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  TIE Corps Commander report #96 (01/12/2015)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-PROF/HA Daniel Bonini/TC-1/ISDII Challenge

TIE Corps Command Report
Weekly Report #96 – Submission date: January 11th 2015


First, I’d like to congratulate the members who have been very active this past week. I can only hope there is much more to come in the coming days.

If you haven’t heard, High Admiral Frodo March has been reported to be missing. Rest assured that every effort is being made, and that every available asset is employed in the search for the Warrior Commodore. In the mean time, Wing II Commander, COL Gilbert H. Frown is granted full authority of the ISD Warrior battlegroup.

COL Frown has already submitted the monthly evaluation for Wing II personnel. If he keeps up his level of dedication, I might have to consider promoting him to an admiralty position. Oh, the horror.

The sad news of the week is the departure of Kappa’s COL Viper Pred to M/FRG Phoenix. Returning to the reserves, Vip has been granted his former flag rank of Fleet Admiral. Here’s hoping you will rejoin us soon, Vip!


* Activity on the rise

* HA Frodo missing, COL Frown in charge

* Vip left for the RSVs.

T/D Astra Fighter’s Flight Status

- None this week

TCCOM’s Other Activities

- On Semi-LoA
- Processed transfers
- Approved medals
- Approved Uniforms
- Assessed competitions
- Usual TCCOM activities

Fleet Wide Competitions

* Wingman

* Dempsey’s Mobile Gaming Mania

* Dempsey’s Weekly Riddles

* Star Conflict PvE Initiative

* The GOG Games: X-Wing

* The GOG Games: TIE Fighter

* MP Ace of the TIE Corps

* Ace of the TIE Corps

Quotes of the Week

COL Gilbert H. Frown: “However, as previously mentioned, more administrative duties would make my life too happy. I dislike being happy.”

LC Tempest: “So... being relieved of those nice administrative duties would decrease your happiness and hence satisfy your wish of being unhappy. Now wouldn't that make you happy? :P“

Wait, whaaa?


- Colonel Viper Pred to Fleet Admiral Viper Pred!


- COL Viper Pred – Kappa Squadron to M/FRG Phoenix

Open Command Positions

- Alpha Squadron Flight 3 Leader
- Beta Squadron Flight 2 Leader
- Beta Squadron Flight 3 Leader


Let’s keep activity on the rise! And please find Frothy, so COL Frown can resume his usual…tasks…

Have a good week!

Respectfully submitted,

TCCOM-PROF/HA Daniel Bonini/TC-1/ISDII Challenge
IC/GOEx2/GSx3/SSx2/BSx4/PCx20/ISMx21/IS-2PW-27GW-49SW-89BW-2PR-12GR-23SR-46BR/MoI/LoC-CSx7-Rx3/DFC-Rx1/MoC-2doc-3poc-4goc-6soc-34boc/CoLx6/CoB/LoAx2/OV-14E [EXCR] [Officer 3rd] {IWATS-AMP-BFM-CBX-CTW-HIST-IBX-ICQ-IIC/1-LIN-MP/1/2-SM/3-TM/1/3-TT-WM-WPN-XTT-XWAC-XWAI}