TIE Corps Statistics

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard Rank Listings
 CPT Joe Arena (299 points)
LC Kayle Bayron (299 points)
LCM Nylan (299 points)
Enahropes Teriad Entar (298 points)
CM Yukito (298 points)
CPT Maw'la (296 points)
CM Vessicant (296 points)
LCM Solaris (295 points)
LCM Talon Virgilio (295 points)
LC Harkonnen (294 points)
LCM Mayk Drazzic (294 points)
LCM Big Daddy (293 points)
CM Dvader (293 points)
CPT Kou Taiki (293 points)
FA Shotgun (293 points)
CM Esm'ael Rasxus (291 points)
LC Quincy Nelson (291 points)
LCM Gold Leader (289 points)
LT Chris Pape (288 points)
LCM Executor (288 points)
CPT Fallien Skull (288 points)
LC Delplancq (287 points)
COL Dan Malaktos (285 points)
CPT Backfire (283 points)
CM Renoshi Bespin (283 points)
CPT APanasyuk (282 points)
CPT Jaques Landeux (282 points)
CPT Kalve Ryder (282 points)
CM Yun (282 points)
LCM Jonny Sawicki (281 points)
CPT Nakata (281 points)
CM Michael LeRoy (279 points)
GN Sickman (279 points)
CPT Krayt (277 points)
MAJ Veers (277 points)
LCM Clarg Zethman (275 points)
MAJ Exar Khaland (275 points)
LCM Keiran Bastra (275 points)
COL Jacob Van Nowak (274 points)
MAJ Crix Talra (273 points)
COL Pavel (272 points)
MAJ Granite (270 points)
AD Krax Tarnisar (270 points)
CM Kysar Xero (270 points)
CPT Alexander Anderson (269 points)
MAJ Murkrow Defender (269 points)
CM Corsair (268 points)
FA Jorddyn (268 points)
LCM Rinuchu Stealth (267 points)
CM Jan Schneider (266 points)
LCM Liz (266 points)
MAJ Valic (266 points)
CM Karce (265 points)
CPT Kyral Retsam (265 points)
LC Thom Zack (265 points)
LC Argon Viper (264 points)
LCM Felix Anthraxson (263 points)
CM Kell (263 points)
CPT Serge Broskopf (263 points)
LT Zacarias (262 points)
CPT Mordred Pendragon (261 points)
LCM Sotskov Yan (259 points)
CM Xeraan Rhazzazor (259 points)
CPT Dante (258 points)
CPT Psyko Prefect (258 points)
CM Brenn Tantor (257 points)
LCM Scid Rahn (257 points)
CM Thom Shveed'oo (257 points)
CM Darius Hunter (256 points)
LC Seth Crimson (256 points)
LCM Yilana (256 points)
LCM Danel (254 points)
CM Matthew Weeks (254 points)
LCM Mirei Seppen (254 points)
MAJ Ponda Jarret (254 points)
LCM Tarkinan (254 points)
LCM Bob-Fett (253 points)
LCM Tyr Kenaz (253 points)
HA Jedgar O. Paladin (252 points)
GA Cyric (251 points)
LCM Raistlin (251 points)
LT Edward De'Galeon (250 points)
Knight FCHG wings

The Fleet Commander's Honor Guard is a special ranking system that rates pilots and officers in the TIE Corps by combat activity and performance using a point system. These points then determine a pilot's place in the Honor Guard. For combat activity, points are awarded for flying and completing missions or winning online combat engagements. For performance, pilots compete against each other for points for holding high scores for missions and battles, adding a more competitive element for pilots trying to hold a higher rank.

The FCHG knows the following ranking system, based on the number of points awarded:
10 points needed
500 points needed
25 points needed
750 points needed
50 points needed
1,000 points needed
75 points needed
1,250 points needed
100 points needed
1,500 points needed
150 points needed
2,000 points needed
200 points needed
2,500 points needed
250 points needed
3,000 points needed
300 points needed
3,500 points needed
400 points needed
4,000 points needed

Points can be awarded for the following flight activity:
every mission flown
every mission high score
every battle high score
1 point
2 points
2 points x # of missions