TIE Corps Statistics

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard Rank Listings
 CPT Daar Skeloria (399 points)
FA Manesh (399 points)
CM Derek (398 points)
CPT Ric Gravin (397 points)
CPT Ulath (395 points)
CM Bizzare (394 points)
LCM Mateusz (392 points)
LCM Sint Seelasi (392 points)
COL Shups (390 points)
MAJ Jaruus (388 points)
LC Florian (387 points)
LCM Halk Knight (387 points)
CPT Rexal Qel (387 points)
LCM Vonnegut (387 points)
CPT Lito Rendal (383 points)
MAJ Malik (382 points)
GN Sasquatch (382 points)
LCM Oorl Quygg (381 points)
CM Infamus (380 points)
MAJ Jack Stone (380 points)
CPT Marc Kendoran (380 points)
CM Nick Chi'Cath (380 points)
LC Jason Hunter (377 points)
LCM Jatz Crakker (374 points)
MAJ Aidan Pryde (372 points)
MAJ Brat Stone (372 points)
CPT Morpheus (371 points)
CPT Optimus (371 points)
VA Thomas Nitecki (371 points)
LCM Uriel K'rrden (371 points)
Ekim Yellek (369 points)
CM Scud (369 points)
LC Ambar Kilick (368 points)
COL Garik Hizad (368 points)
LCM Kadath L'Hoon (368 points)
CPT Jan Pieter (367 points)
COL Sauron (367 points)
CPT Badlan (366 points)
VA Sarok (366 points)
CPT Ras Kronar (365 points)
Garet Jax (364 points)
MAJ Roth Jalis (364 points)
CM Arlins Scabo (362 points)
COL Undo (362 points)
CM Raven Lockholme (359 points)
COL Fireclaw (358 points)
CPT Soontir Fel (358 points)
MAJ CrazyR2 (355 points)
VA Rejili Holthaus (351 points)
CM Mycroft (348 points)
CM Sidian (348 points)
MAJ Nuno (346 points)
MAJ Erryc Lasitter (345 points)
CPT Death Angel (342 points)
CPT Jaster Sadista (341 points)
LCM Josef Hassan (338 points)
COL Mobiles (338 points)
CM Trowa (337 points)
CM DarkSith_99 (336 points)
CM Daviriv Rracall (335 points)
CM Riccardo Grazioli (334 points)
LCM Rollins (334 points)
CM Anthony Starr (330 points)
LCM Narnil (330 points)
CPT Paco (329 points)
VA Talek Pter Dei (329 points)
CPT Dweezil (326 points)
CM Grzmot (326 points)
LC Monaghan (324 points)
CM Elvaron Starfire (323 points)
CM Duken (321 points)
CPT Jay Urick (321 points)
CM Dakar Romson (317 points)
LCM Herman (317 points)
CM Nic Rety (317 points)
LT Philledume (317 points)
LCM Zhil (317 points)
Autoris Maximus (316 points)
CPT Michael Gutt (316 points)
CM Arne Saknussem (315 points)
CM Cabbel (315 points)
LCM Dufar Jabar (315 points)
FA Kessler (312 points)
CM Nico Qarni (312 points)
CM Thunder (312 points)
LCM Luca Fett (310 points)
MAJ Sandor Clegane (310 points)
CPT Cmr Brown (308 points)
LC Jdf1984 (308 points)
LCM Zbyl (308 points)
LCM Mithrandir (307 points)
LCM Artur Knight (306 points)
MAJ Fritz Von Stukart (306 points)
COL RogueWing (306 points)
COL Fenn Logan (304 points)
CM HicRic (304 points)
COL Jon Doyle-Strathaven (304 points)
COL A. C. Badlands (303 points)
CM Gistenjunge (303 points)
CM Kalith Jaenus (303 points)
Ian Jackson (302 points)
COL Daniel Stephens (301 points)
SL Jonathan (301 points)
LCM Blenheim (300 points)
AD Turtle Jerrar (300 points)
Paladin FCHG wings

The Fleet Commander's Honor Guard is a special ranking system that rates pilots and officers in the TIE Corps by combat activity and performance using a point system. These points then determine a pilot's place in the Honor Guard. For combat activity, points are awarded for flying and completing missions or winning online combat engagements. For performance, pilots compete against each other for points for holding high scores for missions and battles, adding a more competitive element for pilots trying to hold a higher rank.

The FCHG knows the following ranking system, based on the number of points awarded:
10 points needed
500 points needed
25 points needed
750 points needed
50 points needed
1,000 points needed
75 points needed
1,250 points needed
100 points needed
1,500 points needed
150 points needed
2,000 points needed
200 points needed
2,500 points needed
250 points needed
3,000 points needed
300 points needed
3,500 points needed
400 points needed
4,000 points needed

Points can be awarded for the following flight activity:
every mission flown
every mission high score
every battle high score
1 point
2 points
2 points x # of missions