A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

Platform X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Type Fighter
Fleet Manual Fleet Manual #137
Creator COL Kermee
3D Artist HA Ender mBind
2D Artist HA Ender mBind
Date released 2000-02-07
Date updated 2009-02-20
Number of craft 1
Custom Cockpit No
# Reviews 0
# Bugs 0
# Usages 1

Very agile advanced space superiority fighter. Equipped with high power weapons and high output engines.<br /> <br /> Tau Squadron uses the A-9b with added shields, hyperdrive and "force vents".

  • Requires EHSP-XvT
  • Uses Slot 11
  • A-9b version: Use limited to Tau Elite Squadron
    (Added hyperdrive and shields, Double Missiles, FG Colour Green.)

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XvT-FCHG 5: Tau Squadron: The Yevethan Connection