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  Sin Squadron Commander report #97 (09/06/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-COOA-TOA-ROA/COL Zekk Terrik/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior

Sin Squadron Report #99 September 6th, 2020
Reporting Commander: Colonel Zekk Terrik

Squadron News & Commentary
Greetings from the desk of the Commander, everyone. This week marked the beginning of Raise the Flag, and also the beginning of the end of the Challenge’s and Hammer’s hopes and dreams. The Warrior is winning handily, but unfortunately, Sin is only sitting at 4th of 9 squadrons. It’s been a very disappointing start out of the gate with only a handful of Sinners being significantly active, but we all know it’s now how you start – it’s how you finish.
CM Genie is still keeping us alive in the XvT tournament, nice work Genie!
I processed MSEs after sending out the last report, and we’re currently sitting on 8 medals to come out as well as one promotion..stay tuned!
Interested in becoming a Squadron Commander? Say no more! Squadron Management 5, written by yours truly, has all you need! You can find it here: https://www.emperorshammer.org/course.php?id=199
Did you catch the latest episode of The TIE Pilot Podcast? If not you can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClWwyo_q29E&feature=youtu.be If you are interested in being on the show or have an idea for it, please reach out to me or LCM Jack Wynand! Hopefully we will have a new episode next week.
Sin Trivia can be found here: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/timetest.php?testid=935710 This begins Monday.
Sin On Patrol will be TIE Free 61. TIE Golf will be TIE Free 62. This will be due the same date. The current missions still have one day to be submitted. If you don’t know what they are...then...read the damn reports! This will be due September 20th at 11:59 PM PST.
The Know Your Enemy competition has been canceled, but please reach out to me if you have interest in reviving it.
We continue to see a large influx of recruits and seeing our numbers swell, please make sure you greet them in Discord and Telegram!
Colonel Horus Blackheart has been hosting a PVP shootout, every Saturday at 3 PM PST, with more to come. You may find the details here: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/combat.php?id=156
Here are the following competitions that Sin is participating in, whether squadron-only or part of the whole TIE Corps. As always I encourage you to visit the Competition Center (https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current ) to brush up on what’s going on in the TC as a whole. Keep an eye out for the Command Staff’s reports as they contain important information and competitions.
Sin Squadron Trivia - https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3092 This will end every Sunday night. I have changed the rules slightly...beginning this week, you will be awarded an IS-SR for every FIFTH victory. Everyone’s victories are reset to zero.
Sin Squadron On Patrol - https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3091 The bi-weekly free mission where you can earn an IS-BW for the top score every two weeks!
The Adventures of Sin Squadron – Submit anything, and I mean quite literally anything (minimum half a page because John was mean about it), to your CMDR for inclusion in the squadron report and receive a brand new shiny IS-BR! Receive an IS-SR for every 5 submissions! Ask me how (just email it, dummy). Graphics are also acceptable, or really just any creativity!
Sin Top Gun - https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3121 Who is the finest (and most active?) pilot in all of Sin?
TIE Golf – https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3123 Do you suck at flying too? Finally, a mission I can compete in! That’s right – you will compete for the worst possible score!
The TIE Pilot Podcast – https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3154 The podcast created by TIE pilots, for TIE pilots. Interested in being on, or have an idea for the show? Tell us!
Unit Activity

Flight I
COL Zekk Terrik [Sin CMDR]
Comms: Discord and email
Activity: Did a bit of flying, graded some SM/5 exams
CPT Coremy Jertese [Sin 1-2]
Comms: Email, Discord
Activity: Eating chili mac
COL Stryker [Sin 1-3]
Comms: Email, Discord
Activity: Hella flying
GN Earnim Branet [Sin 1-4]
Comms: Email
Activity: A whole mess of Star Conflict
Flight II
LC Rando [Sin 2-1]
Comms: Email, Discord
Activity: Hella flying, also discovered Rando likes nu metal
LT malnatrix [Sin 2-2]
Comms: Nada
Activity: Nada
LCM Favdaukar [Sin 2-3]
Comms: Nada
Activity: Nada
LT Cloudstriker [Sin 2-4]
Comms: Nada
Activity: Nada
Flight III
CM Genie [Sin 3-1]
Comms: Discord, email
Activity: Did Sin trivia, SoP, Golf, passed SM/5, and a bit of flying
LCM Jack Wynand [Sin 3-2]
Comms: Discord, email
Activity: Gearing up to fly
LCM Firebreaker Terrik [Sin 3-3]
Comms: Discord
Activity: Did trivia, planning to do some flying this week for RtF
GN Exar Kit [Sin 3-4]
Comms: Discord
Activity: Did a bit of flying, nice work Exar!

Closing Comments
While this has been a disappointing start out of the gate for Sin, as I said before, it’s how you finish. I know Sin can do better. Let’s start flying!