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  TIE Corps Commander report #68 (06/29/2014)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-PROF/HA Daniel Bonini/TC-1/ISDII Challenge

TIE Corps Command Report
Weekly Report #68 – Submission date: June 29th 2014

All good things…

Raise the Flag competition is nearing its end. Just one more day and we will be done. Pending the Single Player Bonus competitions results, and some last minute submissions, the scores in the site are pretty much up to date with everything that was submitted throughout the month…and what a month it was…although not problem free, as most things in life, this has been one of the best competitions I have ever seen in my almost 15 year career in the TIE Corps. My appreciation goes to all who cared enough to participate, thus valuing the efforts of the TC Admiralty in hosting this so much difficult albeit worthy event.

The scoreboard still displays the ISD Warrior in first, breaching the 6000 points barrier, and the Hammer in second in the mid 4 thousands. But the Challenge is gaining ground, although the Aggressor’s advances are concerning to the score leaders. Jokes aside, Theta still has a lead in the squadrons, with GN Pickled Yoda leading the pilots’ scoreboard. But this MP bonus competition brought up some other forces such as Landon’s Alpha and Plif’s Sin, which overcame Delta Squadron in the pursuit of Theta. As the scores are always changing, it’s always best that you check the website rather than I input the scores here: http://rtf.tsaunders.net.

The results for the Bonus MP competition were released earlier today by RA Zósite. The four squadrons to earn the bonus points were: Alpha (200), Sin (150), Theta (100) and Epsilon (50), thus equally spreading the bonus points between the two ships. For the pilots, the ones to earn the Iron Stars were CPT Plif, CM Landon Cruise and LCM Chrome. Once again, I’d like to congratulate all participants, and specially the winners of this amazing competition. Well done, everyone!

Just a reminder, as we reach the final days of the competition, both the regular competition and the SP bonus competition will run precisely until 23:59:59 GMT of June 30th, which is tomorrow. I’ll announce the competition end at that time, and any further submissions will not be accepted after that, so organize yourselves not to waste any precious points. After the competition ends, there will be a 48 hour hold until the release of the final scores, in which time everyone will check their scores, with CO’s checking their units’. I expect the ship Commodores confirmation of their ships’ scores by July 2nd 23:59:59 GMT. After that, no further changes to the scores will be permitted, as the results will be final, and medal awarding will commence.

On to the usual business, Alpha Squadron has just lost 2 of its members due to inactivity today. Both LT Jeffery Donger and SL Dark-Knight have been declared absent without leave, and were removed from the active roster. Hopefully they’ll return in the future.

COL Mark Schueler has taken up the Flight 2 Leader position left by COL Kerrigan in Theta Squadron. Mell has returned to Flight 2, thus once again completing Theta’s kernel flight.


* Raise the Flag 2014 MP bonus comp results released. Single Player bonus comp about to end!

* MP comp 4 first place squadrons: Alpha, Sin, Theta and Epsilon! 3 first place pilots: Plif, Landon and Chrome. Congrats to you and all other participants!

* LT Donger and SL Knight AWOL’ed

* Mark promoted to FL!

T/D Astra Fighter’s Flight Status

- XWA-TC 48 – 4 missions – pending confirmation
- XvT-TC 48 – 4 missions – pending confirmation
- BoP-TC 14 – 4 missions – pending confirmation
- TIE-TC 161 – 4 missions – pending confirmation

TCCOM’s Other Activities

- Organizing Raise the Flag 2014
- Participating in Raise the Flag 2014
- Awarded 4 Legions of Combat
- Achieved the rank of Executor in the Fleet Commander Honor Guard
- Approved medals
- Processed transfers
- Approved Uniforms
- Assessed competitions
- Assessed promotions
- Performed TC database updates
- Usual TCCOM activities

Fleet Wide Competitions

* Raise the Flag 2014 – Single Player Bonus Competition
The last Bonus competition of Raise the Flag will involve Single Player battles. One battle from each platform will be assigned. The four squadrons who achieve the highest normalized combined scores* will award themselves and their ships 200, 150, 100 and 50 points respectively. The number of missions flown for this competition will also count for Raise the Flag global scores for each pilot, as well as any high scores, if achieved, regardless if the pilot has already flown that particular battle this month. Every participant will earn their squadrons and ships 5 points per platform. Competition runs from June 22nd to 30th. TIE scores are laserless.
Assigned battles:
TIE-TC 161
XvT-TC 48
BoP-TC 14
Medals to be awarded: IS-GW for highest normalized combined score* for all battles, IS-SW for second place and IS-BW for third. IS-SW for each top scorer for every battle, IS-BW for second places. An additional IS-BW for every pilot who completes three of the four battles.
* Normalized Combined Scores: The scores will be normalized considering percentages of the TCCOM’s scores (or the highest ranking TC officer who completes all 4 assignments), which will warrant 100 points in each platform. So, if a pilot’s score in a battle is 120% of the TCCOM’s score, he will be awarded 120 points for that battle, and so on. Note that these scores are only for SP Bonus Competition results, and not for the overall RtF pilot’s score.

* Raise the Flag 2014!
This competition will determine the Flagship of the TIE Corps for the next 12 months, the TCCOM’s Own Escort Squadron and TCCOM’s Wingman for the next 6 months. The Flagship/Escort Squadron/Wingman will be the ones who manage to acquire the highest number of points in the competition throughout the month of June. Any forms of activity presented by the pilots will grant points to their ships. Points to each activity are listed as follows:
- 1 point to each Single Player mission flown from the TC Battle Center (each battle/free mission in the compendium can be flown only once throughout the month for credit in the competition, not considering eventual battles selected for the bonus comp). Note that battles already flown in previous months of this year are eligible to be re-flown for points in Raise the Flag, however, they will not count towards Ace of the TC awards.
- 1 point for every LoC awarded in any COO-approved platform
- 5 points for every mission high score (in case a pilot has already flown a mission/battle in the month, and hasn’t achieved the high score, he can try and refly the mission/battle for high score points only. However, you can only earn points for achieving the high score for a mission/battle once, so if a pilot already got the high score for a mission or battle once, he will not be able to get any further HS points for that mission/battle. It won’t be allowed to gather any further points for just reflying the mission/battle)
- 5 points x # of missions in the battle for every battle high score
- 1-10 points will be awarded to each fiction submitted, judged by the TCCOM and SOO (TCCOM and SOO submissions will be graded by the COO and ship COMs)
- 1-5 points will be awarded to each graphic submitted, judged by the TCCOM and SOO (TCCOM and SOO submissions will be graded by the COO and ship COMs)
- 10 points for a DFC (in events taking place in June)
Bonus points:
Bonus points will be awarded only to the pilot’s ship and squadron, but regular points coming from Bonus comp activities will be awarded to the pilots regularly.
- From June 1st to 8th, a fiction competition – 100, 75, 50, 25
- From June 8th to 15th, a graphics competition – 100, 75, 50, 25
- From June 15th to 22nd, a Multiplayer competition – 200, 150, 100, 50
- From June 22nd to 30th, a Single Player competition – 200, 150, 100, 50
All other participants in the bonus competitions will have their squadrons and ships awarded 5 points for participation. Bonus competitions details will be released separately.
There will be no:
- Points for Squadron Citations earned: all squadrons and ships must get into the competition with equal conditions, and citations might be easier for one squadron to get than for another;
- FCHG/CR Rank gains points: these rank gains can be more easily achieved by one pilot than by the other, and pilots must enter the competition with equal conditions to award points
- Points for IWATS/IU Courses taken, because of the current EH system not allowing the retaking of tests.
- Points for Mission Creation: because Mission creation takes too long to be placed in a month long competition, and it would be difficult to see results.
Medals to be awarded:
- Pilot’s overall scores: IS-PW, IS-GW, IS-SW, IS-BW, if the majority of the pilot’s points came from flying, OR IS-PR, IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR if the majority of the pilot’s points came from non-flying activities
- Pilot’s SP points – independent from Ace of the TC competition, since the point system is different: IS-GW, IS-SW, IS-BW
- Pilot’s MP points – independent from MP Ace of the TC competition, because of the award of points for losses during the Bonus MP competition: IS-GW, IS-SW, IS-BW
- Pilot’s Fiction points: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR
- Pilot’s Graphics: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR
- Ship with best participation rate: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR to ship flags
- Squadron with best participation rate: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR to Squadron Commanders
- Fiction bonus comp: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR
- Graphics bonus comp: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR
- MP bonus comp: IS-GW, IS-SW, IS-BW
- SP bonus comp: IS-GW, IS-SW, IS-BW for overall three first places in the comp. Plus additional medals for winners in each platform
All disputes will be settled by the TC Admiralty.
Command Staff officers will be allowed to participate in the competition and its events.
Bonus competitions details will be placed here separately. However, stay tuned at the TC news page for announcements regarding the bonus competitions!!

* MP Ace of the TIE Corps
Competition ID#: 2501
Competition status: Approved
Submitted by: COO-LOA/RA Crsepe/TC-4/VSDII Aggressor
Competition runtime: 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014
Units involved: Entire TC
Competition medals: IS-PW/GW/SW/BW for the year, IS-GW/SW/BW monthly for the top 3 pilots
Description: The MP Kill Board will used to keep track of points. Each LoC earns you a point for the competition, and a DFC counts for 5 points. Whoever scores most points win. The numbers on the MP Kill Board at the end of the month are the numbers that are tallied. If there are three participants then IS-GW/SW/BW, if only two IS-SW/BW, etc. At the end of the year the top 3 pilots with the most points will receive IS-PW/GW/SW/BW. XWA, XvT, Star Conflict, and Freelancer-Freeworlds are the authorized platforms for this competition.

* Ace of the TIE Corps
Competition ID#: 2492
Competition status: Approved
Submitted by: TAC-PROF/HA Anahorn Dempsey/CS-6/VSDII Sinister
CMDR/COL Anahorn Dempsey/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
Competition runtime: 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014
Units involved: Entire TC
Competition medals: IS-GW/SW/BW monthly.
IS-PW/GW/SW/BW at the end of the year.
Description: As always: every SP mission flown wins a point, whoever has most points at the end of the month wins. IS-GW/SW/BW for top 3 monthly, at the end of the year the top 4 pilots win IS-PW/GW/SW/BW. Each mission only counts once towards this competition, missions flown in previous years can be reflown.
The Kill Board statistics on the TC website are final.

Quotes of the Week

1 – LC Tempest: “You guys are insane.

But also kinda awesome. :P”



- FM/COL Mark Schueler to FL/COL Mark Schueler!


- COL Mell Kerrigan – Theta Flight 1 to Theta Flight 2
- LT Jeffery Donger – Alpha Squadron to Inactive
- SL Dark-Knight – Alpha Squadron to Inactive

Open Command Positions

- Alpha Squadron Flight 2 Leader
- Delta Squadron Flight 3 Leader


Once again, take note that Commanding Officers are required to check their units’ scores, while all pilots are required to check their own scores. Once CMDRs give the green light to your Commodores, they’ll check their ship’s scores and give us the ok. Watch the deadline for this, as stated before. We intend to announce official Raise the Flag results as soon as possible, and after that is done, we won’t be able to accept any further requirements for score updating.

All the bureaucracy aside, there are some good hours left for point gathering. Can you still make a difference in the battle? Go for it!

Respectfully submitted,

TCCOM-PROF/HA Daniel Bonini/TC-1/ISDII Challenge
IC/GOEx2/GSx2/SSx2/BSx4/PCx20/ISMx21/IS-2PW-26GW-47SW-86BW-2PR-12GR-23SR-46BR/MoI/LoC-CSx6-Rx4/DFC-Rx1/MoC-2doc-3poc-4goc-5soc-33boc/CoLx6/CoB/LoAx2/OV-14E [CNTR] [Officer 4th] {IWATS-AMP-BFM-CBX-HIST-IBX-ICQ-IIC/1-LIN-MP/1/2-SM/3-TM/1/3-TT-WM-WPN-XTT-XWAC-XWAI}