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  TIE Corps Commander report #13 (08/10/2020)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-IOA-EDR/FA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Hammer


REPORTING OFFICER: Fleet Admiral Plif, TIE Corps Commander
ACTIVE DUTY ROSTER COUNT: 112 (+2) Including 2 NPCs
TCCOM'S WINGMAN: HA Elwood the Brave


The Fleet Commander has issued new orders: As part of the First Recon Division, the TIE Corps, the Dark Brotherhood, and the EHCS are heading for the unknown regions. The rest of the fleet will be remaining in the Aurora Sector as the Home Guard. On our way to investigate the dark presence calling us away from home, we're bound to encounter elements of the New Republic, their allies, and all sorts of smugglers, pirates, and other opportunists seeking to take advantage of a fleet making their way across the galaxy. This'll manifest in competitions, missions, and other events.

Since last time, the roster count hasn’t changed too much. We had a couple of AWOLs from Thunder but gained four pilots for a net of +2. We’re right on the cusp of needing to open another squadron, only a few spots left and then we won’t be able to wait any longer.

The July evaluations are in progress and are at various stages of completion. If you’re responsible for any part of an evaluation, please take a look at your spreadsheet(s) and make sure there’s nothing that’s waiting on you!

This is more COO news than TCCOM news, but we’re actively looking for competitions that have been approved but aren’t really being run or promoted. If you’re a competition runner and have a competition that has no or low participation, please think about cancelling it and going a different direction or doing more to promote it. I’ve had good experiences with database news posts and not nesting competition news inside reports, myself. Reminder emails sometime before submission are due are also helpful, knowing that there are a ton of competitions out there and that naturally leads to the ones that are out of sight being out of mind.


If you’re serving in a CMDR role or higher and know you’ll be out of contact for longer than day or two, please notify your chain of command that you’ll be on Leave. That way we can make arrangements to handle your duties while you’ll be away.

If you’d like to submit something for the newsletter, just attach the file to an email and send it to me. If it‘s something that’s already been uploaded somewhere, just email me the URL.

If you complete a new Imperial University course, you'll notice that your EH database profile gets updated automatically but not your TC database profile. The latter are updated manually, please give us a couple of days after your test is graded for the new course to appear in your TC profile before you contact us about it.

  • SL Chatter of Rho Squadron was promoted to full Lieutenant (LT)
  • SL Epidedion of Rho Squadron was promoted to full Lieutenant (LT)
  • All EHCS members have been transferred from the SSSD Sovereign to the SSD Avenger (not live in the database yet)
  • AD Stryker returned from the Inactives and is now in the Reserves
  • COL Doyon resigned from his COOA role
  • LT EvilGrin is now a Flight Leader in Beta Squadron
  • LT Francois748 was AWOLed from Thunder Squadron
  • LT Kitsune transferred from Tempest Squadron to the Reserves
  • LT Mo Kongo transferred from Inferno Squadron to Thunder
  • LT Vansik Tamak was AWOLed from Thunder Squadron
  • CT Chatter completed her training and was assigned to Rho Squadron as SL Chatter
  • CT Corran Shub completed his training and was assigned to Beta Squadron as SL Corran Shub
  • CT Epidedion completed his training and was assigned to Rho Squadron as SL Epidedion
  • CT Marek Ny`Irfa completed his training and was assigned to Tempest Squadron as LT Marek Ny`Irfa
  • CT Nightwing completed his training and was assigned to the Reserves as SL Nightwing
  • CT WoofWolffe completed his training and was assigned to Inferno Squadron as SL WoofWolffe


  • Added promotion guidance to the evaluation folders
  • Set up the award and promotion guidance in the evaluation folders so that one document is linked to all the different folders instead of having to update nine copies of each file manually
  • Set up a Windows XP virtual machine to run AlliED on
  • Reached out to a few CMDRs about their CoL nominations
  • Posted TCiB and Everyone's a Critic results for July
  • Placed in a few rounds of TIE Corps History Trivia and placed second overall
  • Played in another couple of TC PvP Shootouts
  • Successfully pushed an update to the Fleet Manual URL listed in the TC database
  • Flew XWA-TC 62 (4 missions) and submitted a review for it
  • Submitted a bug report for XWA-TC 63, the battle I tried to fly before XWA-TC 62
  • Signed up for LT EvilGrin's XvT tournament


  • Greeting new cadets and performing onboarding tasks before assigning them to squadrons
  • Processing transfers and other profile updates in the database
  • Running TIE Corps in Battle and Everyone’s a Critic
  • Posting news to the feed in the database
  • FCHG career awards - Some awarded, almost done with catching up
  • TIE Corps Pilot Manual updates - Living document style, no big revisions that take a while to come out
  • Fleshing out the New Members Guide in the Wiki
  • Chatting with the IO about stuff we need or would like to see in the new database
  • Working on the Challenge's July evaluations while HA Dempsey is away


  • Evaluating Elite Dangerous for inclusion in the TIE Corps
  • Learning to be a responsible database code collaborator from the IO, AD Turtle Jerrar (thanks!)
  • Turning COL Terrik’s SM/5 text into HTML for the IU


  • Taking TM/3
  • Competition resource - what we’ve done before to serve as a pool of ideas for what we can do next
  • Figuring out another solution for completing the evaluation feedback loop
  • Evaluation point system for competition participation
  • Deciding what "IWATS" really is since all the courses are now under the IU's umbrella
  • The Commodore Volume 7
  • Daedalus sweep for cadets I’ve emailed the initial welcome package to but haven’t heard from
  • Emailing the Reservists two weeks before Squadrons or when the new database is published, whichever comes first

If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Telegram at @Plif346, on Discord at Plif#2475, or over email at tccom at emperorshammer dot org.

Fleet Admiral Plif
CoLx8/CoE/CoB/LoAx13/OV-22E [Centurion] [Ace 2nd] [Ace Ranger 4th] {TCCORE-COE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}
TIE Golf Grand Champion