TIE Corps Statistics

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard Rank Listings
 CM Argos Staneth (74 points)
LCM Chibo (74 points)
LT Harrison (74 points)
LCM Marek Jaros (74 points)
LT Nathan Cole (74 points)
LCM Stark Rhavyn (74 points)
LT Zoltar (74 points)
LCM Bebop (73 points)
COL Blackbird (73 points)
CM Bodhan Grayson (73 points)
LCM Carl Starr (73 points)
LT Crystal Fire (73 points)
LCM Obi-Kan Kysiobi (73 points)
LCM Skalpadda (73 points)
LCM Treb Helfest (73 points)
CM VectorX (73 points)
LT Zantor (73 points)
CM Dudesrule (72 points)
CM Hellionexus (72 points)
CM Jague Philu (72 points)
LT Jimmy (72 points)
CM Laerox (72 points)
CM Lafeber (72 points)
LCM Mibri (72 points)
LCM Turbo (72 points)
LT Vailon Verel (72 points)
LT Arek Korpil (71 points)
VA Astix (71 points)
LCM Canen F. Otter (71 points)
COL Cary (71 points)
LT Chronos (71 points)
LCM Shagen (71 points)
SL Snake (71 points)
LCM Soj Kiram (71 points)
COL Wolfverine (71 points)
LCM Daukern Fost (70 points)
LT Delacroix Vaygen (70 points)
LT Galactix (70 points)
LT Nomanic (70 points)
LCM Rez Chaser (70 points)
LT Scorch (70 points)
CM Vaark (70 points)
COL Blade (69 points)
LCM Coblentz (69 points)
GN Domi (69 points)
CM Mach Blader (69 points)
LT Ron L. Hubba (69 points)
CM Vitaru (69 points)
LT Big-J-Q (68 points)
LT Charlie Zhong (68 points)
LCM Dark Damian (68 points)
LT Diakonov (68 points)
LT Dirk Fireslinger (68 points)
LT meleagris Gallopavo (68 points)
LT Sevrian (68 points)
SL Zero Lestat (68 points)
LT Jc (67 points)
CPT Kael Malahk (67 points)
LT Tonak (67 points)
CM Verigos (67 points)
SL White Tiger (67 points)
CM Witcher (67 points)
LT Anna Fox (66 points)
LCM Drake Ven (66 points)
LT Marick Winter (66 points)
VA Melkor (66 points)
COL Mordechi Wolfe (66 points)
LT Skippy (66 points)
LT Stalker (66 points)
LCM Arcticon (65 points)
FA Danrik (65 points)
LT Fed Prendergast (65 points)
LT Ganon (65 points)
LCM John Deathstalker (65 points)
LT Malcolm Howard (65 points)
LT Ryan Tribal (65 points)
LT Sergi Coward (65 points)
CM Akira Vorsahyer (64 points)
LCM Chief (64 points)
CM Myn Nebers (64 points)
LT Sueki Suezo (64 points)
LT Tirna Q'jira (64 points)
LCM Daurathi Ghost (63 points)
LCM Diablo (63 points)
LT Fred (63 points)
LCM Iylan Kano (63 points)
LT Jay Terrel (63 points)
CM Jorg Silsti (63 points)
LCM Nir Fallas (63 points)
LT Sparrow (63 points)
LCM Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov (62 points)
LT Arvel Crynyd (62 points)
LCM Falcone (62 points)
LT Ghostrider (62 points)
LT Troy (62 points)
LT Iblis Ginjo (61 points)
LT Jake Russell (61 points)
LCM Kayjahal Krhon (61 points)
LCM Latmac (61 points)
AD Pel (61 points)
LT Rabbit (61 points)
LCM Calidore (60 points)
MAJ Karimicus Sukkarius (60 points)
LT Raziel Narshay (60 points)
CM Wizard (60 points)
LC AJ421 (59 points)
LT Blitzdeath (59 points)
COL Daavak Tron (59 points)
LCM John Edwards (59 points)
LT Kriss Broon (59 points)
LT Siross (59 points)
CM Bane Wolfblood (58 points)
VA Chandler (58 points)
LCM Chrome (58 points)
LT Djo (58 points)
LCM Frederik Greyson Junior (58 points)
LCM Jrai (58 points)
LCM Kep Rainer (58 points)
LCM Malus Bloodmoon (58 points)
CM Michal Herok (58 points)
LCM Ryo (58 points)
CPT Saar (58 points)
LCM Shockwave (58 points)
LCM Tron (58 points)
LCM Avenger (57 points)
COL Azurin Luna (57 points)
CM Fatboy (57 points)
LCM Kamahl (57 points)
LT Kiba (57 points)
LT Martelus (57 points)
MAJ Mitth'raw'nuruodo (57 points)
LT Raistlin Majere (57 points)
LT Slayer (57 points)
LCM Steffen Daniel Dunkat (57 points)
LT Bester (56 points)
CPT Carcharoth (56 points)
CPT Face Loran (56 points)
LT Fenix Cochrane (56 points)
CPT Flash (56 points)
LT Hobb (56 points)
CPT Hood (56 points)
LT Sniper (56 points)
MAJ Sslither (56 points)
LT Tpyo (56 points)
LT Tyken Restar (56 points)
Verbatim (56 points)
LT Angel Fire (55 points)
LCM Buddy (55 points)
LT Death Squire (55 points)
LCM Emon (55 points)
LCM Halcyon (55 points)
LCM Ragnar Olisk (55 points)
LCM Sambuca (55 points)
CM Steve Dermody (55 points)
LT Wes Combat (55 points)
CM Feran Daemas (54 points)
Jessie (54 points)
LT Moldy (54 points)
MAJ Seggybop (54 points)
LCM Alexey Kolouboff (53 points)
LCM Ehart (53 points)
CM Nazghul (53 points)
LCM Overkill (53 points)
CM Strahl (53 points)
GN SureFire (53 points)
LT Apex Cure (52 points)
LCM Coyote (52 points)
LCM Dano Fado (52 points)
LT Davide (52 points)
CM Justice (52 points)
LCM Mason Selrood (52 points)
LT Robert Foster (52 points)
LT Teliis Laehrin (52 points)
LCM The Cyber Baron (52 points)
LCM Thor (52 points)
LT Alexius Arrakis (51 points)
LT Bhaal (51 points)
LCM Chuckie (51 points)
CM Dawn Nar'Shalla (51 points)
LCM Hawk Eye (51 points)
LT Kelvin Ray (51 points)
LT Klaus Wowereit (51 points)
COL Len Eode (51 points)
MAJ Lusankya (51 points)
LT Nekura (51 points)
LT Valkyrie (51 points)
LT Varis Palharris (51 points)
LT Walker Slain (51 points)
LT Wenton Chan (51 points)
CM Atican (50 points)
FA Brad (50 points)
LT Caydin Makarin (50 points)
LT Cyborg (50 points)
LCM Edward (50 points)
LT Jagged Fel (50 points)
LT Joba (50 points)
LT Scipion (50 points)
LCM Talon Zetar (50 points)
Hussar FCHG wings

The Fleet Commander's Honor Guard is a special ranking system that rates pilots and officers in the TIE Corps by combat activity and performance using a point system. These points then determine a pilot's place in the Honor Guard. For combat activity, points are awarded for flying and completing missions or winning online combat engagements. For performance, pilots compete against each other for points for holding high scores for missions and battles, adding a more competitive element for pilots trying to hold a higher rank.

The FCHG knows the following ranking system, based on the number of points awarded:
10 points needed
500 points needed
25 points needed
750 points needed
50 points needed
1,000 points needed
75 points needed
1,250 points needed
100 points needed
1,500 points needed
150 points needed
2,000 points needed
200 points needed
2,500 points needed
250 points needed
3,500 points needed
300 points needed
4,500 points needed
400 points needed
5,500 points needed

Points can be awarded for the following flight activity:
every mission flown
every Iron Star with Bronze Wings earned
every Iron Star with Silver Wings earned
every Iron Star with Gold Wings earned
every Iron Star with Platinum Wings earned
every mission high score
every battle high score
1 point
1 point
3 points
5 points
10 points
2 points
2 points x # of missions