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  Thunder Squadron Commander report #9 (09/09/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-SIMS/GN Phoenix Berkana/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge



To: HA Dempsey, Commodore ISD-II Challenge

From: GN Phoenix Berkana, Commander Thunder Squadron

Date: 9th September 2020


- LT Angel continues her run in the Empire’s Wrath tournament

- Thunder Trivia won by CM Aval

- Trivia for the Challenged won by CPT Hermann

- RtF ongoing, Thunder making gains but still lagging behind Tempest on the Challenge

- Challenge also making gains, but lagging behind the Warrior who are setting the pace


Welcome to this weeks Thunder Squadron report, been a mixed week with virtually all of you checking in with me at some point or another, pilots taking part in the trivia, doing some flying and picking up awards for art and whatnot. However, we’re lagging in RtF after a week and we need to do some catching up! I hope I’ll be seeing everyone on the flight line during the course of the month – so please let me know how I can assist!


A full list of active competitions is available on http://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current


Biggest item on the competition list is of course Raise the Flag (RtF) which will run for the rest of the month. The scoring and rules can be found online here: http://rtf.tsaunders.net/


Back on the Challenge, we had a round of the Thunder Trivia – which was won by CM Aval, whilst the Trivia for the Challenged was won by CPT Hermann. Good work both of you!!! Answers below!



Thunder Trivia


Q1: Which company designed and built the I-7 Howlrunner?

A1: Incom


Q2: True or false - the I-7 Howlrunner possessed shields?

A2: True


Q3: What defection fiasco was a chief reason for the Howlrunner not being 'liked' by the Imperial Navy?

A3: The X-Wing design team


Q4: Approximately how much did a new I-7 Howlrunner cost (in Imperial Credits of course).

A4: 165,000


Aval - 12


Trivia for the Challenged


Q1: Which company built the Ton-Falk Class Escort Carrier (better known as the Imperial Escort Carrier).

A1: Kuat Drive Yards (KDY)


Q2: The Ton-Falk Class Escort Carrier was named for the Battle of Ton Falk. Who won this battle?

A2: Rebel Scum


Q3: True or False - the Ton-Falk class Escort Carrier was the smallest class of vessel that could carry a full wing (72 craft) of starfighters?

A3: True


Q4: In which game did the Ton Falk class carrier first appear?

A4: TIE Fighter



CPT Hermann - 11

CPT Drake Starfire - 6

LT Highlander - 5

LC Phalk Sturm - 4

CM Aval - 4

LCM Rachel Drakon - 3


Thunder CMDR: GN Phoenix Berkana

- On Discord / Telegram / Email

- Flew 9 battles (44 missions)


Thunder 1-2: LT Lee Cartec

- On Discord / Email

- Working on a comic


Thunder 1-3: LT Angel

- On Discord / Email

- Taking part in the XvT competition – into the next round!


Thunder 1-4: LT Rick Skyward

- On Discord / Email


Thunder 2-1: MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw

- On Discord / Email


Thunder 2-2: LT Mo Kongo

- On Discord / Email

- Awarded a Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons


Thunder 2-3: LCM Mazr Donir

- On Discord / Email


Thunder 2-4: LT Nemo Barbarossa

- On Discord / Email


Thunder 3-1: CM Aval

- On Discord / Email

- Flew 2 battles (11 missions)

- Won this weeks week’s Thunder Trivia

- Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged

- Awarded a Iron Star with Silver Ribbons

- Passed SM/5


Thunder 3-2: LT Bel Ferrin

- On Discord / Email


Thunder 3-3: COL Impulse

- On Discord / Email


Thunder 3-4: LT Dynamus

- On Discord / Email



​COMMANDER: GN Phoenix Berkana

NICKNAME: Stormbringers

MOTTO: “Swift, Silent, Deadly”


Nickname: Thunder Warrios
Motto: “Bring the Thunder”
[CMDR] GN Phoenix Berkana
[1-2] LT Lee Cartec
[1-3] LT Angel
[1-4] LT Rick Skyward

Nickname: “Lightning Raiders”
Motto: Feel the Thunder
[2-1] MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw
[2-2] LT Mo Kongo
[2-3] LCM Mazr Donir
[2-4] LT Nemo Barbarossa

Nickname: Rolling Thunder
Motto: “Fear the Thunder”
[3-1] CM Aval
[3-2] LT Bel Ferrin
[3-3] COL Impulse
[3-4] LT Dynamus



Onwards and upwards everyone! Let’s try and get some more flying done for RtF!


GN Phoenix Berkana
CMDR-SIMS/GN Phoenix Berkana/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

GS/SS/BS/PCx14/ISMx17/IS-2SW-1GR-3SR-29BR/MoI/MoC-4doc-4poc-4goc-4soc-33boc/CoLx4/CoB/LoA/OV-20E [Dragoon] {TCCORE-SM/2-WIKI}