TIE Corps Statistics

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard Rank Listings
 LCM Bribon (99 points)
LT Eykkwe (99 points)
CM Kanasu (99 points)
LT Maxwell (99 points)
CM Neo Rising (99 points)
CPT Qiliang (99 points)
CM Raistline Majere (99 points)
LCM Sayrah Mikfarlant (99 points)
SL Zekiel Masters (99 points)
MAJ Aurelius Erasmus (98 points)
CM Fallen Angel (98 points)
CPT Lanidet Tobri (98 points)
Thorin Oakenshield (98 points)
LCM Altar (97 points)
LC DS-61-4 (97 points)
COL Firebird (97 points)
LT Calista FairBright (96 points)
LCM Durakon Staely (96 points)
LCM Jasio (96 points)
LCM Kevin Pryde (96 points)
COL Sindar Naranek (96 points)
LCM Tyler (96 points)
LCM Aris Haben (95 points)
LT Damon Spears (95 points)
MAJ Dharmy (95 points)
LCM Narcissus (95 points)
LT Rizen (94 points)
LCM Tarrafal (94 points)
CM Tigurius (94 points)
LCM Viet (94 points)
LT Ben Holland (93 points)
CPT Three Winged Turkey (93 points)
CM Colin Graves (92 points)
LT Drosha Krablaad (92 points)
LCM KramCola (92 points)
LCM Milo Antu (92 points)
LCM Syntax (92 points)
LT Ulysses (91 points)
CM Archenksov (90 points)
LCM Dan-Elin (90 points)
CM Dark Archon (90 points)
LCM Jan Donner (90 points)
CM Jodo Kast (90 points)
COL Mike Chistu (90 points)
CPT Sinjin Allash (90 points)
LT Trent Devson (90 points)
LT CoopFreak (89 points)
LCM Jean Paul Gerard (89 points)
CPT Juve (89 points)
Manijak (89 points)
CM Nightwolf (89 points)
CPT Paradox (89 points)
LT Terek Kesh (89 points)
COL Van (89 points)
LCM Fulcrum (88 points)
LCM Pedric Cuf (88 points)
LT SpyFunk (88 points)
GN Caddo (87 points)
LT Cardassian (87 points)
LCM Derf (87 points)
LT Jaydar (87 points)
LT Moorindal (87 points)
CM Parker Lewis (87 points)
LCM Rana Grande (87 points)
CPT Banshee (86 points)
COL Jendris Scinar (86 points)
LCM Klech Remart (86 points)
CM Lev Gammitt (86 points)
LT Shino Kisaki (86 points)
LCM Vereska (86 points)
LT Von Kaiser (86 points)
LT AlexanderDS (85 points)
LCM Dark Spector (85 points)
LT Jeremiah Quenzer (85 points)
LT Pistol (85 points)
LCM Puma Oblivion (85 points)
CM Rico Stone (85 points)
Siterath Goersase (85 points)
VA Torquemada (85 points)
HA Ari (84 points)
CPT Bodo Dent (84 points)
CPT Vengeance (84 points)
LT Viktor Trollstein (84 points)
CPT Dontal Renegade (83 points)
CM Kratas (83 points)
LT Mav Walker (83 points)
CPT Rea (83 points)
LCM Rhinok Maul (83 points)
LT Tavrim Kain (83 points)
LT Horus Taalon (82 points)
LCM ZuQ (82 points)
CM Adams (81 points)
LT Dark Iceman (81 points)
AD Jarak Maldon (81 points)
LT Keiran Halcyon (81 points)
LT Thrawn (81 points)
VA Darth Angelus (80 points)
LT Jay Pliskin (80 points)
LCM Leon Mehoff (80 points)
COL Rei Ayanami (80 points)
LT Tyrael Elfhelm (80 points)
LCM Alhana Creed (79 points)
CM Connie (79 points)
LCM Mike Keyman (79 points)
LCM Tetragon (79 points)
LT TK-7195 (79 points)
LCM Bora Yar (78 points)
CM Felagund (78 points)
CM Lars Klemm (78 points)
LT Sempren Kale (78 points)
MAJ TopDawg (78 points)
CPT Dan Jenkins (77 points)
CM Fratus Sinister (77 points)
LCM Fung (77 points)
LT Kal J'qan (77 points)
CM Manticore (77 points)
CPT Actar Vanas (76 points)
CM Bip (76 points)
Charles Spencer (76 points)
LT Perihelion (76 points)
LT Rage Beer (76 points)
AD Sarriss (76 points)
LCM Aero Slasher (75 points)
GN Devin (75 points)
LT Furbo (75 points)
LT H'Dey Omen (75 points)
CM Kurt Williams (75 points)
Sanson en Carlsberg (75 points)
SL Stvg (75 points)
FA Yodavin (75 points)
Fusilier FCHG wings

The Fleet Commander's Honor Guard is a special ranking system that rates pilots and officers in the TIE Corps by combat activity and performance using a point system. These points then determine a pilot's place in the Honor Guard. For combat activity, points are awarded for flying and completing missions or winning online combat engagements. For performance, pilots compete against each other for points for holding high scores for missions and battles, adding a more competitive element for pilots trying to hold a higher rank.

The FCHG knows the following ranking system, based on the number of points awarded:
10 points needed
500 points needed
25 points needed
750 points needed
50 points needed
1,000 points needed
75 points needed
1,250 points needed
100 points needed
1,500 points needed
150 points needed
2,000 points needed
200 points needed
2,500 points needed
250 points needed
3,000 points needed
300 points needed
3,500 points needed
400 points needed
4,000 points needed

Points can be awarded for the following flight activity:
every mission flown
every mission high score
every battle high score
1 point
2 points
2 points x # of missions