev completed his IWATS training and was assigned to Beta Squadron as SL Marley Chev
  • CT Martello completed his IWATS training and was assigned to Rho Squadron as SL Martello
  • CT Pedz completed his IWATS training and was assigned to Rho Squadron as SL Pedz
  • CT “Savage Knight” Zantalo Corsin completed his IWATS training and was assigned to Sin Squadron as SL “Savage Knight” Zantalo Corsin
  • CT Veritas Crawl completed his IWATS training and was assigned to Thunder Squadron as SL Veritas Crawl


  • Wrapped up scoring and judging for RtF
  • RtF results were sent out and medals recommended
  • The TIE Heavy, TIE Striker, T-70 X-Wing, and RZ-2 A-Wing have been added to the craft list
  • Worked out a couple of new MSE rules
  • Several trainees were reached out to, didn't respond, and were declared AWOL
  • Did some groundwork for the Infiltrator Squadron
  • Limited Discord server members without roles and cadets to #iwats-training (and #new-pilot-resources, but that one wasn't my idea)


  • Greeting new cadets and performing onboarding tasks before assigning them to squadrons
  • Processing transfers and other profile updates in the database
  • Running TIE Corps in Battle (took a break for RtF) and Everyone's a Critic
  • Posting news to the feed in the database
  • TIE Corps Pilot Manual updates - Living document style, no big revisions that take a while to come out
  • Fleshing out the New Members Guide in the Wiki
  • Chatting with the IO about stuff we need or would like to see in the new database
  • Learning to be a responsible database code collaborator from the IO, AD Turtle Jerrar (thanks!)
  • Updating the list of gamertags in #online-ids in Discord



  • Everyone's a Critic results for September
  • Working with HamCOM applicants
  • Fix the course listings on the database's iwats.php
  • Re-evaluate support for Galactic Starfighter in SWTOR, Imperial Alliance, and Freeworlds
  • The Commodore Volume 7
  • Figuring out another solution for completing the evaluation feedback loop
  • Competition resource - what we've done before to serve as a pool of ideas for what we can do next
  • Taking TM/3

If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Telegram at @Plif346, on Discord at Plif#2475, or over email at tccom at emperorshammer dot org.

Fleet Admiral Plif
CoLx8/CoE/CoB/LoAx13/OV-22E [Centurion] [Ace 2nd] [Ace Ranger 4th] {TCCORE-COE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}
TIE Golf Grand Champion